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I’m Not A Fan Of Cortana’s Look In The Halo TV Series, BUT!

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Let’s talk about Cortana’s look in the Halo TV Series. I’m not a fan, not 1 bit. But that doesn’t mean the show looks bad, it actually looks good. Let me know what you think and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!! #HaloTVSeries #Cortana #MasterChief


  1. I really don't like the new Cortana design. I hope they change it, like how they did with Sonic. Also, why do I have a strange feeling that Netflix is going to collaborate with Paramount+ and give us a a crossover between The Witcher and this Halo show. 🔫🗡

  2. Honestly, I like everything I'm seeing other than Cortana's look
    I just hope the show is good though

  3. I think Cortana looks fine I do wish she was more blue. I also like that they got the VA from the games

  4. honestly my expectations are very low for this show

  5. I get budgets and stuff but Cortana should be cgi. Bug mistake going with a living actor (image-wise), and they probably realise that now lol.
    Cant see it changing now without a massive last minute delay though.

  6. I do agree that Cortana does look weird but I like the original voice actress for her and also Chief look great I’m a bit worried and optimistic for this show after rewatch the trailer a few time I still will give it a watch since I like Halo overall

  7. I will give it a chance but Halo's story has always been meh to me, so I'm not expecting ground breaking writing.

  8. Cortana’s Looks: 👎
    Cortana’s Voice: 👍
    Master Chief’s Looks: 👍
    Master Chief’s Voice: 👎

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