Master Chief Fighting Brutes in the Halo TV Show VS in the Games... Who did it Best? -

Master Chief Fighting Brutes in the Halo TV Show VS in the Games… Who did it Best?

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Halo tv show master chief vs brute chieftain fight didn’t have much fighting. Here’s a comparison of other fight scenes in Halo games! Halo episode 5 is out on Paramount+. If you enjoyed this video, please consider subscribing! It’s free and you can always unsub! 🙂👍 Follow my socials in the description and like if you enjoyed!
Can’t wait for Halo episode 6!

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Master Chief Actually Fighting Brutes in the Halo TV Show but it’s Lore Accurate lol
I added memes, music, edits, and sound effects into the video. Video made by SpartanMatt117 (myself)

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  1. In the games, the chief could shit into his hand and throw it at the brute and at this point it'd be better than the show.

  2. The way I have always seen it is any brute is stronger than a human, but just like there are varying strengths when it comes to humans same goes for brutes. Atriox is the Brian Shaw of the Jiralhanae. Hence why he is big stature wise and in my opinion able to beat any spartan even if it was a fair fight.

  3. I mean technically in infinite he's not fighting A brute as much as he is fighting THE brute lol

  4. all I can say is Atriox is an absolute monster

  5. Am I mistaken, but I thought that wasn't chief from the halo 4 intro. I thought it was random spartan IV's

  6. Why wasn't master chief as acrobatic with atriox. So retarded. It ruined the whole campaign.

  7. The show isn't Halo. It's Halo assets in a studio executive's head canon.

  8. The Games win, the action scenes in the show are so… ZZZZZZZ

  9. Chief in H4 was made pretty badass lookin ngl

  10. If only Infinite was actually good, I have a paragraph of reasons why I hated that game but honestly, words won't cut it so even to this day I refuse to play Infinite just to show I'm sick of 343

  11. Halo legends, halo wars 2, and halo infinite have my favorite brute fight scenes

  12. We all know the best Brute fight was in Halo Wars 2 against Red Team

  13. The show is a shame… but we need to see, how it matures.
    Also the show has clearly deviated from the game lore, that is why you need to see the show open minded. I guess the show can kill master cheif also.. who knows.. #facepalm.

  14. I mean he didn't face a Brute like atriox in the show so idk why show that

  15. Guys, it's the first time he is coming to face a brute.

  16. I have yet to watch the halo tv show. From the clips I’ve seen, it’s just not worth it

  17. Halo tv show sucks what do you expect their excuse is we dont play the games

  18. I like the idea of a smaller one-handed Hammer like the one Atriox used. At least it seems smaller. Make it throwable with a small explosion upon impact with a player, wall, whatever, and it could be a fun addition to the game.

  19. Can anyone tell me why Master Chief slid straight into the brute in the TV show, whats the point?

  20. You forgot the Halo Infinite Carry On trailer.

  21. Haven't seen the show except ep1 but heard terrible things from reviews. Some do praise the action though, even in this later episode. The scene clipped here looked all right. Nothing spectacular but not terrible and could have been FAR worse… like on-par with all the other non-action scenes in the show.

  22. Why did he run towards the brute with no weapon, slide then bring out his shield…what was the point of that. I mean he didn’t even slide when the weapon was being swung he did it before for no reason lol. Also why was the brute dropped down only to be picked up seconds later

  23. Game is better and even infinite still managed to downplay him.

  24. Sorry but this series is very disappointing.

  25. I very much hope chief puts his inhibitor back in, something like his duty as a soldier making it necessary.

  26. Atriox did it best they need Atriox to kill master chief and end this terrible game and 343 needs to be sued for incomplete games

  27. If that brute in the show is Atriox then Chief better get his ass kicked in every encounter. I'm sorry, but Atriox is just too badass to be beaten right now in cannon, much less in a TV show. 🤣

  28. God, this show is the dream in terms of visuals, prop accuracy and action. But then they just butcher the characters with terrible writing.

  29. bruh you slid into position to tank a hit? are you fucking joking me

  30. He took them head on in the game, much like of what we know him as a fighter, tv show chief kinda doesnot feel like one, really disappointed.

  31. A movie like de cinematicσ would be awesome😞

  32. I was desperately waiting for the comedy cut at the end when you cut to in game Halo footage of just picking off a few brutes from a distance.

  33. This isn't even a choice. The show is terrible and lacking so much.

  34. Its atriox the main enemy he is not a just normal brute😂 that beaten easily

  35. Валентин PIRATA Валько says:

    In halo infinite best!

  36. It's not the action scenes you should compare, its the dialogue between the human Covenant (which isn't a thing) and the Prophets vs the Halo games Prophets talking to the Arbiter. Compare which writers understand something basic like authority.

  37. This helps with my narrative for the show that this isn’t the real master chief. Instead it’s just a noob with the level 1 halo 3 multiplayer armor.

  38. Honestly, this one is lore accurate about the brutes, they are crazy in the books

  39. Games.

    1. Chief didn’t need to use the shield, you could see the swing coming a mile away and I’m not even a super soldier.
    2. Chief doesn’t have to tell his AI that he needs a weapon, he finds one or makes due without.
    3. Chief doesn’t unnecessarily yell while don’t nothing significant, and also doesn’t waste ammo shooting at a drop shop with a BR.

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