Mehhhh... Halo TV Series Episode 7 - My Brutally Honest Thoughts -

Mehhhh… Halo TV Series Episode 7 – My Brutally Honest Thoughts

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Episode 7 of the Halo TV series is here, so it’s time to give my brutally honest thoughts on it… Mehhhh…

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  1. The show is a hot piece of garbage. It just fucking is. Why is this not about the Covenant? Why is the main plot revolving around Characters and side stories that no one gives a flying shit about?

  2. Bro wtf I can safely say we d.g.a.f about Kwan!!! Give us chief!! Like wtf is this

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Brian Reed the writer of Halo 5 Guardians is writing this series

  4. They used GM vehicles, Can-am's and pistol slung H&K Vectors w/ the Chiappa Rhino. Like why are they doing this. I get it's a different story and not cannon, but it's literally 500 years in the future.

  5. Episode 7 is laughably bad… and im one of the few who like the show.

  6. Another thing I've noticed is the br is fully automatic

  7. Damn. I guess it's time to unsub. People even fans that I thought regarded all halo media as an adventure for the mind such as this content creator, sadly he has fallen into the bandwagon of trash talking things about halo series. I don't need to go too much into details here but the games differ alot for the written media and the series does the same thing.
    It's called bringing something fresh to the table, but I guess fantards want new, as long as it falls to their VERY PERSONAL standard. This is pathetic I hate that halo franchise and fandom is turning into star wars. You people have far too much time on your hands and to much self entitlement.
    Ignorance is not fandom or respect for whatever media you follow.
    Quit your bitching or do better. (I highly doubt if what you think should happen through out the mainline and extended HALO medium, would even get off the reading room, I guarantee you 99% of what fans have to say and think should be in the games or show you fuckers would be laughed out of that room because none of you are good enough to do better and that comes from the mentality of constant criticism.)
    If you don't like something stop pay attention to it and shut the fuck move on to my little pony or some shit, those writers like to suck the asses of the "fans" so go there with your bullshit, fake fans.

  8. I love how Kwan is riding through a sandstorm with no goggles, doesn't blink and is unaffected by it. Who wrote this trash? This is typical of the show. Lazy no talent writing. If you love Halo, this show is a poor man's bait and switch.

  9. Odst band of brothers would be absolutely amazing

  10. I feel like this show was meant for mass effect.

  11. Wait what. Why would you watch episode 7 without watching episode 6?

  12. Chief: this is my rifle, this is my gun.
    I put my number on it, so I threw it for fun

  13. Honestly, once you have giant portal ark shit buried into Earth and the Librarian enhancing Chief and that bullshit then a portal to a Halo with a monitor in a well on some planet is NOT a wild concept for a Halo show…

  14. Let's see how Installation00 defends this show in contrast to your opinions.

  15. Bruh forward unto dawn is better then this show lmao

  16. Which IP do you think the story was written for, any guesses?

  17. I thought the women tribe was a deleted scene from Horizon games

  18. Kwan’s entire story is a time-filler. A waste of bonus scenes where could be Covenant; like the novels where we see both sides back and forth.

  19. Wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of this garbage was from their equally garbage Star Trek: Picard IP. I mean I wouldn’t put it past Paramount to do some scumbag thing and just slap on the “Halo” logo on a horrible sci-fi script to salvage it.

  20. It honestly wasn’t as bad as people make it seem to be.

  21. Told you. This show is generic sci fi with a Halo paint job.

  22. i prefer it if the story was all about the chief and the spartans, but I'm still enjoying the series.

  23. Kriss Vector kind of fits (but actually looks better with the stock and faux suppressor in this application), but give them a futuristic looking sight or something.

  24. Honestly, I was very very disappointed that we got an entire episode about her. Yeah, I know we gotta continue with her garbage storyline, but still, she's such a trash character that has the worst possible writing. She's selfish, she's self centered, she gets innocence killed and much more. I didn't like her from Episode 1 and seeing that this entire episode was just for her, I said fuck that and skipped the entire episode.

    Kwan Ha contributes absolutely nothing to the storyline at all. Her story doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, like the Covenant.

    I pray and hope that next episode makes up for this episode.

  25. Waiting for installation00 to tell us we are wrong

  26. I feel like the "Broader Audience" that loves this show also love The 100.

  27. Such a waste of a show. Funny thing is this show will probably get cancelled and if they had just made a good story about MC and halo they would have made millions.

  28. is it just me or this kwan girl is disgustingly annoying?

  29. Damn am I the only one that enjoys kwans character arc so far? She was terrible at first but she's coming around as her story progresses

  30. I thought you were incapable of saying anything negative about halo.

  31. I got to the 2:36 point and I couldn't be bothered watching it ehh however I will watch this review because I have more interest in your channel then the series 😂

  32. I'ma say this once. Bring the OG creaters of halo (Bungie and NOT bungie now) and let them hire a film director to actually make a legit halo series show because this show is absolute GARBAGE

  33. You're right about the mystic sisterhood nonsense, it went way too far even for this show

  34. When I look at halo now all I can think of is "oh how the mighty have fallen"

  35. She is going to be the forerunners chosen one and the chief will be her sidekick bodyguard

  36. Wow I found the only other Mighty Boosh fan in the world. Glad you are branching out into other franchises because I don't think Halo is getting much better anytime soon, love your videos though!

  37. I was so bored by this episode I actually fell asleep around the part Soren found Han

  38. Isn’t it stupid how halo follower’s master chief vs noble six was better in almost every way than the actual halo tv show? Man this is such a let down

  39. I haven't thought of the mighty boosh in years, thanks for reminding me it exists

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