If you think the Halo TV Show is Brutal just wait until you see the Flood infecting Younglings - gametvseries.com

If you think the Halo TV Show is Brutal just wait until you see the Flood infecting Younglings

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Can’t wait for the flood to appear in the new halo tv series

New halo tv show on paramount


  1. The only thing brutal about the show is just how awful it is.

  2. Was "my faith is strong," pulled directly from the game? Sounds like it was.

  3. The scary thing is (correct me if I’m wrong) you’re still alive while the Flood infects you and uses your body. If that infection form actually infected him, it wouldn’t even kill him.

  4. I'm pretty fed up with all the stupid arse clikbait

  5. I just desperately want that vibe you get in the first Halo when introduced to the Flood

  6. “So brutal and terrifying”yet it acts like the copy of face huggers from Aliens Vs predators 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Elites fighting flood: AHHHH RAAAGH AHHH AHHHHHH

    brutes fighting flood: ew yuck slap slap

    Literally elites shout scream when fighting the flood while those brutes are like slapping them lol

  8. This scene was always so stupid to me. Talking took longer than saving him, that and this allowed him to tell Chief and Arby more info since he was now with the gravemind. Yay dumb enemies. Lol

  9. I'm calling it now that the season is going to end on a Flood cliffhanger

  10. when the infection form went on mercy it was probably saying i chose him to strangle to death for fun

  11. Sad part is, the show is based before the fall of reach, so most likely no flood for a long time

  12. I feel like the ones who like the show didn't grow up with Halo in their life.

  13. Oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God, I start panicking. I'm not kidding my pulse increased by a couple beats

  14. Hahaha good joke. I ever doubt that we will see the Flood. What is the rating of the series?

  15. Lets hope the "Blessed One" finally turn to help humanity after the flood outbreak

  16. This isn't the game being brutal this is a remaked HD cinematic cutscene

  17. it was stupid of him to let the flood get a prophet.. you know being a hivemind and all

  18. did anyone else notice the parallels between hw2’s awakening the nightmare cutscene and this one? in tartarus’ actions

  19. Halo is one of my favorite franchises in gaming history and even though the show is lackluster in staying true to the lore at all times, its still really entertaining and people need to learn how to just enjoy things instead of cry about everything.

  20. Brutul? Pffft I've seen worse in my toilet after stroganoff.

  21. I loved killing the flood in the earlier halo games so fun.

  22. Show writers: What the hell’s The Flood? Like Noah’s Ark?

    Fans: Actually, yes.

  23. TV show It's not brutal lol, they didn't get it right 💩

  24. 🤭😅 that made me laugh to hard, its not brutal at all, looks like 50 shades of the covenant🤣

  25. Damn age rating! I want Halo series 18+/21+!

  26. This would look better as a show than the actual show

  27. Halo fans should not be watching a Halo show that doesn't want to be Halo that was written by people who don't know anything about Halo and have no interest in Halo.

  28. Truth is, he showed no Mercy…

    … And he didn't regret it either.

  29. Get your hopes up for nothing, it's like anything we care about, just gets ruined. Is it soo hard to ask for JUST ONE show, based off a game to get it right? Apparently not, I apologize to those, I mean no disrespect.

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