Master Chief Voice Actor Steve Downes on the new HALO TV SERIES on Paramount Plus -

Master Chief Voice Actor Steve Downes on the new HALO TV SERIES on Paramount Plus

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The clip was taken from my interview with Steve Downes, which you can watch here:



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  1. I respect Steve immensely but completely disagree, the reason why most videogame movies don’t work is exactly BECAUSE they stray too far from the source material.

  2. Another obvious mistake from yet another series adaptation that will likely fall flat on its face. When you don’t stay true to the fans and established material people hate it. why is it so difficult for studios to understand these things.

    Two major major parts of the games – not to show chiefs face and changing the main voice are already being betrayed by the show. It’s a different medium but these are completely unnecessary moves – if they can’t write the show well within the bounds of the cannon they need new writers. Arcane showed what you can do when you stay true to the lore – imagine if paramount had made that series.

  3. Halo CE literally has a perfect movie plot written out in, same goes for Halo 2 (plays out like an 80s action movie)

  4. We never want to see the masters face, adds to the magic of the character. The look of that visor staring at you when times are tough or questioning is what fans love.

  5. They did not need to show chiefs face, if they are bringing in Jen for Cortana they should have brought Steve in, like a Darth Vader situation, or have both of you be different. I completely disagree with Steve about why so many video game movies have failed. It's not that they didn't adapt, they change things. No one wants change. Telling alternate stories is jot inheritly bad, but saying they NEED to is dishonest. Detective pikachu was actually pretty faithful. And to say you NEED to change for the people who have never played the games, is also dishonest. Halo started with a game, and you learned what's it world was as you played. Bringing that 1-to-1 is not nearly as difficult as executives seem to think it is.

  6. Its non cannon, steve is older, master chief is younger in this, grow tf yall and stop complaining before everything gets canceled and we never see halo live action again.

  7. if we have to see Chief's face in se series i'm gonna be so disapointed. I mean the goal to not reveal his face wat to identify easely at him and it was part of the legend of the character, his face IS the helmet

  8. They should give you a voice cameo! It would be sooo cool to at least hear the og actor do some side guy in a helmet for 2 minites. At the least.

  9. Steve Downes is such a legend. The TV show is totally going to be a bait and switch where the Chief is almost a side character. Mark my words.

  10. I was really disappointed that Steve didn't get the job, but was also very disappointed that it was not the same music composers. The two things that make the game iconic are not going to be in the series.

  11. I think that the only game that become a successful movie is Hitman 2007. Is exactly like the game

  12. I’m just curious if this is going to be cannon at all. I am also ok with the change to the voice.

  13. omg that "Finish the fight" made me cry with happiness…….. oh god i was not ready for this

  14. How fucking stupid he says he can’t be chief because he’s not in the physical suit when They could just do a voice over because the actor that is in the actual suit you can’t see his face what a fucking stupid excuse

  15. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be that great. Video game adaptations have never been well written. Only way I could see it being decent, is if they followed the books

  16. Looks goofy. Cortana doesn't match either. I'll wait for a real Halo series.

  17. Most people couldn't tell you who was in the Vader suit but everyone knows that James earl Jones is Vader

  18. Sorry, but no. THIS GUY IS MASTER CHIEF. The internet need to do his thing and bully paramount like that time with the sonic movie.

  19. so what im hearing is, if they chose not to show the face, we could be having steve as chief once again..

  20. I don't agree with the decision. I mean obviously Steve isn't gonna badmouth anyone in the industry. That's unprofessional and unwise, but this is obviously gonna be a show where Chief takes off his helmet. They could've just had Steve voice Chief with the helmet on and Pablo with the helmet off

  21. I can already see everyone is going to Star Wars this, moaning and complaining about every little thing because it's not perfectly what they, as fans imagined it SHOULD be, then the show will be canceled after one season and these ungrateful bellyachers won't have a Halo tv series at all and we will all suffer for it

  22. Why cant anyone make anything fucking good anymore. If they made a film hard cannon, hard master chief and just did it well it would be great. The characters and design music everything is amazing, stop fucking shit up just have some balls and just do it right. You dont need to change it so you can add all the mindlessly boring cliches and archetype characters. The cutscenes alone from halo make the hairs on my arms go up.

  23. I don't ask for a carbon copy of the games, but the amount of fundamental changes they're making is atrocious. When you have a franchise this huge and this popular, it's the fans who you NEED to cater to in at least some meaningful way, because they are the ones who will be the guaranteed viewers and they will be hyping it up and getting other people to watch it if you do it right. This whole business of "well it's not cannon so we can do whatever we want and you can't complain" is just a cop out. They're taking so much of the mystery and intrigue out and breaking connections which were fundamental to the Halo universe and it has nothing to do with what works in a TV show and what doesn't.

  24. "The only way that I could've been a part of it is if they had chosen to not reveal his face … they've chosen not to go that way"

    Bruh… so they are showing Chief's face in the show

  25. I'm pretty sure he also didn't do the voice for Chief in Forward Unto Dawn

  26. Chief should never remove his helmet. Full stop.

  27. You give us 2 decades of his voice then give us the voice actor of a college student. Yet you have the balls to have Cortanas voice actress.

  28. I get why people are upset but I don’t get why they’re absolutely crushed by it.

    Halo Legends, Forward Unto Dawn, pretty much every piece of media other than the actual games had Chief voiced by someone other than Steve Downes

  29. Steve is such an awesome guy and a great voice actor it sucks he isn't in the new series but im willing to give it a chance for sure

  30. the fact that chief is gonna have a face reveal is just heresy.

  31. He just casually reveals cheifs gonna take off the helmet LOL love this guy

  32. Master chief did NOT have to be the main character . They had an opportunity to make another badass spartan character in the Halo universe.

  33. Listen to Steve. Master chief has spoken. Behave and just give it a chance

  34. It’s going to be Woke Trash and follow the path of Star Wars Matrix and all the other complete dogshit that everyone hates. I can’t wait to not watch this terrible shit.

  35. Why do they always ruin story lines. If your gonna make a movie/series adaptation of halo then stick to the original storyline because that's what people wanna see. People that are going to watch the series are already fans of halo. Without the fans this series will not take off.

  36. This will be one of the many problems people aren’t going to accept discount Chief

  37. I want it to succeed, I really do, but I've no faith in it.

  38. Halo Legends and couple of the live action stuff that came out before Halo 5 if i remember

  39. I’m sorry but it’s just not going to sound good without Downes as MC. It’s like Splinter Cell for me, Sam Fisher just didn’t sound like Sam Fisher without Ironside. 2 very iconic voices for 2 very iconic characters.

  40. Still wish Steve downes does the voice it's so Masterchief no one can replace him

  41. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, took place when lasky was a child, released before H4, live action movie, not legends like you guys said, although yes Chief is also in legends but animated

  42. This show scares me, sounds like there is a lot of room to fuck it up

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