Imagine The Flood Appears in The Halo TV Show -

Imagine The Flood Appears in The Halo TV Show

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Flood in the Halo TV Series would be epic
Would you like to see that the flood returns in the new halo tv show ??

Let me know in the comments below halo fans


  1. The Flood are literally the reason the Halo ring worlds were created, so they have to introduce them at some point in the series.

  2. Practical effects only. I don't trust them to do CGI Flood right now.
    And if they do, I hope to got they don't touch the Flood's origins. It's perfectly intertwined with the Forerunners backstory, which so far hasn't been fucked up so I have a tiny bit of hope.
    I'd prefer if they show up for just a season or half a season, purely as a terrifying and mysterious main threat. Nothing more.

  3. Watch them turn it into generic parasitic aliens. Nice.

  4. I bet we'll see them around halfway into season 2.

  5. I’d best be like a horror scene just like how first contact was in CE.

  6. I don't think the studio wants to show a human being infected. the sound of organs liquefying, bones grinding to reform and the victim's cries of pain? it's a series on halo, the war against the covenants, not sure that the writers wanted to make a series of horror / gore

  7. Last I checked in on the show, they were still pre-taking the Covenant seriously, which would be before Reach, which is before the first game.

  8. TBH, why didn’t we have blur make a Halo show.

  9. You asking too much CGI for tv series, they can't even make the gun CGI and master jump correctly.

  10. I wish studios would stop copy and pasting stories and characters from well known franchises. It would be so incredibly easy to write an enclosed story about some event like a flood outbreak, or an elite or brute invasion on some human city, etc. And they could have sooooo much more creative freedom with the characters so long as they were faithful to the aesthetics and rules of the universe.

  11. Shit they better bring brutes into the sbow

  12. If it's anything like this cutscene it should work well…. Honestly why didn't they put the guys from halo wars in charge of the TV show? The story and cutscenes are amazing it was only the gameplay that lacked for me.

  13. There's no way the Flood are popping up because it's unlikely that we'll even see one of the rings before Reach falls.

  14. This looks good! What episode is it?

  15. The cg for the elites are terrible I'm sure they'll ruin the flood

  16. Enough with the glowing puss sacks. I dont know why every zombie game feels the need to make their blood glowing. What happened to just regular ol blood. And flood blood should be that milky green color.

  17. As much as id love to see live action flood i dont trust paramount to do them justice

  18. 343 hates the flood as it is, no matter how much I would LOVE IT, They sadly wouldn’t

  19. Maybe brief cameo's but it seems like season 1 would just include the fall of reach and introduction to the first halo ring.

  20. Imagine them making an actual good live action show for once

  21. imagine the halo tv show actually looked like this

  22. I still feel Voridus’s pain in this scene. Watching your brothers be devoured by the stupid (not in intelligence) abomination that is the flood. Knowing the second they’re on their knees they are dead. I love this banished, but not the one in infinite.

  23. It’s gonna be an interesting challenge I actually want them to be scary and have a horror element to them in the shoe

  24. We exist together now. Two corpses in one grave.

  25. Which halo is this clip from? Cause I thought the flood died in Halo 3

  26. Do you even realize how horrifying it would be

  27. Flood will likely be season 2. I don't think we're going to see a Halo ring in season one.

    You'll likely see it as a map of schematic but nothing more.

  28. You can't fix everything in post. You still need to balance better practical fx vs CGI to make a compelling picture. Which I don't think will happen to the show even with $10M budget per episode. It's already DOA since the showrunners are just a bunch of money-people execs who were never really fans or even respects the source material. Keep your Chevy Tahoes and AKs prominent through the whole show with up-to-date woke standards.

  29. If they are being cheap with painting plasma pistols, i would not trust Paramount to do the horrifying nature of the Flood justice

  30. The FLOOD must in the Serie with he Creator.

  31. No. Not yet.
    lip smack
    I'm not prepared to perform this kind of activity.

  32. What standard shit. In 2022 still with poor CGI released from 2011.
    Masterchef, looks like one of the "Power ranger" ridiculous fights and actors and costumes that look like a fanservice.

    The further we go on, the more the quality of the products decreases, returning to the hercules tv series

  33. i said this many times but why do i feel like every halo show always tries to avoid featuring the flood and only just the covenant. the flood are very unique sci-fi creatures that never get any attention, and been abandoned since halo 3.

    Not counting halo wars cuz everyone hates those games so much even tho i like them.

  34. Ok so first after seeing episode 2 I feel I have a better on the story tone and feel they're going narratively. Feels a bit rushed of the games story but I think it's working fine for the format. I look forward to seeing more from these characters and if the named ones have the same fates as the games

    I understand why people don't really like it but personally as a spin off 'silver timeline' they're sayign it is it's a fun trip through the beloved universe

    I'm sitting on season 1 ending with the fall of Reach and Chief and the Pillar of Autumn going to Installation 04
    Season 2 gives us the events (in this timeline) of the first game and having the Flood appear there with everyones favourite lightbulb
    Then if we get a season 3 that can cover Halo 2 and a 4th season for the Ark
    All up I'd love a 4 season run showing the events of Reach through 3
    As the Great Schism would be an amazing arc to follow and they can ease us into the horror of the Flood with more brutal combat (Needlers anyone?) and Brute weapons specifically (also we need Sargent Johnson)

  35. Fuckin love how they sound and look in this cutscene. Can we also appreciate how badass Voridous is btw? Fuckin cleaving through flood and stomping heads. I want to see more of the Alien factions being badass like this.

  36. I mean in the latest episode the talked about a virus/bacteria that was black

  37. I just watched the latest episode and I have some hope that we could see the flood. If we do then this show exceeded my expectations by a mile. Also I really liked Cortana she was the highlight of the episode for me.

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