My Brutally Honest Thoughts on HALO TV SERIES Episode 1: Contact -

My Brutally Honest Thoughts on HALO TV SERIES Episode 1: Contact

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The first episode of the long awaited Halo TV Series is finally here, titled ‘Contact’, but was it any good? Here are my thoughts…

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  1. I don't think it's overkill, I actually think the opposite, that the content before didn't go far enough. I have to agree fully on the CGI and the way Chief is portrayed, there was no copying being done here, that's how Chief has been. I DO NOT mean to say that the reverse is happening, but if anything is, that would be it. On the Chief going rogue, that was one of the things I liked about what they were going for with 5 as much as I disliked the game itself to the point of not buying it, making it the only Halo game in franchise history I did not buy. The UNSC gave him an order to kill a human, a HUMAN, that wasn't even trying to do anything against him or the UNSC. Yes, her mother was an insurrectionist, but that does not give them justification. Even if she herself had been one, there was no justification in that order, she was already peaceful toward him and the UNSC by the time it came up, too late for the order to be justified. Chief did the right thing there. The one thing I have to totally disagree on is Halsey and it is specifically based on the separate casting of Cortana, who is made off of a copy of her brain. They should have been the same actress, Jen Taylor or not. That aside, I also agree with her counter to the orders given to the other Spartans, very much a Halsey action and something she would have done in game. In fact, she DID do that to a less severe degree in Halo: Reach. Seeing the reaction to a Spartan being labeled rogue, while I did disagree with it being set up against Chief, was pretty cool. It's pretty bad when you have to set up a MASS DRIVER, essentially a small MAC cannon, against one man.

  2. They should've cut that AR drop scene, it felt like a PS1 game. Also not a fan of first person pov scenes.

  3. Yes i love how a true halo fan yourself knows how hard these companies work on their products. Its not easy nowadays to meet everyones expectations but it was very good in the scenary and how they actually gave a look at the civilian life on the rebelling planets and what the rebels thought of spartans. I do have to say though halo follower has been nothing but adding toxicity to the halo community.

  4. Halo show is god awful, it’s all political and shit, they showed chiefs face and his voice isn’t even the same, action is great, but the story and conflict makes no sense and the made Captain Keys black for no reason. No Sgt Johnson, the real black man they should’ve put in the show and there’s a fucking human covenant! Like wtf were these dipshits thinking, once people knew about the covenant there was no more UNSC vs Insurrectionists. It was a war of survival, a desperate war, not this BS political crap where they’re worried chiefs gonna find out he’s kidnapped, canonically he and the other Spartans already know this. Plus Marines in the games knew better than to turn weapons on a Spartan.

  5. it is crap and totally woke AF all the boss's are woman of color or both and get kick the ass of a 400 ld alien despite being 90 wet of course.

  6. Lets give them the doubt because their experimenting with the franchise

  7. I like how they touch into the Spartan rebel war and the unsteadiness of it all

  8. I actually liked it and I’m a hardcore halo fan. Obviously yeah some odd decisions and cgi is bad in some parts but it could be much worse tbh.

  9. The first person scenes during fights are so cringe and horrible, no good director goes first person.

  10. I'll withhold judgement but I'm not a fan of Chief going rogue. I know they're not looking at the games which kinda sucks but in the games he's a UNSC man through and through so idk if Ill like this.

  11. Good Practical effects will always be better than cgi. That's partly why Landfall and the trailers fir the games are better.

  12. Some random innie would not make Chief go rogue… He has executed countless innies without any remorse or a second thought.

  13. The first 15-20 minutes were genuinely great, had me cheesing in excitement the whole time, then well….

  14. If they literally just took the plot from the halo game, made the show look like halo 2A cutscenes, and bridged together left out parts with book or terminal info, they could get an easy 8 seasons without having to put their small brains to work and it would come out 100x better

  15. At least those kids got to get high before getting melted

  16. One issue I had and actually one of few was seeing the Mounted Gun do NOTHING when used by the insurrectionists, but then Chief picks it up and it mows three elites down. It's a thing I saw and really was disappointed by the lack of detail. Otherwise, fun and unique episode!

  17. All the characters are better in the game, Halsey didn’t take anyones shit and her wit always blasted anyone talking shit way back, she was never worried and always knew what would happen, and chief is way more badass in the games, in kwan pointed a gun at chief in the game he wouldn’t take his helmet off

  18. I have to honestly say that I didn’t like this. Overall I give it a 3.5 maybe 4/10.
    Scenery: 9/10 the armor, weapons,ships looked amazing.
    Dialog: 6/10 kinda bland and everyone seemed emotionless, though the elite saying wort wort, and chief cracking a funny joke(though really out off character) I liked.
    FX: 2/10 it looked like a cheap fan made video despite it having a 90millon$ overall budget.
    Acting:8/10 the acting was good but not the best I’ve ever seen.

    Halo1 was the first game that I ever played so it has a special place in my heart. I went into this with an open mind and was excited despite rumors, but they really just took a massive shit over everything that I love. This show really is halo in name alone, Halsey is the only character that is actually true to the source. And don’t give me the “it’s not canon”BS because there is not canon and then there is this, it would be better if this was a “what if” scenario but they are actually trying to pass it off as the halo you know and love. Take starwars legends for example it is non canon but still holds the core of starwars. This Master Chief is so off character that if you didn’t call him that, people would have thought that it was just some random Spartan, because this character doesn’t hold any of what made master chief the master chief.

    That’s the problem nowadays people have no original ideas, they have to copy someone else’s good work to stoke their own ego because they don’t have talent. If This was an academic paper I would be expelled for plagiarism. The writers admitted that they didn’t care about the lore so they could “write their own story” but instead of coming up with something even remotely original they just copy something that was already great and destroy it. Like I said earlier just replace Master chief with a new character and boom you have a decent show, you literally don’t have to change much else, but the fact that they have to use someone else’s idea to try and sell a product instead of trying to make something worth selling shows a lot about how lazy people are. And what’s funny is that the people that make these types of shows are usually only driven by viewership and money but they somehow after countless failed shows don’t get that if you just listen to the fans you will make a lot of money than if you make this trash.

  19. it looks low budget, everything looks like toys and the cgi is weenor and the storys definitely better than some tv spin offs master chiefs face is an absolute failure, i dont think chief should look like a half chubbed face alchoholic with a non symetrical face and the elites look like water bears those small micro creatures

  20. Anybody else see the tan Chevy Tahoe in the background

  21. Forward unto dawn was far better than this…

  22. I'd give it maybe a 5 or 6 out of 10 but that was also going into watching the first episode with just about zero expectations at all. Which is frustrating because the Bungie Halo games are my favorite games/franchise of all time. Out of the almost 60 minutes of the episode, I think maybe 10-15 minutes were entertaining. The opening where they talk about the Spartans definitely hypes them up quite a bit for what you know is going to be a battle scene coming up next. Of which, yes the battle scene was pretty good as was the scene at the end when Chief decides to go rogue. That's about it though, and yes the CGI throughout the battle scene in the beginning was quite bad at times. You'd think $90 million would get you some better CGI and editing than what you got. The Elites I thought looked quite embarrassing looking in that their armor looks ridiculous, as do their faces and whatnot. They looked extremely slow, closer to where it was like in Halo 5 where they'd take a lazy swipe at the Spartans with their energy sword and then that was about it. I also think it's funny how the insurrectionists had AK-47's and AR-15's even though the story is supposed to take place in the year 2552. Wouldn't they have older UNSC weapons like an Assault Rifle, DMR, Magnum or something similar? They've got the chain gun which is what the UNSC also uses but nothing else? To me that just seems like lazy story telling and doesn't make any sense. 

    Also, the whole story with Kwan Ah is something that I honestly don't really care about. As you mentioned, you knew her dad was going to die, even though the MC just frickin doused all of the Elites with the chain gun just moments before, so somehow one Elite survived just long enough to kill her father. Oddly enough, neither the MC nor did any of the other members of Silver team see the Elite, for some reason both in person or on their scanner? I also don't really care for the "dick measuring" between Halsey and Admiral Parangosky… it just seemed silly and unneeded. Especially when she tanked Halsey for all of her contributions up until this point just a few moments before, but then didn't want her to continue her research with the smart AI/Cortana program? I'm so confused. The rest of the show was quick, choppy scenes from the ship that the Chief is on, then it goes to Reach with Halsey and Parangosky, then it goes to Keyes and the other Keyes, then to High Charity… it's just all over the place. One thing that I hate about movies and tv shows is when they skip the entire beginning of the show and just come to the present day, but then they use flashbacks. They're designed to keep the viewer entertained and not bored or lose interest in what they're watching. To me, it's lazy story telling and I can't for the life of me figure out why they wouldn't dedicate at least a couple episodes of the first season to talking about the Spartan II program and how it came to be. I'm a huge origins fan and you'd think with a series like this, that they'd at least touch a bit more on the most controversial program the galaxy had ever seen up until this point. They also have the MC jump like 30' high, which he can't do as well as he essentially can't be killed with a DMR or other projectile based weapons? WTF? I get that Mjolnir armor is quite epic but the Spartan's aren't invincible. Hopefully the story gets better as the season continues on but I think I'm honestly grasping at straws with that wish.

  23. Unfortunately the reason for the fast paced bit in the middle is because they wanted to introduce the main important faction and they only had a certain amount of time and I can’t wait to see what happens with chief and the rest of the Spartans and Halsey and when cortana is introduced

  24. Captain Keyes is black? okay fine but i would have preferred Miranda still be a white woman

  25. Bruh, you can’t tell me a spiky monkey from like 2010 looks better than what we have today, except the assault rifle on the ground that did look awful

  26. It was pretty cool…I actually liked the action parts and hope to see more action and chief OFC

  27. I think the reason Landfall's fighting scenes seem more intense is the shaky cam style they utilized. It makes it seem like your actually there. In the new series Halo, the camera is set. But they have to shoot it that way to bring consistency to the cinematography. If they just threw in shaky cam for the fights, then a set cam for the non-fight scenes, it would be a little jarring and tbh a bit confusing.

  28. y'know what if there is a universe where the covenant worshipped the humans as foreunners or those who bear the mantle of responsibility or something like that. if only the prophets weren't so greedy

  29. I had very low expectations of the show coming in. After watching, I’m pleasantly surprised and excited to watch. Helmet thing bothers me, but it could be worse. I like where the story is headed. Feels like a redo of what halo 5 was going to be with the whole awol point.

  30. I’m honestly really happy with the show so far it felt very halo IMO I’m excited to see more

  31. I enjoyed it! Even if its not canon, its Halo. I appreciated it for what it is. If you're like me, just don't give a shit about the bad things people say about it. Enjoy it! its there for us.

  32. I was just about to give this show a watch, then I found out the voice for master chief isn’t Steve downes, THE master chief from the games, and my interest was gone immediately. Fuck dat noise.

  33. this episode just makes me tired. tired of seeing what i love turn to what i hate. just wanna sleep. im tired.

  34. 3:07 oh believe me they had not time or budget or probably care to design models for all the elite classes.. we will probably see ALOT of reused models/assets for the covenant.. hence why they are going with a human antagonist to decrease the amount of times they would need to CGI elites into scenes.

  35. I consider this series as a kind of alternate timeline of the original canon. They definitely didn’t stick to the true Halo canon which is just sad.

  36. I feel like the mid-episode pacing where it went back and forth was just to peak halo fans interest and get them hooked at whats to come, as any pilot episode usually does. So while it could of been executed better it was cool to see reach and high charity. I also like that during the fight scenes the elites just kept saying WORT WORT

  37. If chief goes rogue, they need to introduce noble 6 and keep noble 6 to lore, male white and have 0 interest in politics but follows orders.

  38. That classic Halo moment; where the master chief gets ready to fight wave after wave of human marines.
    …No, wait; that's the exact opposite of what he's supposed to do.

  39. I wouldn't say the CGI is terrible so much as the CGI is clearly straining its budget and not top notch standard.

  40. If they read the books, then they should know the story "Contact Harvest". It's a great starting point, starring Sargent Johnson, and it introduces the UNSC/Insurrectionist conflict as well as the first contact with the Covenant. There's Season 1 right there. Season 2, time skip to the Fall of Reach. BAM!

  41. I think Halo is off to a promising start.

  42. Okay so the Mercy/ Makee scene and my take on it, because this surprised me by being really, really good. Like most were my initial reaction to him calling her Blessed One and her ordering around a Hierarch was 'U wot m8?' but they brought me round over the scene.

    The impetus for the conversation is that they are surprised that Chief could activate the Forerunner tech *the way she could*. Which tells us this isn't something they thought all humans could do, just her, which is why she's been not only kept alive but clearly been given some form of Priest like position of authority. But when she starts pushing that authority and giving him orders, Mercy's reaction is peak San-Shyuum. That wasn't him saying she's more intelligent than him, that was incredibly polite and friendly 'kindly uncle' persona with a massive veiled threat to sit down and shut up.

    When he gently reminds her not to bring the human story book she's reading, her composure completely breaks, the big swinging dick authority vanishes, and there is genuine fear on her face. That was all he needed to do to remind her that she has authority and power only as long as she falls in line. But he doesn't push her on that, he gives her the face saving line about studying their enemy. "I know what you were doing, you know that I know. {;ay your role and that is fine"

    The voicework they did was actually surprisingly really good, on Makee's side it conveyed her arrogance crumpling into uncertainty, and on Mercy's side it did a really good job of threatening while being kindly.

  43. Oh yeah, forgot to give it a rating at the end – 6.5/10. It was… decent, I guess. Could've been better, could've been a lot worse, but I'm intrigued to see where it goes!

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