Master Chief Vs Brute Chieftain Halo Tv series -

Master Chief Vs Brute Chieftain Halo Tv series

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Finally getting to see chief in action !

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  1. Looks a lot like Atriox they got his face and his beard looks identical.

  2. I'm a long time Halo fan, I really don't get why ppl are hating this show so much. I like it so far, better then 95% of the other new woke TV shows out there. Clearly it's not canon and not ment to be. They stuck to a pretty accurate Chief actor given what he is suppose to look like so stop crying over his face, he's a good actor so far as well as the rest of the cast. CGI is better then what I would expect from a TV series.

  3. why tf was the battle rifle full auto that defeats the purpose of an AR

  4. This was so hilarious buddy pops in just to peace out

  5. Why is he mad
    Do Spartans get mad? I have never seen the chief ever being Mad

  6. I swear, random people who defend every single aspect of a show just pop out of the ground every time a new series airs … It's almost like they're bots or something… Lol

  7. I get the feeling like he is atriox.
    They send one brute and he didn't behave like a brute normally would. He came in got the artifact and left. He looks oddly like him too. That shoulder pad on one arm is similar to his design.

  8. The shield recharging sounds so cheap.

  9. I feel like whoever was in charge of fight scenes did a decent chunk of homework.

  10. Chief screaming really destroys any intensity this moment has. Even in his fury, the chief is cold and calculating. He wouldn't scream at you as he's rocking your ish, he'd just do it.

  11. This man ran up to a brute chieftain when he had a battle rifle close by. I don’t care if he had the point defense gauntlet, we all know how easily that’s dismissed that is in game. Not my Chief

  12. If the brutes look massive imagine the hunters

  13. I was watching this episode wondering if any Brutes would show up. Then this happened.

  14. Drops down, hits the guy once, then gets sucked up by his dropship again?

  15. Probably the most disappointing show ever created. Horrible story. Horrible acting. TRON for the 80’s had better special effects than this.

  16. Bro they showing his face every opportunity possible. It's even at the point where it makes you think they are just trying to piss us off

  17. The sound of the Gravity hammer hitting the shield is so satisfying

  18. Nah the creators of this only based it off of the books and not the game

  19. He has a look of apathy so it’s probably Atriox.

  20. I don’t understand why people say they needed to take Master Chief’s helmet off for the show. Or that he only didn’t show his face in the game because he was a self insert. He has a very well fleshed our backstory in “The Fall of Reach”. He has connected with many other characters, where he’s shown a lot of emotion (for a super soldier), ie Cortana, Halsey, Keyes, M. Keyes, SGT. Johnson, Lasky, etc. And has had character arcs and growth throughout the many games and other media. If anything Noble 6 would have been a better choice, because that’s a true blank slate character. All of his/her (because the player decides the gender) background is just vague references to lone wolf missions and general bad assery.

  21. I'm going to say under rated but that will be a lie personally I think its just the way it should be since he this is his "first" time/times that he will be meeting a brute and it'll take more than 1 or 2 encounters to know what it is he must do in order to neutralise the threat

  22. Doooooooooope!!! That's gonna hurt tomorrow!

  23. Is it just me? Or did that brute look a lot like Atriox?

  24. They should reverse engineer those jackal shields and implement them onto the Spartans wrist
    Would be a direct reference to the ancient 300 soldiers of sparta

  25. Final episode: Master Chief goes to prison. Plot? Drops the soap and becomes Master Cheeks.

  26. if you put headphones on and listen carefully the Brute says, "Fooouuuurrrrr"

  27. mandalorian does such an amazing job of not needing to show his face in order to show emotion, we get enough of it just from his movements, and voice and save his face for truly purposeful moments. this show makes it feel like the helmet is uncomfortable to him and has a constant need to take it off for no reason, and during moments when it should actually stay on, like when they're in a battlefield

  28. The fight scenes are good. Everything else is bad

  29. Is this brute not Tartarus? It would make a lot of sense for it to be Tartarus imo.

  30. > Brute Chieftain drops in the battlefield.

    > Fucking yeets Master Chief away, picks doohickey.

    > Refuses to elaborate.

    > Fucking leaves.

  31. 0:13 This is the only moment thus far in the show has felt like Halo – whether it be the action set pieces or music.

  32. Guess this guy learned from Mandalorian and worked in to still show his face despite the helmet

  33. This grvity hammer reminds me of Atriox's Chainbreaker

  34. "let me run at him and get it for no reason"

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