Master Chief Needs to STOP Doing THIS in the Halo TV Show Episode 4 (Halo Meme) -

Master Chief Needs to STOP Doing THIS in the Halo TV Show Episode 4 (Halo Meme)

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Halo tv show master chief face reveal number 69420. They need to stop this lol. Halo tv show episode 4 is out now! Only 5% of my viewers that watch my videos are actually subscribed 🙁 If you enjoyed this video, please consider subscribing! It’s free and you can always unsub! 🙂👍 Follow my socials in description and leave a like!
Can’t wait for Halo tv show episode 5!

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Master Chief Needs to STOP Doing THIS in the Halo TV Show Episode 4 (Halo TV Series)
I added memes, music, and sound effects into the video. Meme made by SpartanMatt117 (myself)

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  1. Boba had the same problem, the creators are like "want us to kill the mystic for you? Okay!!"

  2. Guys its just Chiefs evil twin Caster Mhief

  3. Thank god Master Cheeks here keeps taking the helmet off, helps us differentiate him from Master Chief much easier

  4. Tell me you didn't play the game without telling me you didn't play the game

  5. Watched half of the first episode. That's all I could bare. I'm not joking

  6. He is worse than Pedro Pascual, who wanted to take off his helmet during the Mandolorian and they kept telling him to keep it on

  7. IMaster Cheeks, who loves to take his Helmet 🪖off.. He’s not a real Spartan II, he’s Spartan IV they loveeeeee to take their Helmets off, ohhhhh they’re not real Spartans they’re trained marines who volunteered in the Spartan IV program, nahhhhh their 343 Industries Spartans, yup that’s it… F**king trashhh 😒

  8. They way overdo the taking off of the helmet. They're trying to sell us too hard on the emotional side of chief and we just don't give a f

  9. I think the halo fandom needs to STFU, the show is ok.

  10. That's not Master Chief. That's Master Cheeks.

  11. Didn't the first time he took it off in the show it had some sort of transformation effect that made him have to wait to take it off instead of him just popping it on and off like a motorcycle helmet?

  12. Legit for real they need to stop the série personnaly or change the actor or the scritp of chief because this Guy is not Spartan 117 Jhon he didnt force himself to act like jhon he just get pay and follow the scritp he didnt care at all and its bad as fuck

  13. I actually enjoy the show. Personally I get that there’s a big lore reason that he shouldn’t be taking off his helmet from the games. But for me that’s OK. It’s a different take on the character and the show doesn’t destroy the games for me. I mean the games are still there. The games aren’t going anywhere. If you don’t like the show just go play the games.

  14. he cant see shit with his helmet on
    leave it on!

  15. The Master Chief actor looks like a porn actor

  16. I would say he takes his helmet off for practical reasons while filming, but Mando keeps it on for 85% of the Mandalorian sooo


  18. It’s such a relief knowing I’m not the only one that feels the same way every time

  19. If this Masterchief was my subordinate he would've to drop 100 every time I see his helmet off his head

  20. 𝙋𝙤𝙥𝙪𝙡𝙖𝙧 𝙇𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙧 says:

    you guys hate on everything 🤡

  21. They should have kept it like mandalorian for the whole face thingy and combine it with chief super soldier attitude.

  22. You think Spartans keep their helmets on 24/7 , he takes it off in the damn books and he took it off in the game you just never saw his face you little bitches need to calm the fuck down

  23. If it were canon there would be another helmet under the helmet and, the only way to see part of his face would be to charge a plasma pistol in co-op.

  24. It's like they don't know Master Chief at all

  25. Although it is great to see him with the helmet, it is more comfortable with his face uncovered

  26. I mean if you want us to be dissapointed at how you couldn't get Jon Bernthal then it's working

  27. "Let me take a good look around by taking OFF MY VISION ENHANCING HELMET, also giving any snipers a prime target too just guaranteed brain me"

  28. Do what the Mandalorian do for removing helmet. Obscure face when removing helmet or only for important and impactful moments of a character

  29. Correct me if I'm wrong, but was there a single point in the games where he puts the helmet on? I don't think people want to see the human Chief, we just want the machine that kills everything and saves everyone.

  30. Why b*itch and moan? Just go back to playing the games if you want the nostalgia back. 😂

  31. The main premise of the show is to get to know Master Chief and explore his personal story. Stop bitching about his helmet being off.

  32. This is so me every time I watch this dumb show

  33. The fact they try to humanize chief goes against the entire "are we man or machine" that him and Cortana deal with throughout the halo series. As well as making him seem more normal, eliminates the idea that chief is inhumanly stoic and goal driven. He comes off more like a marine (dare I say Spartan IV) than a Spartan II

  34. this isnt master chief. this is the alternate reality version of him, Caster Mhief.

  35. People need to realise master chief is not a mandalorian

  36. Am I the only one who is just watching it because of the action sequences? The self discovery plot about the Chief is just so weird for me and the plot all around Kwan and Soren is just f* boring and stupid. Her stubbornness and stupidity is killing me. Everytime when they switch focus back to KwanSoren, I am like: oh f*, here we go again -.- /

  37. Just waking around with it too, now that hand is useless. Some soldier.

  38. They should never removed the mask and never showed his face. It was ruined a long time ago.

  39. Armor is useless when you keep exposing your head

  40. Yoooooo, on god
    When i saw him remove his helmet in the face ep and I seen his face, I almost started crying
    His face is so disappointing(not saying he's ugly), it has ruined the whole Halo franchise for me, now I just see him as a man in a suit

  41. No ..they need to get rid of the asian an her sidestory. thats whats ruining the series

  42. I dont understand you people, so mad that he takes off his HELMET. Do people even know what it is used for or am i confused. Does he have life support hooked up in his helmet? I am so dumbfounded by the fact that people call the show trash because my man is human like tf? I thought we were on humans side but it seems like everyone wants to be part of the covenant…smh

  43. Halo tv show master chief face reveal number 69420. They need to stop this lol. Halo tv show episode 4 is out now! If you enjoyed this video, please consider subscribing! It's free and you can always unsub! 🙂👍 Follow my socials in description and leave a like! Thanks everyone for all the support, subs, and likes 🙏

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