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Jazwares Halo Spartan Collection: Series 6 Halo 4 Master Chief 6 Inch Action Figure Review!

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Today I will be taking a look at the new Halo Spartan Collection Series 6 Halo 4 Master Chief from Jazwares!

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  1. So thats why my halo 2 chief has such small hands

  2. Great review, don’t like the crotch on that chief it’s too wide

  3. They almost got it right, except for the skinny legs and fucked up knee joints. Not to mention the wide hips. The shoulder pauldrons , can be a little higher above the bicep. Some of these toy designers, probably never looked at the game character at all. It doesn't take rocket science!

  4. I'm excited about the new Samus figure 🙌 really like this version of chief but I think infinite is best over all or 3

  5. Spot on! Completely agree that the 4/5 design is REALLY growing on me, and the 4 Chief might be the best yet, even as much as I like the W1 Infinite Chief. This line def has its legitimate problems, but man do I still really enjoy getting them.

  6. I've been looking for this figure to purchase but I can't find it anywhere 😕

  7. Aye Jorge size comparison. Thanks buddy

  8. how does this Chief look holding the Assault Rifles from the CE Chief and Spartan Palmer figures? btw you mixed up Kelly and Linda lol and the briefly meet again at the very end of Halo 5

  9. what figures have they made so far unnamed named charters all of them all rerleses

  10. 2:15 you could use tamiya clear orange spray paint,
    at least it's a chrome visor, unlike wave 3 figures

  11. Weird fact but his crotch looks armored as how it was in the first halo 4 trailer but the final design it was part of the under suit.

  12. i just picked up a series 5 halo ce master chief & the knees have been changed to provide more functionality unfortunately the ankles are still very weak but who knows maybe one day

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