Master Chief KISSED The Covenant Human in The Halo TV Show -

Master Chief KISSED The Covenant Human in The Halo TV Show

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Master Chief and Makee (Covenant Human) Are really CLOSE in the Halo TV Series.. is this still Halo for you ?

New halo tv series Episode 8 Kiss Scene


  1. makes me not want to play Halo. who tf is this Master Chief 🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. We made memes just so chief could finally clap alien cheeks for the first time. But yea other than that this is garbo lol. #makehalogreatagain

  3. Couldnt they have made a mass effect show instead? This guy would have made a decent john shepard.

  4. I look at this as pure 100% fan fiction and I’m okay cause I’ll never watch it.

  5. Me at the start: master chief kissing 🤨 that's not that bad this shows already weir- EWWW WTF IS HAPPENING WHY 343 WHY!!!

  6. It would another story if this was a human from Earth but no, they chose an enemy spy.

  7. Omg cheif getting some space tail. Wtf have the done to the ledgend of halo

  8. I want to dislike the video but I have to remember that you're just showing me the travesty that the show is and have nothing to do with making it.

  9. On a previous episode I saw a comment that said they would lose it if chief and this "chosen one" would somehow get into a relationship.
    I feel them now.

  10. Halo 4 and 5s campaign shouldnt be lumped together. 4 was solid, and was a good start with a different direction and dev team. Halo 5s story was a complete train wreck.

  11. They could’ve at least showed full penetration

  12. I think Ripley said it best: “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  13. Cortana gets cucked. I've never thought I'd ever see it as a Halo fan for 20 years

  14. Wow. 343 ACTUALLY doesn’t give a shit anymore like they claimed they would 10 years ago. Assholes.

  15. People should be grateful it ain’t canon.

  16. Well, at least he's kissing a woman, not a some transgenderfluid dude

  17. This show has collectively made everyone take back every bad thing they said about 4 & 5.

  18. Directors: What you want a lore accurate MC?? Fuck y'all eat our shit!

  19. TF they have done to my boy 🤦🏾‍♂️

  20. I refuse to watch this show as this scene alone has tarnished the name of Halo, and master chief.

  21. ok, i thought the helmets thing n stuff was gonna be the most they could do, but this…..

  22. I agree with y’all but seriously the amount of hate this show is getting not one person has said other wise

  23. Master chief has been inside some nasty things before. Flood hives, scarab cores full of hunter worms, Halo 5's story. But being inside this chick? New low.

  24. doesn’t follow any lore. Also, where is chiefs neural insert on the back of his neck? The directors and writers turned Halo into Lame-o.

  25. I swear new halo fans saying how they think covenant girl and chief are the best relationship… (reloads shotgun) Have you not watched all of halo?? The real halo…

  26. LOVE THE SHOW AND LOVE WHAT THERE DOING WITH My boy he finally got some 😮‍💨

  27. It’s true to the source material guys! Y’all remember the tbag physics from halo 3??? Chief has been tbagging the covenant since halo ce

  28. Obiwan: You were supposed to destroy the Covenant not sleep with them! Bring balance to the series not leave it in darkness! You were my hero Master Chief, I loved you.

  29. This isn't halo, it's fuckin mass effect

  30. Halo bonus romantic scene good on master chief 100% loving this show 🥰

  31. Well… I guess now we'll be saying "Still a better love story than Halo."

  32. Oh my bad, I was looking for Halo. Not Twilight.

  33. I'm not sure if I feel depressed or not for the people who actually like this failed inaccurate shit.

  34. For some reason just for some reason I'm only going to say this the first time I saw her I was like why does she look like Daenerys from game of thrones but with short hair I know there are other girls with hair color like this but that's what I thought of the first time I saw her

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