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Season 2 is about to get a trailer and official release date, here’s a recap!
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0:00 Season 2 News and Hope
3:00 Biggest Problem for S2
4:40 Horrible Lore Changes
6:15 I hate this character
7:50 Should you watch Season 1 (again?)
9:15 Bad Writing and Rant
10:18 Hope for Season 2

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  1. Im waiting for the season to release, and trusted reviews, before i waste my time on it.
    Season 1 was trash !!!

  2. They did get new show runners for the 2nd season, and all I want to see is, better writing, better VFX, more fight scenes, a lot more halo music, and the fall of reach, maybe episode 8 & 9 could be about the fall of reach.
    06:04 and yes plz glass madrigal, with kwan Ha on it.

  3. Why couldn't they just stick to the lore. Why is it so hard 😭

  4. The only thing that is probably not going to change is going back to the Master Chief keeping his helmet on all the time like it was in the game. Remember that Bungie back then could have went the direction of the Master Chief revealing his face but because he was the player, they wanted to keep it that way since he could have been anyone. In a TV series, he isn't the player this time around and since that got established as showing him being his own character, in this case, I am afraid this has to continue now since this got established. Maybe they can make him at least be more like the machine like military stoic nature he was back then as a compromise but since this is an alternate timeline, they probably just have to continue this of what they established here. And remember this is not canon anyways so it really doesn't matter at the end of the day if it has to line up with what is already established from the books and games (even though that is what alot of us prefer) because it is its own thing.

  5. Bro it's not cannon so how is it disrespectful to the lore it literally does nothing to it

  6. The best episodes were the 1st episode, in the middle when they were fighting the covenant, and the last episode. The writing was horrible and Chief was not Chief. Keep the woke scrap out of it and write a better script. I'm not jumping up and down for the next season. We'll see how they do though.

  7. Be vicil and respectful, I read after watching this, chill out….

  8. Hopefully the flood might make a appearance in season two!!🤞

  9. They should just axe season 1 and their entire separate timeline crap and reboot it as a lore accurate show. That’s what people want but I know they’re never gonna do it and will most likely just double down on their bs. Unless the young insurrectionist girl, the covenant human, and the not Miranda or keyes are gone I most likely won’t even give season 2 a shot. Scrub it. Keep what works, keep the action scenes and all that, and scrub all the absolute nonsense and replace it with content that is hopefully lore accurate, but I’d even settle for stuff that isn’t completely lore accurate as long as it actually makes sense and isn’t stupid. Sodaz halo fan animation “remember” was animated by one person, and it puts a multimillion dollar project to absolute shame.

  10. oh god round 2 here we go again master cheeks is back

  11. No kwan dies, thats the only way to redeem character and progress show. Period. The main plot of the first season is actually mocked in The Fall of Reach book, Deja and Halsey connverse about using amnesia to wipe memory of abductions and they laugh at the very thought. Thats the plot thats delivered in the show. It sucks.

  12. I'm going to play infinite, they turned it around. I'm not going to watch paramount destroy another franchise.

  13. Nah, the went woke. Actors are good however screenwriters are dogshit. Too much current day politics added in.

  14. I just saw it for the first time after avoiding it cuz of the backlash. I was surprised it wasn’t that bad, I did skip that Asian chicks episode though lol.

  15. Just make it like Halo Landfall 11 years ago.

  16. Can't wait for jimmy rings to clap some grussy and schreib all over the place.

  17. Unless they recon season 1 and they respect the lore I'm not interested. Just really bad storytelling. They could have gone with different characters and leave the core characters alone instead of changing them. No sir I don't like it.

  18. They could've given me the $90 million, I promise to the world the best Halo show that'll ever exist, waste all of the money on the worst quality hookers and blow $90m can buy, and still come out better than that fucking abomination.

  19. "all halo fans should watch, because there are many things to be enjoyed" five seconds later… "the writing is so atrocious like what are they doooooing!"

  20. Damn, I usually disagree with most of your opinions, but NOT THIS TIME. Spot on😂

  21. Should just reboot and follow first strike & ghosts of onyx

  22. There’s no fixing anything no matter how hard they try season 1 is here and it will always be here

  23. Can’t wait to go back to “Reach City” 🙄

  24. Just saw the trailer and yikes time for them to not follow simple lore again.

  25. just have an ai write the story, make the scenes, make the characters, and dont use non halo fans

  26. lol jimmy rings instead of John halo is perfect

  27. I hope they just don't introduce Noble Team I pray they don't. 😢

  28. the best thing that could happen in season 2 is everybody randomly explodes and then someone fires the rings.

  29. Hey buddy, how about THE FALL OF REACH for getting you back in?

  30. Short of the shows cancelation, the only good news about the show would be no news. It should have been purged, not renewed for a second season

  31. 3:20 the dumbest story. What moron did they hire to write such a bad story? Did they go to school for that?

  32. What Halo gets wrong is the notion that conspiracies and cover-ups would still exist in the future. They wouldn't exist anymore.

  33. should i expect a noble team or noble 6 cameo? ….or am i hoping for too much here?

  34. I enjoyed season 1. Not everything has to be a 1 to 1 adaptation. It wasn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever watched, but I enjoyed it.

  35. The worst thing is the writing, it's just so bad. but the actors and prop teams did so well, its unfortunate that they are been dragged down with the egotistical failures thhat was the writers

  36. Who would even be excited for this crap? They absolutely destroyed master chief. Disrespectful to the whole damn franchise.

  37. We can only hope that season 1 was just a bad dream..

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