Master Chief ATTACKS Dr Halsey in the Halo TV Series -

Master Chief ATTACKS Dr Halsey in the Halo TV Series

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Master Chief tried to kill Dr Halsey in the Halo TV Series Episode 5


  1. Wait since when Master chief has his face reveal? I rather see him with the mask on he is more badass without no one knows his identity

  2. The show is literally a shit show. RIP. Just ignore it. I will never touch it 😀

  3. Cashgrab Jimmy Rings-“No! You kidnapped me! I hate you!!!”
    Official Halo Lore Chief-“I know that I have been kidnapped but I need a weapon to kill the Wort Worts!”

  4. Watching the Halo TV series made me think of a great quote of Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park : "You read what others had done and you took the next step. You didn't earn the knowledge for yourselves. So you don't take any responsibility for it. You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could. And before you even knew what you had you patened it, and packaged it, slapped it on a plastic lunchbox and now you're selling it." "So preoccupied with whether or not they could they didn't stop to think if they should."

  5. Its stated very clearly in lore that halsey did not lie to the kids and was extremely forthcoming as to why they were there, they had been called upon to serve which strengthened their perssonal resolves and sense of purpose. These executives are ruining halo. With this utter GARBAGE

  6. In the EU stories, Halsey was very up front about the fact that she kidnapped the Spartan IIs. She even shot down the suggestion of chemically-induced Amnesiac, because "the SII's would be dangerous enough without all that baggage", and lying to the killer superhumans was probably not a good idea

  7. The worst part about this fucking scene is that you knew the show was foreshadowing this moment nearly the whole run, it was a slow crawl to scenes you knew where coming, it's not like the characters are complex enough to do anything interesting on the way to the designated plot point, other than unintentional comedy. I could've really rolled with this show, even if we saw Chief's face, if it weren't for this…awful, awful writing…

  8. In what concept of reality would chief ever think to attack Halsey? Name ONE spartan 2 even that would try something like that.

  9. This isn't master chief, it's a fake and a half.

  10. Chief and all the Spartan ll would ignore a direct order from ANYONE if Halsey said so. Seeing him attack Halsey you know that he is MAAAAAD to attack her EVER!!!

  11. Leave the tip on because plastic tastes better.

  12. I always have to tell myself that like Marvel, this is another multiverse and this master chief is another variant.

  13. This has ruined the entire halo franchise. 😡. I feel so sorry for all of the halo fans who were dedicated to halo. Halo is one of my top favourite franchises of all time but seeing this and TV series. Halo is starting to go downhill. A massive disappointment to halo fans. Like if you agree with me

  14. I'm still baffled at this, the forced acting, the jump attack, and the sudden knockout and fall. The whole show felt like a porn parody of Halo but without any actual porn and that's even worse.

  15. Where's the "This is SPARTA!", memes for this 🤣😝

  16. Halo Infinite Halsey: She's not the driver but a way to level the playing field.

    Paramount: We do not care.

  17. He has a face ?????
    Well I guess my childhood just got ruined

  18. The covenant doesn’t call him Demon, they call him abomination.

  19. No computer sleeps or shuts down it’s the cloud following her

  20. Writers: "Please don't kill us! We made it into a different time line! We're not disrespecting the source material, see? See??"

    Longtime fans: "Were it so easy…"

  21. I really do not like how they do with these characters, but then again this ain't canon just their own vision of Halo, kind of like Marvel with MCU

  22. It's like 343 just hates halo and halo fans. How could they allow this aweful trash to be produced? It's appalling.

  23. His facial expressions are so difficult for me to take seriously.

  24. Bull crap match Chief doesn't get knocked out that fast when he gets shut down

    Everybody knows this .

  25. Spartans would never EVER attack Dr. Halsey. She was their mother (basically) ESPECIALLY John who was the onlyone she called by first name. Smh. fooking bullcrap

  26. This makes halo 5 look good and I hate that.

  27. And this is why Halsey told the cadets the truth from day 1 in lore. Also I think it would have better if Chief didn’t take off his helmet and slowly and menacingly walked towards Halsey instead of Leaping like an idiot.

  28. I pirated everything episode of this show and still feel scammed

  29. Idk, I like chief having a human side to him.


  30. What’s funny is them being kidnapped as children isn’t news to them, at least in the actual game lore. They were kidnapped at 6 years old, definitely old enough to know what’s happening, they all know this already. It’s only a secret from anyone who wasn’t involved in the Spartan program.

  31. Man i feel really bad for this dude, had to represent the worst adaptation of Master Chief ever

  32. I really dislike how Cortana and Chief are more parasitic in the show then the game.

    The games started off as a partnership. We got to see their relationship form through the course of the story forming a mutual trust in their capabilities. Cortana even stays behind High Charity so that Chief has enough time to escape.

    Here, Cortana starts off as a tool for Halsey completely manipulating John through the show. Sure, Halo 5 had Cortana using Chief but that wasn’t until we got to know their dynamic.

  33. Guys how about we just forget this series exists. It isnt cannon therefore it doesnt matter

  34. This series is so bad. They have raped and defiled every character. Fucking woke good for nothing Hollywood staff.

  35. Master Chief is SO OUT OF CHARACTER in this series it’s insulting to me

  36. I'm a little disappointed they showed his voice. And how big his armor looks. It would've been better if it wasn't master chief

  37. I swear the costume design in this show was fantastic, the armor looked really good.

    To bad we barely saw him wear it.

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