IT'S FINALLY OVER!! Halo: TV Series Finale & Season 1 - Angry Review -

IT’S FINALLY OVER!! Halo: TV Series Finale & Season 1 – Angry Review

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*BAD Audio Version – Recovered from Camera to Save Video*
AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review the Finale Episode of Season 1 of the Long Awaited Halo Live-Action TV Series, how was it on the whole? Find out!

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  1. In the future, consider recording into an sd card as a backup if you guys still use external mixers like the rodecaster pro or zoom podtrak 8. Personally, I trust hardware over software 😄


  3. Always go for your first impressions if the audio/video is remotely useable, loses a lot of the fun of your reactions if you redo it. Can't believe you guys rated this terrible show higher over this weeks Strange New Worlds but you redeemed yourselves with the season rating though 🙂

  4. honestly It almost felt like they were making fun of themselves with that cortana chief scene

  5. If they just made a show off the book Fall of Reach it would have been amazing or even just Halo 1. Or if you wanna make your own characters take a page out of Halo Evolutions, small scale short stories with great characters and setups, you don't even need a big budget.

  6. dont like the audio sorry joe gonna skip this one

  7. I thought CBS hacked the audio for the review but it actually was a technical issue on AngryJoe's side. Now that Season 1 is over, I want ODST pov story with NO FILLERS AND NO ROMANCE.

  8. Guys… I'm pretty sure John is dead… Like he literally flat-lined… He's not coming back… because the suit is only perfect when it fits a feminine AI xD this is the creators of the show giving a middle finger who complained about Chief without his armour/helmet and not acting like Chief… feels like a retcon.

  9. You nailed the final rating of the show. Definitely a 2. Honestly though… if it was being rated by visuals alone. I would give it a 8 or 9. They really nailed the packaging around it, but plot was sooo bad! Like a bag of lays chips, just a lot of air.

    Also, I'm surprised you gave that last episode such a high rating. I mean, it looked cool, but Silver team literally had all three prophets within firing range and didn't once think once to take the shot, so i definitely feel like that last episode isn't any better than a 5 really. But i guess if you're just looking at it within the scope of the season, it was the best episode…. Anyways, thanks, watching your reviews has been very cathartic for me. 🙂

  10. Someone please tell me they were wrong about the brute chieftain being Atriox 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. Dudes the audio is fine don't sweat it. Defo not worth re-recording it.

  12. IGN rated the whole season 7/10, christ almighty the delusion….

  13. The biggest winner here has got be HALO 5 guardians!
    Let give it up for the game that no longer has the worst story in halo!

  14. This season gets a KWAN/10. Absolute trash tier television. Star Trek: SNW is killing it! When Halo I'd somehow worse than Nu-Trek…something has gone terribly wrong

  15. I have no idea how Other Joe can do movie, tv show, and game reviews for sososo long, and still offer absolutely nothing of value and substance
    I've watched for like 4 years now and not one time has he ever said something remotely unique or humorous

  16. I've really enjoyed the Halo games down through the years, and like many I'm sure I have my own special memories of playing it. For me, to the series makers' credit, they set their sights higher than just filming the video game (I guess because we've already got the video games), and to that end I've enjoyed this show as a thing in its' own tight.

    It's well cast, in the main, the effects on the whole are pretty good, and giving Master Chief and to a lesser extent the other Spartans an inner life, which for obvious reasons the games cannot do, has been managed successfully, in my view.

    I feel that the criticisms of this show have been really extreme, including here especially, where the abiding belief appears to be that the more extremely you articulate the feeling of a thing, the more true it becomes. This is a falsehood, and not even a clever one. I hope there's another season and more, as I say, I've enjoyed it.

    Typical of your genuine absence of adult insight, and hoping mere cleverness is enough to be any good, you ask also, "Like, what is the point of her?", meaning Makee, after she dies, to express that there's no meaning or purpose here, and it saddens me greatly to have to say that the point is here's a girl who had a terrible childhood, and is then taken up by a group of others who fool her into believing that she's a creature of some worth when their intention, delivered upon, is to use her and then murder her, which surely gives her a tragic story For John, this girl was a part of his own personal awakening, and to see her abused, deluded and then murdered , if you can't see how John might now have motivation of a personal sort re The Covenant ,and that that is the point, to answer your dismissive question then you, my friends, verge on the downright sociopathic between the three of you.

    On the subject of Halo, can we have Halo Jones please?

  17. Hi Angry Joe big Fan here from South africa, like watching your reviews on my shifts at work passing time and making day better, I have a request if you would do a review on a free game on steam called Path of exile or short Poe, in my eyes poe is a bad game need your perspective on it, thanks Joe

  18. They can't kill Kai. It's the Kai show now. She needs to execute everyone and everything. Cortana taking over chief is so dumb. It cheapens him so much. I still like the covenant lady wish they made her an arbiter since there is no way they are gonna have a cgi companion in this show.

  19. Man. People will never be happy. This review is awful and I'm not gonna suffer the whole thing. This review is biased due to Joes ongoing war with Paramount, as such I cant take it seriously as a review.

  20. maybe invest in some backup audio devices, like maybe put a zoom mic in the middle of the room or so to record separate from everything, that said the audio is really not bad, not as good as normal but not bad, easily understandable

  21. fuck it bro. better than i could do. good job on it

  22. This show was a travesty for the Halo franchise. The writing and CGI was just awful and not on par with what prestige tv is supposed to be. Let this be a lesson; adapt but do not change. Honour the source material with attention to detail and the new fans will come.

  23. Hollywood really needs to stop showing people cauterizing their wounds

  24. Just another point. Its canon that spartans can survive an orbital drop. Play Halo 3 morons. The only worry about Kai is that she was inside an exploding vehicle. I agree cortana and chief couldve just worked together rather than what they did.

  25. We figured it wouldn't be exactly the same story line … But what we got was just a dead horse full of vague, disconnected crap movie tropes that was T-bagged by a Spartan …

  26. you should probably invest in proper backup mics because seems to happen to you all the time

  27. Kwan is one of worst and most unlikeable characters ever. This show is an abomination

  28. 19:42 Okay I thought that Halsey order went above all others, so that speech should not have had any effect on the other Spartans. This should have been the entire season.

  29. According to the Halo 3 Arrival cutscene Chief is stated to have fallen from "2 kilometers at least" however given that chief is seen to be experienceing Atomspheric entry and that it is Earth he is falling to, atmospheric entry begins around 100km (known as the Kármán line) above sea level and contiues until around 50km above sea level constituting the entirety of the Mesosphere and a small portion of the Thermosphere. Knowing this we can definitively say the chief actually survived a fall from somewhere between 50km – 100km above sea level.

  30. Audio is definitely not as bad as you made it out to be. It's definitely worth it to see the authentic reaction.

  31. The audio isn't really that bad. But if you need to change the video you can always do it after it gets taken down.

  32. HALO, hahahahahahahah
    Star Trek, hahahahahahaha
    Doctor Who, hahahahahabahab
    Batwoman, hahahahahahahahaba
    Moon Knight, hahahahahahaha

    God, I hate these times

  33. I'm really surprised that you guys liked the battle in this episode. I thought it was pretty bad, with the PS2-era CGI, things like recoil not working correctly, the bullet counters being all over the place, them not taking cover, the area and attack making no sense, etc.

  34. Honestly the audio sounded pretty good, you just need some acoustic panels to kill that reverb and you're set. It might be a good idea to look into ditching the three audio tracks in favor of this one, it might make things easier on you guys.

  35. Season 2 should be better as the 2 show runners have quit and season 2 is going to be run by the Fear the Walking Dead show runner.
    Also the audio is definitely listenable.

  36. it's a good episode the action is excellent fitting right in line with halo the visuals were spectacular. the effects this episode and the cgi looked amazing the only negative thing that stuck out visually wise was when one hundred elites ran up the pyramid which was always going to look cheesy anyway {budget} the problem is the plot is contrived as hell things happen because they were written to happen it's lazy writing the payoffs were decent though

    8 out of ten spartans with helmets

  37. Setup a fallback system for both audio and video recording only. It doesn't have to be a super powerful system since it will only record audio and video at the same time as the main. That way even if one system craps out, there's the other one to retrieve footage and audio from.
    A simple camera and audio splitter is all that's needed for the secondary system to work with your current setup. Or have two cameras recording in tandem. Whatever is easier for you.

  38. The general theme of this series have been the combat sequences look great, the story writing has sucked absolute balls. The Chief/Cortana twist in this finale literally shat on the entire Halo franchise……

  39. This finale was actually very good. The giant brute was Atriox and NO WAY HE DIED. He’s definitely coming back in season 2. And I assume the beginning of season 2 will be trying to bring back John. Honestly super interesting and I think people should be open minded with the direction….as long as the remove Kwan-full episodes😅

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