JerValiN Completes MoistCr1tkal’s Halo 2 Laso Deathless Challenge -

JerValiN Completes MoistCr1tkal’s Halo 2 Laso Deathless Challenge

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So yup he did it, after 18 years of the game being out this challenge has Been completed

Halo 2 laso deathless without envy is probably the hardest achievement in gaming


  1. i am going to urinate in your v-bucks says:

    This is insane, congratulations to him!

  2. im a retired navy seal who is mostly a gamer now. And I can tell you that this guy's mental strength surpasses mine in doing this challenge. This guy is the real deal!

  3. No longer called demon, for he is the Apocalypse itself!

  4. Can you imagine if he accidentally pushed the get out vehicle button and fell to his death?

  5. We now see master chief in casual clothes job well done

  6. it would be funny if 343 made this an actual achievement in mcc

  7. I made a twitch account last night just to see people do this challenge, and saw him practice gravemind before he logged off. Today I witnessed history 🔥

  8. Sad thing is that as hard as he had to work for this, the winnings won't even buy him a new damn Corvette. Not even close, really.
    There should have been a much bigger purse for this challenge.

  9. I like how it’s THE run so of course the game did some wack shit at a part that is same every time.

  10. ight, now lets complete the whole entire mcc laso playlist without dying for $120,000

  11. I attempted this and rage quit on the 2nd mission

  12. Did charlie donate the 20k on his stream?

  13. Would have been a lot better had he not trash talked one of my favorite games of all time…

  14. I thought the gallenge was glitchless 🙁

  15. Man, I'm just remembering how proud I was when I got the Mile High Club achievement. This guy has to be on cloud fucking nine.

  16. watched it live. Been watching Jervalin since he started the run. incredible 18 years cemented in history

  17. Now it's time for LASO, no Envy, deathless, SKIPLESS and GLITCHLESS.

  18. "YOU'LL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN, IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN" Good thing the entire fuckin world clipped this shit lol, hopefully nobody else ever has to see it after this amazing run

  19. Imagine Charlie is like “jk I ain’t giving away 20k I lied. But seriously it was a fun challenge.”

    Then the guy who saw his stream stars crying 😢

  20. Now time to see who can do it the quickest ey XD

  21. Bro I almost wish he lost just to see the rage lol. Dude was so on edge there I would be much more though after 6 hours lol.

  22. How do you even sit there and play for 6 hours? I've played most of my life never for that long lol. Don't you do anything real? This guy streams so I guess he has an excuse.

  23. Bruh critikal forced fates hand and it was glorious

  24. Dude call the game trash. But all the ins & outs of the game. Ok man makes sense.

  25. Why everyone acting surprised? I saw him winning the moment i heard he was involved

  26. Definitively in "Top 10 moments in Gaming History ! "

  27. Same with the speedrunning, or Souls communities, this goes to show that any 'impossible' challenge can and will be beat by someone eventually, no matter how insane.

  28. Someone needs to put the follow in flight song moments before he beats the final boss

  29. Game Set Match Game Over Thanks For Playing

  30. Chad among Chads , i hope Microsoft sees this and gives this legend the the Master Chief armor.

  31. Right, a couple of things I'm unclear on, as the last Halo I played was the original.

    1. What the hell is LASO, it keeps being mentioned on multiple video titles with no explanation of the acronym.

    2. That flying covenant thing didn't seem like it belonged in there, and his positioning at the wall before the cutscene gives me the impression he glitched it inside.

    If I'm accurate on the second, and I hope I'm not – why the hell are you celebrating a cheater?

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