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[Multi-Sub] Abandoned Bride of Rich Family EP01 |Chinese drama eng sub|My Rich Boyfriend

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►Drama Name:Abandoned Bride of Rich Family
► Episode:42
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► Plot summary:
Five years ago, Ai Wanqing was tortured and tricked by the man she loved and his wealthy family.
Finally kicked out but unexpectedly found out that she was pregnant.
After disappearing for five years, she returned with a mysterious cute baby, standing under the flashlight, she was coquettish and beautiful, setting off a rolling scene in the upper class.
“Cheng Zihua, there will be no connection between you and me in the future!”
Cheng Zihua’s eyes froze, and his voice was as gloomy as ice, “Ai Wanqing, we don’t end when you say it’s over!”
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  1. He just arrived and she couldn't wait to lay a guilt trip on him.

  2. The music score and the audio destroys this too bad it looked like it could have been interesting piece. And again saving pennies losing dollars

  3. 慈爱的天父拯救、捆绑和驱逐中国的安尼特基督的灵,用耶稣圣书的灵充满他们的心,拯救他们的灵魂脱离地狱之火,把他们的灵魂带入天国。阿门

  4. Again the translation is awful. Too many Chinese series have poor translations, pity.

  5. Tap the 🔽 bottom right hand corner underneath the video , this will give you a summery of the drama . Most times will give the title , actors/ actresses names , how many episodes & which episode you’ve clicked one. If that doesn’t help me I Google the drama.

  6. I’m in favor of cecilias comments better not start if not in full

  7. Teşekkürler Sayın Admin.🤗💖💖👍👏🤝

  8. Pués no es multi SUP. Pues porque no no están?!

  9. Por favor, traduzam todos os episódios para o Português. No Brasil amamos Doramas. Vocês terão muitos inscritos no canal.

  10. Full episode pls nice drama thanks❤❤❤

  11. I'm from Bangladesh…… also waiting for it

  12. Hi I'm Zelda from Namibia nice to meet you all

  13. Não tem legendas em português por favor, obrigada

  14. I really don't like to watch if they don't put full episode.sometimes its better they don't start the new episode

  15. Please could you translate in more meaningful English because English subtitles aren't understandable, I really like the song and the plot of this drama

  16. Ola poke no ay sustitulos en español 🇪🇦

  17. ஒரு வேலை ம த ரா ச பட்டினம் இத பாத்து eduthuupangalo

  18. Que pasa con lo subtitulo casi toda la serie en ingle somo españole

  19. Please translate🙏🙏 italy 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🙏🙏🙏

  20. S'il vous plaît sous titre arabe ou français

  21. Sub. Yidaliyu? 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  22. Saya suka sekali film nya tapi ko k tidak ada translate indonesia

  23. It surprising to me how many Chinese and Koreans look very Indian. If they don't say a word, I would totally have them down as Indian. Like the Fourth here.

  24. Thanks I can read now the subtitle.. 💯 percent better than before..I know there's so many beautiful drama in this chanel

  25. That actress is Bea Hayden, the guy on stairs is Qi Ji. Looks interesting, I’m looking up real title.
    I looked and this wasn’t listed under her name, Bea Hayden or Hayden Kuo or Qi Ji, the 2nd son, so… Sorry.
    The guy at 3:06, look like the younger actor from Ice Fantasy, the villain guy at end or Shur’s dad, Fire and Ice God.
    Bea not FL, so I’m out.

  26. Yikuan has another drama
    Think its ok,lets watch
    Back to philippines for holiday yan yikuan,or looks fernando poe in his young age
    From philippines,gogogog

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