Master Chief‘s New Girl - Halo TV Series -

Master Chief‘s New Girl – Halo TV Series

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Cortana halo tv series

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  1. i dont know was the multiverse but i like it

  2. I really hate Cortanas design in this, just do cgi for cortana

  3. Getting Serina aesthetic vibes from this Cortana

  4. I mean it’s fine, but why her eyes different colours?

  5. I really wish they made her blue or purple. It personally doesn't make sense that she looks like a middle aged Kamala Khan from the Avengers game.

  6. How the fuck do you even get Cortana wrong… Lol who tf is in charge of these shows it's almost like they're brain dead. Lol am done ranting now.

  7. They should edit blue colour skin like how Disney made will smith into a blue genie

  8. I love Halo and I don't like the non-blue Cortana, but there are more important things in life than the appearance of a character in a live action adaptation of a video game series so I can live with it. This isn't the end of the world and it certainly did not ruin my day.

  9. At least it will be easy for an animator to replace her with the game model once the series releases.

  10. I wish she had that classic blue or purple look but I could also see it being hard to pull that off without it looking like shit in live action

  11. She looks too human, literally a person wearing a suit, Cortana’s supposed to be an AI

  12. With all due respect to the original voice actress – for whom it's probably an amazing experience right now – I wish they'd have gone with a fully CGI Cortana (or at the very least, a very heavily touched up human-CGI hybrid).

    This design just looks like an alien from Star Trek: some weird features here and there, an unusual outfit, but still human enough to be reasonably cheap for the TV series budget.

  13. I am genuinely unbothered by this design.

  14. I think OJ from Theangryjoeshow looks more like Cortana than this shows lol

  15. I'm worried that without the color she will look like a uncanny tiny human lol. They could applied a "color tint" and most would be satisfied, the weird thing for me it's that now there's too much contrast between hair and face, before it was all blue. But im ok with her, very happy with voice unlike Chief, that to me sounded very out of place.

  16. Could of had the AT&T girl play that role. Missed opprotunity… Lol

  17. I like this alternate take of her but that quote was ripped straight out of infinite

  18. Truth be told I don’t understand why so many fans are foaming at the mouth about this. She looks fine to me.

  19. Okay personally I'm a little off put but the non holographic cortana,but that's only because I'm not used to seeing Cortana in that way. So I'm willing to give it a shot.

    Hope the halo series turns out great.

  20. As long as the story and other atuff is good i dont mi d too much. Still jaring to see.

  21. I never understood why they keep making Cortana less hologram-y from alliteration to alliteration.

    I mean, no detraction on the actor. She's perfect for the role. It's just a trend I'm noticing…

  22. I'm down for new Cortana. I'm not down for new Keyes.

  23. Okay… I can work with it… just make her be really cool and good. Please… I’m still crying for my AI waifu 🙁

  24. why didnt they commit to making her fully blue, i wonder if it was more expensive that way

  25. The SFX they did for Cortana sucks, I'm used to her having more transparency and the horizontal scanlines. And the Ghost in the Shell/The Matrix like effects that vertically move up. Shame we don't see that here.

    The SFX however, would be great if they did Cortana in the style of The Created. It's just what I think, it's not bad.

  26. I know there's gonna be people that will HATE this show just because of Cortana's design.

  27. Bruh they really need to reshade her at least. You can clearly tell she has tanish white skin. She doesn’t looks bluish white/ translucent

  28. I don't understand why the fuck people always have to complain about something within the halo series. what's wrong with this cortana? I liked her

  29. Man, I'm not hating or anything, she looks good. But I'd want her to be blue or purple. Perhaps I can interest you in Practical Effects?

  30. And that's how you piss off the entire fanbase in 10 seconds.

  31. That jackel looks fantastic, I desire a lot more animation of their aliens like the ones in their halo movies

  32. This is exactly how I remembered her looking in all the Halo games

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