Master Chief FIGHTS VS BRUTE CHIEFTAIN in the Halo TV Show Season Finale -

Master Chief FIGHTS VS BRUTE CHIEFTAIN in the Halo TV Show Season Finale

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Brute Chieftain Returns in episode 9 of the Halo TV show (season finale) and fights master Chief..


  1. This planet looks a lot like Sandtrap!

  2. little nitpic but im bummed we wont be seeing the classic gravity hammer

  3. They did most of the covenant species pretty well, only Elites look kinda off to me.
    And tbh I wish energy dagger Jackals and Lekgolo swarms show up in the game.

  4. Such potential, wasted by corporate writers who don't know the first thing about the characters they're writing

  5. Despite the hate (mostly coming from the fans), I still enjoyed the show and the story to be honest. I've been a halo player since 2009 btw. 🙂

  6. I like how master chief is not just dealing punches but actually taking beating as well
    Makes it more realistic

  7. I hope his helmet gets crushed so it would STAY ON


  9. This action seen looks like it will be better than the first 2

  10. Master Chief FIGHTS VS BRUTE CHIEFTAIN… before f***king it

  11. Chief just got snatched out the air hard lmao

  12. Is this the episode where silver team gets killed off and swapped out for blue team? The obvious season ending hook?

  13. i want to hear the word “demon” and i saw spartan Rizz and kai fighting brutes

  14. 20 Bucks says it's 40 mins of talking and 10 mins. of action

  15. Fun fact. There was a bigger brute population on high charity than the elites

  16. That Brute, or at least the one that he initially encountered, and looks to be the same one he's fighting, was confirmed to be Atriox.

  17. Woah what show is that its so different from what we saw last week

  18. One shot to the head, is all i can think off lol

  19. Oh he finally fights an alien? Thats all he's supposed to do. THATS WHAT HE DOES! THATS ALL HE DOES! YOU CANT STOP HIM! HE DOESNT FEEL FEAR, OR PITY OR REMORSE! He's the Master Chief.

  20. Those action sequences always only last like a minute, they would need to do sth like that multiple times each episode if they wanted to make it feel like real halo. Is microsoft/paramount that cheap with their budget?

  21. Maybe ol' jimmy cheeks will kiss the brute after this. The Brute is probably more like Chief than the guy in the armour. Speaking of which, it'll be a miracle if he manages to keep the helmet on for more than 3 milliseconds.

  22. The problem about this is that I don’t see any elites…. So they “introduced” the brutes just to replace the elites?

  23. So according to subtitles on paramount this was atriox the entire time…

  24. I thought this last episode was great. Plenty of action scenes. Lots of emotion. Master chiefs finally learns what being a hero is about. Being brave and sacrifices and risks. 8/10 for me. They were building him up for season 2

  25. If you got subtitles on, you’ll see the brute chieftain’s name revealed as atriox

  26. In the subtitles, it stated brute was Atriox.

  27. People sorry for telling this but the chief dies and Cortana took control of his body

  28. The aliens look great in this but the CGI for the Spartans are so bad

  29. Glad I skipped the kwan episode for this

  30. Guys the brute is atriox, If you turn on the subtitles it says “atriox groans” I was like wtf?!?

  31. ich würde gern mal wissen wer die bücher/bänder von halo gelesen hat ich bin zwar bei band 1 aktuell aber selbst da werden einige von euren aussagen argumenten wiederlegt. zb das er nie seinen helm abnimmt ist quatsch mag in den games so sein aber nicht in den büchern

  32. What is it with this show and superhero landings? Why are all the characters jumping out of ships hahaha

  33. The fact that we're getting this on a TV show and the interactions I think is amazing that they're doing a great job so far I hope they do all halo story cause there's nothing better then this right now I'd there is please suggestions 😀

  34. All of the elites and brutes are kroggans here.

  35. We get awesome fight scenes, many new halo memes, Master Cheeks clapping cheeks, but in trade we get a shit story that avoids established lore.

  36. The subtitles on the show say that that brute is ATRIOX

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