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Lore Accurate Halo TV Show Intro

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Halo tv Series Intro Scene
But it’s more accurate with real Halo Music


  1. Yeah they definitely got the sounds wrong for certain scenes my boii this is it!

  2. Some fan's may hate the show already but damn I love it.

  3. This is where all their budget went into 😂

  4. too bad we cant have it cause legal issues involving rights with Marty and David..

  5. The only good part of the show is the intro.

  6. Oh so 343 is involved in this? Why didn’t they make promo material for Infinite then??

  7. I still don't see why they didn't just reuse or revamp the ost that was already there. Arguably it's a huge part of what made halo, halo.

  8. He better keep that helmet on like 90% of the time

  9. you say in your channel description that your content is "100% hard work" from the endless amount of repost content you've posted in the past 3 days shows this is not the case. No offence, but this is very lazy. I will be selecting the "Do not recommend channel" button after this comment is posted.

  10. Imma be honest I prefer the original orchestral version to the guitar solo

  11. Presentation master Chief like new iPhone. It's spartan giga chad, need some for arbiter

  12. Spartans and elites relation evolution. enemies, allies against brutes, allies

  13. Still not lore accurate. The 117 is not stamped into the armor.

  14. Didn't even watch the show with all the dissappointing reviews. Seems like it ended up looking very low-budget and most of the positive reviews start with " I never played Halo" which is never a good sign. All these "fix-it" videos are gold though.

  15. Gotta ruin the 117 comments to say man, this was the bomb

  16. The halo show's intro music is good, but halo's music is so amazing that it make's it sound like shit.

  17. 1/10 of the first episode was cool. The other 9/10 of the show was boring, wasn't lore accurate, character motivations made no since, awful dialog, and they did that dumb thing from Halo 5 aka Master Chief went rogue get him thing!! So Dumb!!

  18. I'm always finding these kind of videos. Quit rescoring scenes! I actually love the soundtrack they have right, but if you don't then who the hell are you become this is a show not a game. Stop comparing the games to this show alright and I'm pretty sure when season 2 comes around they'll fix it and make a bit more 'lore' accurate to satisfy you spoiled brats they call fans. Our Halo fandom is just worse right now 😒

  19. Boring af the one from the show is way better for TV.

  20. Thats disrespectful that they used the og music

  21. I disagree, Halo music is an exponential curve of hype and physically cannot be put into a 30 second intro. Mathematically impossible.

  22. Love the show as to it being about a different spartan team since it doesn't follow the story of master chief at all or blue team since they are silver team lolz. Same thing happened with the game reach never followed the book and what truly happened on reach during the fall. But I still played it and enjoyed it even though spartan 3s were just being trained as children at the time. I love how terrifying they made the covenant finally in the games it just didn't see how a planet could fall in. 3 days or less but after watching this it definitely makes it feel like they can.

  23. If it was lore accurate he would be wearing a mark 4 helm.

  24. I won't lie, this halo 2 music fits better than the original intro theme

  25. I would blast this out the car window, rolling through the parking lot, headed to Gamestop for the midnight release of whatever number Halo was coming out at the time.

  26. I'm glad they didn't use the legendary soundtrack for this shit show.

  27. The music is straight trash. Not using Halos score was dumb af. They have a melody that sounds like exactly like Avatar.

  28. The fact that this isn’t the actual intro is an absolute shame

  29. Sounds better without the actual ost! In my opinion

  30. Okay the halo 2 theme does not at all fit the TV show's intro. I love music and i know when and where it should and should not be used and action hype up music should not be apart of a CGI slow motion suit up intro sequence

  31. holy shit that literally fixes it, this show would easliy go from like a 6 to an 8 just by adding H2 music

  32. I'm not against it, but is music now considered lore? lol

  33. 10 million per episode and the fans had to fix the show…

  34. I just want a john wick version of a halo tv show lol

  35. The whole intro needs to be scrapped. Got the paramount+ trial and just before my family watched Halo we watched the first episode of Star Trek Picard and both of the intros look way too similar. The kickass music doesn't fit the show's tone so far anyway. I don't hate the first episode as much as others seem to, but I do hope the show gets better and we get Season 2. (I know it is confirmed. But if season 2 does too bad, then they might just scrap it mid-filming.)
    I predict that Season 1 will end with a ship (probably pillar of autumn) Finding the Halo and Season 2 kicks off like Halo CE, and we get a new intro, full Halo music, showing off the ring and all.

  36. You know, the people who made the show could've at least made it sound remotely like Halo.
    Ensemble did it with Halo Wars, and that soundtrack fits nicely.

  37. I get your point, but tonally this is awful.

  38. There's really nothing like that guitar, wow.

  39. Por donde te paso una intro que modifique :v, le puse otra música de fondo que viene de una película de halo 4

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