In The Air Tonight [EPIC MUSIC] HALO Trailer 2 (2022) -

In The Air Tonight [EPIC MUSIC] HALO Trailer 2 (2022)

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Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight
HALO Trailer 2 (2022) TV Series
© 2022 – Paramount+

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  1. this is better why people should stop hating on halo caused those people work hard for it

  2. What’s the song called? Is it only exclusive to the trailer?

  3. That moment when you have Halo music but don't use it.

  4. มาชมด้วยค่ะ

  5. This gets me really excited, I can't wait to see this!

  6. Why did they use this pish and not a trailer mix of any of the iconic Halo songs (the original intro theme, warthog run, one final effort etc)?

  7. When does the actual trailer music come out instead of this edited non-version?

  8. Hey, people! I'm Syberlilly, the vocalist who worked with composer Tomas Oliva to create this cover. For the sake of clarity, the ambient version I recorded with State Azure was not incorporated in any way to record this one. Tomas stumbled upon that video and then reached out to me in order to construct his own orchestral/epic trailer-style version, which I recorded independent vocals for. I have no information in regards to this particular version's release, but you can check out the ambient one here. Thank you 💜!

  9. This is 2 Awesome I can't wait to see this TV show 😉😉

  10. this screams CW show pls don't let Halo be like that god awful batgirl show.

  11. Best cover of this song? Mike Tyson😂🤣

  12. Look, we all knew we weren't going to be getting a carbon copy of the games. That's just how it was inevitably going to be. Grow the fuck up, honestly, and just appreciate what this show could be. Don't throw it away just because cortana isn't blue or there's a human in the covenant. They could have really thought of this beforehand and came up with creative ways to elaborate on the differences between the games and this alternate story. It's easy to just copy and paste, but it is hard to do something like this, to imagine a "what-if" scenario. I'm personally really impressed by this alternate retelling of the original trilogy. It may not be as good as the games, but we don't know. Kindly stop complaining.

  13. "this is the unsc spirit of fire , this is unsc marine command , this unsc earth command……….lets finish the fight" UNSC MARINES…..WHAT IS YOU'RE PROFESSION !!!!!!!! ORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Natalie Taylor in the air tonight Apollo remix is better

  15. My fear is this…
    Wonder Woman 1984!
    Do you guys remembered that version of Blue Monday? Yeah, pretty great, and what the movie ended up being?

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