It’s CONFIRMED The Brute is ATRIOX in The Halo TV Show -

It’s CONFIRMED The Brute is ATRIOX in The Halo TV Show

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The Subtitles in the Halo TV Series in The Final Episode proofed that The Brute Who fought against Master Chief is ATRIOX.

The final Episode (Episode 9) of the Halo Tv Series was pretty Decent!

Thoughts that this is Atriox ?

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  1. What are the developers trying to do now? Somehow connect the tv series with the video games? With the direction they’ve taken the tv series, I don’t think it would fit or make sense if they did this. The lore would be all over the place or broken or both. The lore of Halo is already way off in the tv series.

  2. Well, atriox is confirmed
    Hope the arbiter would appear in the next season

  3. Well at least that explains how he got that scar on his face

  4. I thought it was like common knowledge. I mean the characters look the same

  5. I saw this in closed captions and I literally cheered! It’s good to see Atriox staying true to his Spartan ass kicking roots

  6. I like how cheeks just stands there and casually takes the hit of that hammer, that is definetly some good tactics and common sense

  7. But Visioncy, since Atriox's name was on the subtitle due to his roar, you do realize he betray the Covenant by killing their executioner name Itho 'Hesiikee from Halo Wars 2 opening cutscene that took place in Halo Legends: Prototype during the battle of Algonis and the formation of the Banished, what is he doing with Covenant while fighting Master Chief? 🧐. You should check on The Battle of Algolis, it shows the Banished was in the conflict as they were the Covenant's defectors.

  8. When I turned on subtitles and rewatched this, it just says [growls]…

  9. On a scale of 0-10 how mad will I get watching this show 10 being the angriest shit ever

  10. Holy shit. I was watching this scene and was thinking it would be awesome if that brute turned out to be Atriox! It'll be cool to see his rise. We don't really know much about it from the games. He's obviously the best warrior in the covenant ( Yes, better than the Arbiter)

  11. Tetris had a the red square block shape attack the L shape blue block

  12. Wasn't this explained to us a while back by someone who did the alien language for the show

  13. This was confirmed when he first appeared

  14. Master cheek can you tell me what you were thinking of when you took a gravity hammer hit to the torso

  15. You do realize this isn't a good thing? The more the take from the games, the more they can ruin from the games.

  16. Hopefully they don't make another season…

  17. Who cares who is who in this show?
    It's non canon.
    Made for mainstream audience who dont know about the halo universe.

  18. It isnt atriox, this guy is lying with the subtitles. It just says "roars"

  19. I thought he looked a little too much like atriox to be random

  20. Ok great, they’re screwing up Halo, after it was already screwed up by 343, even more. Lol

    Halo screw ups are like those 🪆 Russian dolls 🪆

    One screw up, followed by another and another, so on and so forth, each time you think it’s the end but it just keeps on going… to (Halo) INFINITY!

  21. Chris Space marine-563 BLACK TEMPLAR says:

    That isn't atriox
    It atricheecks

    The real atriox would have pummeled master cheecks

  22. So what? Master Cheeks is gonna have sex with it too?

  23. Inconsequential since the show isn’t canon. For good reason.

  24. Another let down. More accurate would’ve been Tartarus not atriox.

  25. Funny because I'm not seeing those in the subtitles I'm looking at

  26. What are the subtitle people smoking?

    Imagine being deaf and trying to figure out who Artiox is from one caption in a subtitle during combat. The only reference you have to work with is "oh this monkey was on screen during the subtitle, so that must be Artiox".

    Kind of stupid, but it's an easter egg first and a working subtitle for hearing impaired second, I guess.

  27. Man fuck their name drop. That ain't Atriox and that's the bottom line.

  28. So another character that kicked leagues more ass in the games. Shocker.

  29. No wonder cheeks is getting his ass handed to him😂😂😂

  30. I just hope he isn't dead and he starts to build The Banished after this.
    By the way, how old is Cheecks in this series? I remember Atriox being around Chief's age, which means he was around 18 during the Covernant war. So he still has to mature.

  31. Lmfao after further analysis I can confirm that this video is click bait, you have been tricked, it never mentions Atriox or let alone him “growling” the brute got lit up by a pelican hes gotta be at least 97% dead, but knowing how shit this show is that 3% doesn’t seem so slim

  32. “Should I use my cool red grav hammer that would end fights in one swing?…… nah, heavy clump of metal should be good enough.”

  33. I guess Tartarus doesn't exist in this timeline

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