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Miranda Keyes Halo Show vs Miranda Keyes in Halo 3

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Halo tv show Miranda Keyes vs Miranda Keyes in the Halo Game

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  1. I see Paramount took some pointers from Netflix.

  2. Commander keyes is actually not there. Thats just Sgt Johnson in his clothes

  3. I never gave af about the keyes characters as one just gets killed by the flood the other got needled my griviance is this. I want to ask why miranda is a scientist in the show…..why the reason shes a commander is she was so distant from halsey not being around for her most of her life growing up with her father and joined the unsc makes no sense why shed pick the same profession as her (according to game lore) estranged mother would

  4. They could have made up different characters to fill out these roles just like this "Silver" team, but if you wanted Black for the sake of Black there's no one character who can more than just fill that out and his name is Johnson. Otherwise make use of making new characters who satisfy your hollywood checklist.

  5. Should've used a clip from H2A. Halo 3 turned her into a fukin' bimbo. Halo 2 Miranda wouldn't have hesitated to kill Johnson and herself to save the whole damn galaxy.

  6. Remember everyone, you don't need to write good dialog if you change the characters skin tone

  7. I mean the shows not canon so they just fucked around with whatever they wanted. If they wanted black representation then why not just use Locke and Fireteam Osiris so that way the show could become canon if well recieved

  8. I miss Bungie so much! Their stories had so much better writing.

  9. Tbh they're facial features are pretty much the same just hair and skin tone are different

  10. Why do this when they have the man the legend gods gift to the Marines Sergeant Johnson. This show just continues to do things that don't make sense.

  11. So either Captain Jacob Keyes or Dr. Cathrine Halsey is black or part black? Im so glad im missing this show and this is why it took so long to make a show about the game cus they would F it up so bad and boom! They F it up so bad

  12. Miranda in the series: boring teenager
    Miranda in the games: tragic warrior

  13. Why'd you use the Halo 3 version of Miranda instead of Halo 2 -_-

  14. That girl that played Keyes is a very bad actress… coupled with bad writing and you have a disaster on your hands.

  15. Why the fuck Miranda and captain keys just magically become less privileged?

  16. Need Samuel L Jackson playing Sgt johnson he'd be perfect

  17. Whats the point of race swap the Keyes… when we ady had an amazing black character like Johnson???

  18. The character really changed in the series and they don't look like from the game

  19. I find it amazing that I love the game and the show is entertaining, the way I see it , people can’t have fun and enjoy shit , more for me less for the haters haha

  20. 20 years we had in game characters that were white. Now they're black. I am so sick of pandering to woke ideals, just be accurate to the actual characters.

    What kind of outcry would there be if sg johnson was on the show and white? Hollywood really sucks..

  21. Changing race is fine apparently if they are originally white, I mean just have Johnson in the series, he’s one of the best characters in the games ffs

  22. I’m not a fan of the changes, Miranda in the games was an awesome character who wanted to live up to her father’s legacy, she was a wise and brave leader who wasn’t afraid to fight on the front lines with her men, in the show she’s really naive and acts like a teenager, and I don’t know why they made her a scientist, also I don’t mind the race swap but they should’ve went with someone more mature

  23. Y’all need to stop comparing the show to the games. It’s a different universe.

  24. You're comparing the climax of Halo 3 to a meeting in a military HQ on a planet where there aren't even any combat zones (yet, the fall of reach will happen in the show I believe)

  25. There were times when the gal playing Miranda in the show would to this weird smile or her voice would get high pitched after she finished Lind or sentence. Made the performance come off as psyco….

  26. The TV's show Miranda looks way to young to me, she looks like 18-20. A commander in the U.S. Navy (according to google) average age is 33. Edit Olive Gray is 27 so i guess she's not as far off as I thought and just looks really young for her age.

  27. Fun fact she was in Tracey Beaker as a kid, my Brit audience will know what that is.

  28. Welcome to modern society were we backwash some of your beloved characters and change their characters completely just to piss the fans off.

  29. A good comparison to this show is like if you ordered a full coarse meal and the chef tries to poison you.

  30. They turned Keyes into essentially a garbage anders

  31. I'ma say it RN this TV isn't doing the characters of Halo any justice but rather insulting them with the writing. Also why isn't the actor playing as Keys not Sargent Johnson since he literally looks like him.

  32. Why are they black? I could care less but ive been playing since I was 14 yr old…I have never thought about a persons skin coler until now, When they decided to put Keyess as head scientest when she shoulve been an admiral of that fkeet.I wish I never said this, But media Jews really hate us, Im donateing to opem borders for isea;

  33. I didn't know Vienna black did other stuff

  34. Another franchise wasted with the woke culture…

  35. honestly i feel like they just wanted to see how much they could fuck with the halo fan base

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