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I can’t believe this is a conversation, but here we are…
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  1. i think we all just want Halo to be great again, and i sure hope we can get to that stage in the future… whatever the cost

  2. 343 are one of the most talented developers ever and if we fire them we will get a mess even messier than halo infinite now it is new developers will look at halo maybe even worse pov than 343's so the halo community should stop this

  3. It's just Halo MCC all over again, healing will take time. I haven't stopped and will never stop being a Halo player!

  4. Better late than never…That especially rings true here.

    I said it once and I'll say it again: Upper management call the final shots, and if the devs want to keep adding content, but Upper Management says "Shut up, do this instead", they can never finish what they initially started. I'm positive they always wanted to make a good Halo game, and Halo 5's multiplayer at the very least showed that side of it. Alas, if Upper Management says otherwise, they can't argue against it or risk loosing their job or outright game cancellation.

    People asking for the complete disbandment of 343, I feel fail to see this. History can easily repeat itself with Halo being given to another studio that have no experience with sci-fi shooters or even a studio that doesn't have experience with a game such as Halo.

  5. Love or hate 343 in terms of gameplay I see an upwards trajectory game to game, and if it goes to a new developer were going to have to restart that phase of them playing around with different styles for Halo and experimenting with what works, the best thing to do is to sit with 343 on this. After all a lot of bungie employees work for 343, so if they are failing then maybe nobody can do better.

    It seems like a lot of the problems with 343 stem from Microsofts policy on leasing out employees and studios to help make Halo, and how these groups can only stay around for a period of 6 months under microsofts terms

  6. We want firefight!!!!! Quick everyone spam we want firefight 343 on all social media for 343 until we get a result or an answer.Also Storm rifle ,plasma repeater, concussion rifle, brute carbine, covenant carbine, beam rifle, needle rifle, a banished needle rifle but instead of needles it shoots red hot spikes and has blade on the gun, banished carbine red paint job and has blades on it, focus rifle, mini gun, grenade launcher, fire bomb and other utility items, more melee weapons, smg, saw, spartan laser, binary rifle, incineration cannon, splinter turret, pulse grenade, bolts hot, scatter shot, light rifle, promethean arm sword, and bring back the promethean knights, the watchers, their crawlers, the and the promethean soldier, and the suppressed smg, suppressed magnum and old magnum, gun from halo 4 that shoot sticky bombs,also bring back duel wielding,and the brute shot,and bring back the buggers,and the shotgun, please guys I can't do this alone!!!

  7. I always thought its better to search for the roots of a problem instead of blaming the first thing we see, sure 343 made bad mistakes, but I think someone else is to blame, thing is, none of us know what goes inside there, could be a decision made by people who are over 343's control

  8. Fire343 is a pretty stupid hashtag. You basically wishing for 750 to lose their jobs despite the fact that only a 10% of them are actually responsible for the situation we're in.

  9. Dog if you don’t agree you get attack by the comments

  10. Itll be another 4 to 5 years before it becomes anything close to a complete game. Setback after setback.

  11. Next halo shouldn't be made by them atleast, I given up hope on 343i

  12. They need to put forge in this month. We are tired of wait to season 1,wait to season 2,wait to the next year to have 2 new maps :/

  13. Hopefully the game goes back on top but if it does, it still doesn’t excused how they handles the last 2 games and how they are currently handling halo infinite

  14. People seem to not understand why management is at fault. The managers set the deadlines and priorities. If, lets say, a weapon's balance and design are subpar, it's most likely due to a dev having make the thing in a very short time. And that is because the management wants the game to release at the time they've already promised to the investors.

    Oh, and while managers are just trying to survive, investors are pure fucking evil. Most of the "questionable" changes to the industry, are dictated by the investors' demand for their income to grow. And since you can't just make people buy more of the same game – the market doesn't grow. So they are searching for different ways to increase the income… or to reduce the expense.

  15. 343 doesn't deserve any more chances. They've had a decade to learn and improve and instead the only thing their consistent at is FAILURE.

  16. I've never looked into 343's problem it may have, or the strings Microsoft has on it, but I hope sooner than later we get a word on the people at the top of the project. I'll keep playing the game as long as I can get stuff, but I mostly hope for a decent bunch of new multiplayer content and some actually interesting narrative.

  17. 343 needs a management overhaul. Current management needs to be replaced with people who are competent and passionate for the franchise. Also re-hire the contract workers who worked on infinite, all of them if possible. The studio name should be changed, 343 brings with it connotations of failure.

    Also infinite needs a major relaunch, integrate past systems from older titles (forge, theatre, split screen co-op, multiplayer, post game lobbies, map voting, MCC MP gamemode select, etc) and also a new name. Infinite, just like the name 343, will always be seen with disdain.

    The Halo community (and gaming) need hope. If the current management truly cares about Halo, then they should do the right thing and step down and let someone else manage the franchise.

  18. Things will never change, just let it die please because they’ll always be greedy. They don’t deserve Halo

  19. Yeah it could be good but it's not for 10 years

  20. Timestamp 30 to 40 sums it up well enough.

    It's why games suffer these days. Games used to be better because they didn't have overlords whipping a leash against their back.

  21. Halo will be safe when Bonnie Ross is thrown off the halo Ring

  22. I've been saying this for a while, but honestly a lot of the blame gets put on 343i, and some of it rightfully so; but I would imagine the decision to make Halo a live service came from a Microsoft exec rather than someone like Joe Staten or Frank O'Connor. A lot of the poor resource management and monetization decisions are likely a result of the publishers, rather than the developers.

    And it's not like anyone at 343i could just outright say that – they'd risk losing their job.

  23. i just don't want anyone from 343 studio to get harassed say whatever you want 343 sucks 343 killed halo bla bla bla 343 kicked me in the balls and stomped my dog with a worthog i do not care just do not harass anyone from the devs or even from the management

  24. Iv said it many times Bonnie Ross needs to go it's not 343 who needs to be fired it's their upper management get rid of Bonnie Ross and Keke wolfkill and give Joe Staten the lead spot at 343 and this game will change it will be a night and day difference

  25. people don't want halo to succeed anymore. They think that by letting/making it die it will reset the franchise and it'll change hands with another developer somehow. Which of course isn't going to happen because 343 is an extension of Microsoft, not just some independent dev studio that was contracted to make the games.

  26. Some of the problem with the Halo community stems from a larger issue with society. We don't just let people have their own opinions on things anymore and get enraged when someone thinks differently than we do.

  27. Here's my question. What game franchises do better under microsofts umbrella? Really thing the Activision purchase is in the interest of the players? Think again.

  28. "A house divided against itself cannot stand". This is the exact situation we as a community are still in. Even as Infinite's shortcomings loom over us larger than ever, some are still content to hash out old grievances like it's 2012 or 2015. There are still, and likely always will be, some Halo fans that simply cannot fathom or accept that some Halo fans, like myself, love Halo 4 and Halo 5, flaws and all, as much as Bungie's games, or accept that Bungie's games are flawed too. Rather than accepting a difference of opinion and trying to glean constructive feedback from 4 and 5…rather than banding together to try and tackle real issues in Infinite, like the lack of a progression system, the disgusting MTX, the lack of polish, poor communication, lying and cancellation of splitscreen CO-OP campaign, the idea that Halo is more competitive than anything else, etc. plenty of us are content to just argue about things that are in the past, to think 'wrong' instead of 'different', still thinking that everyone has to share their exact views on Halo.

  29. We attack each other because the fandom is made up of four kinds of people.

    1. The ones that are fed up with a beloved series getting pimped out and destroyed for predatory development and monetization choices, as well as are angry at how this game, which can be great is being handled.
    2. The Fanboys that meatride 343 as if they are the greatest thing since bread and happily smile while M$ and 343 shove broomsticks coated in broken glass inside of them
    3. The whales and compulsive spenders that are afraid changing the game for the better will result in less crap to waste their money on.
    4. The people that think the above three groups are all stupid and want them all to shut up.

    All four groups have opposing viewpoints on what this game should be which, considering this is the internet, is enough for arguments to start.

  30. “343i must fix halo no matter the cost”
    You’ve got the touch starts playing.

  31. I think at the moment 343i are getting the exact amount of backlash they deserve and maybe this time the community might actually be heard for the changes we want.

    But firing 343i will not make this game any better, they're a Microsoft studio and are the only ones in the position to actually make Halo. It sucks but I'm hopeful that Infinite will eventually end up like MCC in the future.


  33. I agree, the community is really toxic at times, man. And I think a lot of other games are the same.

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