MASTER CHEEKS GETS DOWN & DIRTY! SO HOT!! - Halo: TV Series Ep8 Review -


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Master Chief does the Unthinkable on Halo: The TV Series and I think we are just done. What the heck is going on in this Show? How is this even Halo? MC is SHAGGING the Enemy?!

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  1. Bungie ads for Halo 3, Halo ODST commercials, books, games… So much material to adapt a story from and we get whatever this is… 🤦🏻‍♂️



  3. joe is slowly getting redpilled! HAHHAHAHA first star trek now this

  4. The leftists writers in all their splendor ladies n gents. Welcome to woke feminist Halo.

    They kill all the good characters they touch (Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Master Chief, Ghostbusters, the goddamn M-She-U etc) and replace them with weak dumbass Mary Sue bitches or neutered "men" with emotions over logic.

    I hate them all so much I'm goddamn done with everything, I'm done giving them a sliver of a chance. It's getting so goddamn bad I wish I was born in the 50s back then they knew their place. Yes it's heavy shit but I'm pissed off ppl!

  5. Fight em all ajsa! Keep fighting the good fight!

  6. Please don't do more. Your better then this

  7. Red vs blue was written better than this shit

  8. Reach City, Reach

    No more needs to be said.

  9. I disagree with you Joe, I am not a Halo game fan but I enjoyed the show overall. Just because it doesn't follow Halo lore that doesn't mean the show is bad.

  10. Im going to watch the last episode but I am canceling Paramount Plus after and not coming back for season 2. This season has been a cluster f!@# and I cannot take anymore

  11. At this point, even corn parodies of Halo can claim they're better than Paramount's Halo.

  12. how did this show get a 2nd season?
    then again, cbs is basiclly cw 2.0, they gave false trek discard 3 seasons, discovery 4 seasons, and strange crap worlds 2 seasons. so i shouldn't be suprised.

  13. Master Chief's main or subtle interest is Cortana, not Maki. The very AI that teaches him humanity and how to be more than a soldier, how could they mess that up?? Cortana has to watch him be the Master of Cheeks, but this is completely out of character. Watch Cortana be mad at him and drama happens, or something else completely unexpected out of nowhere.

  14. Legit makes me sad, I got my dad into this show, to show him how cool Halo is, now he probably thinks everything including the games are lame.

  15. I predict this video getting taken down by the end of today lol

  16. Wait…dude said Season 2…
    They actually are going through with another season of this dog water show?
    Also, Im convinced there's a real life version of the Flood that has infected the Paramount execs. That's why they allowed Chief to be written as a limp-dick nancy boy.

  17. I NEVER click the like button. But Ive liked all of these vids… they are the only reason I can stomach watching this show. This is almost M. Night Shyamalans' Avatar level of incompetence and straight up insulting.

  18. I heard about the sex scene and decided not to bother and decided I'm done. It's been a shit show and that's the last straw for me

  19. im gonna say it….. lets just watch kwans story, lets just drop the whole chief story, at this point i just wanna see kwan start a rebellion that is more along the lines of the creative abilities of the writers, the writers are not talented enough to even tell a halo story so lets just watch kwan because atleast that way they can write a love story or whatever

  20. Jesus fucking Christ these mfs at CBS DON'T UNDERSTAND HALO! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

  21. I see now that Aragorn waking and drawing a blade at moment's notice was weak – MC sleeping like a log, now that's badass /s

  22. I gave Halo a fair chance. In fact I ever tried to like it, but episodes 7 and 9 were just too much for me, it's trash

  23. The Master Penis can convert any one or anything it touches. And it can start space ships

  24. Paramount and CBS couldn't make a good show if it bitch slapped them across the face.

    I'm so sick of them ruining anything I like.

  25. Mini laser sword in her vageen! Lmfao! 🤣🤣

  26. Yo and how the f*** did Dr Halsey have enough equipment to transfer that information into a f**** contact lens!? She's locked in a guest bedroom yet she was able to scientifically create a replica of her daughter on a contact lens LOL I mean did they just have the contact of her vag for just in case moments and the software they needed up the other dude's ass!? And I thought the same thing as well when Joe said how the f*** did Master Chief not wake up when she was pulling her finger out LOL I swear when I was watching it I was thinking the same damn thing like a fly could fart in master chief would open his eyes but this chick's over here with the water running pulling a finger out and he's just completely knocked out LOL

  27. I love that AJ+ watch bad TV so I don't have to. Large reason for DMCA take downs I imagine.

  28. I still like OJ show, but I honestly can't stand the smugness of Alex. He always tries to act so unimpressed like he's some sort of expert.

  29. when i saw the episode, I said "Oh joe" out loud because i knew youd have a field day with this.

  30. peak ANGRY JOE is 11:20 when isnt even pissed or screaming, hes just calling out the stupid writing potential of the show

  31. basically a woke soap opera halo. lol no thanks

  32. My eyes are bleeding and my skin is trying to crawl away from my body. I hate this show lol my buddy has the app, he’s a diehard PlayStation fan and I watch it for the train wreck and he watches it to watch me squirm.

  33. MAKEE: – so tell me .. Master… is it true what they say about the way you…. Spartans are … gifted?
    (pyjamas zipper opens)
    MAKEE: – Ohhhh its true … its true…. its true !!!!!!
    (From the TV series H.A.L.O / Having A Loud Orgasm )

  34. Welcome to modern western media unfortunately.


    otherwise season 2 will turn into a drinking game.

  36. "we are the same, that isn't enough to start f******"
    Have you looked at the dating scene online?
    "You breathe air? Cool me too let's heal our emotional damage together with this one transactional moment we will never speak of again"😇

  37. I'll be 100%. I'm not watching this show anymore. ALL that I need is Angry Joe's reaction. Thank you for your service to the community!

  38. i'm so fucking sick of prophecies and chosen ones in Sci Fi, especially Sci Fi that DIDN'T have that shit in previous installments.

  39. Pretty surprised y'all gave this a 2/10. That seems pretty high.

  40. But Alex, your error is to asume media nowadays tell stories. Those went extinct. Now is all agenda, and preaching and teaching how you should feel. I don't even bother anymore with western movies and tv series.

  41. This show should of been master chief invading shit and getting stuck on a planet or something. Not this drama bullshiy.

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