Marine Gets Killed by The NEEDLER in the Halo TV Series -

Marine Gets Killed by The NEEDLER in the Halo TV Series

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The needler super combines and leaves a big pink mist.. rip Marine in the halo tv show (paramount) episode 5


  1. This show is actually pretty bad ass despite the story changes I mean holy shit that spartan fight was beast and the spartans running looked amazing, the games need this gore or atleast a small touch of it because damn it adds detail and realism.

  2. Well damn, the whole body just disappeared

  3. What is the phased object behind the marine that got blown up

  4. How come I didn't know about this?! Is this a full on tv series?

  5. dual needler is op asf I wish they brought duel wield back… 🙁

  6. This is, if Im not mistaken, the first and ONLY time in any Halo media we've fully seen the capaiblities of a Blamite supercombine.
    The closest we got was the "gory digression shot" in Forward Unto Dawn.
    Im going to admit, its…not quite as visceral as I was expecting but considering teh sheer SIZE of the last, perhaps that makes sense.

  7. The battle scene was literally the only redeeming part of this episode.

  8. Grunt, but magnified with super strength and super brave

  9. At this point all the haters are just whining because the show is, honestly amazing.

  10. if halo was more like this then I would watch it more and it be good

  11. Been dutifully watching Halo for the past 5 weeks. On average, I'd give the series a B-, with some episodes registering higher and others registering lower.

    There's easy potential for Halo to be a B+/A- series; moving away from the "Madrigal" storyline entirely would go a long way towards helping that.

    – Spartans/vehicles/weapons look great
    – Halsey, Kai, Soren are good, interesting characters
    – Only a couple of battles so far, but the battles were very good
    – I appreciate the slow burn towards learning what "Halo" actually is
    – The Master Chief backstory/flashbacks are, surprisingly, not as annoying as most flashback sequences are… actually don't mind them.
    – I actually do not mind the presence of a human in the Covenant leadership (I think the showrunners decided that entire sequences of CGI Covenant characters would be too much, which is why they brought in a human to help up the believability)

    – "Madrigal" story line + Kwan's whining is already totally worn out. To salvage her character, she needs to stop throwing tantrums & do something productive.
    – Too much Spartan face time

    – The general attitude towards Spartans is too "chummy"; Spartans are basically genetically modified assassins… they should be treated as such.

  12. I haven’t watched the show but the combat scenes look cool I’ll give them that

  13. “Haha. This sucks, man.” – Hannibal Burress

  14. I always forget how big those grunts actually are

  15. The way they did the needles explosion is my favorite thing about the series, sours morbid but the blood and pink mist mixes really cool and how it gets blown away by the wind

  16. Before I watched I expected some cheezy effect like he would pop like a meat balloon.

    And sure enough. Meat balloon.

  17. It's not gonna be an open casket, it's gonna be an open jar.

  18. Recuerdo que en los libros describen al aguijón de forma muy letal, hasta se cortan los dedos intentado arrancar los cristales, sin mencionar las esquirlas

  19. First time in my life I've seen a grunt hijack a warthog. This show is been beyond my imagination

  20. Grunt after getting in: Why are there six pedals if there only four directions?!?!?!

  21. How did he get hit in areas shielded by turret

  22. I like the part in this episode when cortana tells John to switch to his secondary and John says " i know how the game is played" kinda ironic considering the writers admitted they have never played a halo game and it shows with this cluster fuck of a garbage show 🤣

  23. Colonel Mehaffey did it first in Forward Unto Dawn so…

  24. Man regular humans are so pathetic than even grunts bully us, I'm glad we have the spartans.

  25. The only thing good about the new Halo movie is the Marines fighting because they broke the number one rule never take Chief's helmet off
    Whenever I saw that they took his helmet off it seems more like a Disney movie than anything else and we all know what Disney does when they get their hands on something that's been around the childhood of halo fans I hope that everybody else sees this and can agree with me that anything Disney gets their hands on is bound to be a cluster fuck it's to the developers that made this TV series they better pull their heads out of their ass

  26. notice how chief is completely gray when hes getting on the warthog? small mistake

  27. The only thing better than this are the tears of the idiots who are mad that this show isn't their edgy fanfic 🤣

  28. Pretty good scene but I still like the Halo 3 Landfall trailer a little more.

  29. So that marine just got turned into mist? That gives pink mist a whole new deadly meaning…

  30. Jesus that looked terrible… like a cw show with down syndrome

  31. Is it just me or the Warthog just looks off.

  32. I would never use the Needler in the game, I would melee some enemy to death and take any other weapon. The tv show makes it look cool though

  33. Needler in lore: a dangerous weapon that can evaporate bodies
    Needler in game: ow, sharp thing hurts

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