Master Chief face reveal FANS REACTION | Halo episode 1 REACTION | Contact -

Master Chief face reveal FANS REACTION | Halo episode 1 REACTION | Contact

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  1. When I look at master chief now I don’t see the actor who is playing him I just see chief.

  2. this actor was perfect in this role, I really like him

  3. "I never seen him without his helmet before" yeah no shit

  4. Chief taking his helmet off should’ve felt like when The Mandalorian took his helmet off… this was SO disappointing

  5. This series sucks fr Bruh it’s a joke for all halo fans 💀

  6. The actor was dying to remove his helmet, he wanted everyone to know who he was.

  7. Hope he is covered with beard or something. He looks funny.

  8. At least he's white.
    Looks lame. Thought he'd be older and bald.

  9. The Second Reaction Has Facts The Guy Said "Not this early" THEY HAVE POINT PARAMOUNT!!!!!

  10. lol his to skyni i did expect thanos i got the actor who plays spiderman

  11. For me personally, I love that they make a series of my favorite video game of all time, but at the same time this scene hurt me for some reason, I was expecting a different face I guess, but atleast it is not cannon, its going to be hard to not think about this while seeing masterchief on hes suit again, but its okay ill get over it and lets wait for the "real face reveal" in the next games hopefully

  12. I feel like they should have go for a less known actor who can't take the fact his face cannot be seen for at least one season

  13. It’s not cannon you absolute idiots 😂 get over yourselves!

  14. That’s not the face of somebody who has killed millions…
    Needed someone more like a young Clint Eastwood

  15. Actually, we have seen John's face before. Many times actually.

  16. This sort of thing exposes the people who larp as nerds for internet points.

  17. The moment they revealed the face was the moment I stopped watching the show.

  18. I was genuinely into the show until the helmet was off.. Gosh what a way to ruin one's faith

  19. Banda ese no es el jefe, creen q nos lo ocultaron por mas de 20 años para q la caguen asi? Solo en los juegos le veremos la verdadera cara y ahi si, dire q estare apreciando el mejor momento de todo el universo, de momento limpiezen el qlo como yo con la cara de este actor xd

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