Is the Halo TV series DOA? -

Is the Halo TV series DOA?

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  1. I won't ever look, I won't have the image of whatever his face is going to be taint my perception of this character (the reveal in 4 was bad enough). Master chief is his armor, he is his helmet, that's what people relate to and recognize, because we've seen it for so long.

    Now is not the time to reinvent the wheel!

  2. yeah, they mentioned something of making a 16 yr old oc who 'affects' chief's life as the main character of the series. so fuck that

  3. It’s 2022. We know the reason they want to show his face.

  4. Calling it now: he's not gonna be white and you'll be a racist for not liking it. It's bait. Don't fall for it.

  5. It'll end up being that bait and switch where Cortana is a strong, independent AI who don't need no Master Chief and goes on to win the war all by herself with her "friend" who has gender studies haircut and an overt misandrist attitude. And if you don't like it you're an istaphobe bigot.

  6. if they actually sideline the chief ( showing his face is bad enough) then they looked at halo 5 and said
    this is the perfect way to do halo

    i swear these ppl have nothing but turds in their heads

  7. They should have let the creators of Red vs Blue make this series

  8. if there so woke where is Sgt Johnson? ffs why is Maranda keys the same skin tone as me and where the hell is THE most iconic black man in gaming? WOKE MY ASS!

  9. If they don't make John turn out to be Jane it will ruin the betting pool about how hard this show will fail I have yet to start. Come on woke insane folks!

  10. Oh they will fuck it up alright. I hope the rumors are not true and they dont fuck it up like that, but in the end I kinda expect it.

  11. I'm fine with it in the show when it's done right. But for the games, he should never show his face. We only have one trailer and I'll judge it when I see it.

  12. They've already said Chief is going to be a side character to the female lead who's supposed to become the strongest spartan ever. Let's just be real, the point of the show is to take things their enemy loves and ruin it.

  13. Master Chief should never take the helmet off.

  14. I’m a huge halo fan … I’m very sad and disappointed in my franchise. I’ve waited my whole life for this. Why can’t they keep it canon and follow a story line. They could’ve done combat evolved for the first season. Keep it simple sometimes.

  15. At this point I'd expect to see MC to be revealed to be Lena Dunham and I wouldn't be surprised.

    Utterly disgusted of course, but not surprised.

    This is ultimately meaningless however, as I will not bother to watch this likely dumpster fire.

  16. Breaking News: Masterchief, John 117 "reimagined" will be black.

  17. Master Chief is like V. An idea, it doesn't matter who's behind the mask- only their actions and character matter. This has been ingrained in the Halo fanbase.

  18. Read halo: the fall of reach. It's fucking awesome and you gotta watch that bullshit. Just read the fucking book you won't regret it.

  19. Sorry you don't gotta watch that bullshit.

  20. I like GoW better than Halo but I played enough, Master Chief never takes of "His" helmet and Master Chief 100% male.

  21. We don't want his face reveal in live-action, it's just an actor in prop armor at that point.

  22. Those Hollywood morons don't understand mystery, or how to write it. To add insult to injury, they don't respect their audiences at all. Hell, half the reason that Master Chief was such a great character was precisely BECAUSE we never saw his face. I agree, I think it's DOA. (Coming from someone who was a MASSIVE Halo nerd all the way up to the pile of garbage that is Halo: Infinite's campaign).

  23. Trans media – the trans means “over the sea”

    Just a small fyi

  24. I could see on the last episode of the first season him taking his helmet off. I'm a fan of the Halo universe, but who cares really.

  25. I thought Master chief was supposed to never have a face reveal

  26. I see they learned nothing from judge dredd vs dredd…

  27. TV Halo expectations of Master Chief's face: 😎

    TV Halo reality: 👶

  28. Tell me you are forced by contract to show the actor's face without telling me you are forced to.

  29. If you want a good Halo story. Check out Forward Unto Dawn. Chief isn't even the star and it's still fun.

  30. Everything is always DOA according to you and it never is. Sometimes you gotta shut the fuck up.

  31. No one at any time has wanted to see Master Chief. If you like Halo, you like how we never see him. That’s part of it.

  32. My problem with this is we already know Master Chief from playing the games. They could of just told another story since it's a big universe, again they're just lazy. Plus if you watch the Bungie Dev Diaries they always meant for the Chief to be the player or an avatar of the player. That's why he doesn't talk that much in the first three games, but 343 messed with it and it hasn't been the same.

  33. I really hope they don't have Master Chief take off his helmet and show his face. Chief has taken off his helmet before in game clips but his face was never shown. I want to be excited for the Halo series on Paramount+ but I know how it goes with these money hungry studios, THEY LOVE to destroy the lore and fandom.

    Who has found all the creepy dolls in Infinite?? Lol

  34. The only advertisements I see for this show, they feature black women and military women. Barely any master chief. This show is absolutely DOA and going to be majorly woke

  35. Master Chief taking off his helmet, Changing the Punisher's logo, Race swapping Batman, and Non-Binary Flash……smmfh……these people have no fukking clue what the hell they are dealing with, much less what to do with such characters. In short, they are too manly for the "fruit loop squad."

  36. Yea some women spartan is gonna take all the screen time and save master chef it’s gonna suck

  37. Evil cannot create only corrupt and ruin all that is good!

  38. Imagine being triggered by trailers in modern day. So oppressed.

  39. Not canon? Then it’s not worth my time or money.

  40. Youngrippa laughing after reading trans media killed me hahaha.

  41. Master Chief never show his face because he always was every one of us when we play. Is exactly the same reason why Gordon Freeman never talked. But cinema or TV series (and even many videogames) are incapable of understanding this way of telling stories. The interaction of the player impersonating and imagining his/her part on the story.

    And another topic, they already show us the face of Judge Dredd in a terrible blockbuster movie that has nothing to be with the comics, then Dredd 2012 years later was a proper great movie, that show us the garbage Judge Dredd 1995 was.

  42. This is a perfect way to distinguish 343 from bungie. Only one wants to deconstruct Master chief

  43. We already have some idea for what Chief would look like. He's white, he has brown hair and blue eyes. We know this because of the books, and some of the short movies. That's all we need to know. We can imagine everything else, the structure lf his face as we want.

  44. Calling it now. The chief will get captured by The Flood or something and that Asian lady he saves will be the main character and go save him.

  45. Personally I don't mind seeing John's face, Cortana not looking similar to the game (which game btw?) etc. Although I'd say im a bigger fan of the books than the video games, which might explain why.

    What really grinds my gears is it not being canon, there are so many great stories in the Halo universe to either portray or use as a foundation for an original story.

  46. Well, it has a season 2, so my gut and the evidence tell me this channel is trashy clickbait , at best.

  47. You dont show the faces of the faceless because it will never EVER, live up to your expectations, i have a picture of what Chief should look like and i haven’t seen this show and knowing he takes off his helmet i will never watch it, my minds eye rendition of him will not be soiled by someone else’s.

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