My Brutally Honest Thoughts on the Halo TV Series -

My Brutally Honest Thoughts on the Halo TV Series

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With the Halo TV series only 2 weeks away, I thought it was time to give my brutally honest thoughts on what we’ve seen about it so far, because to say it has been contentious would be the understatement of the century…

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0:00 – Intro and My Content Plans for the Show
1:22 – My Brutal Thoughts
12:30 – Outro

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  1. yooooooooooo Hiddenxperia content roadmap just dropped! maybe 343 should hire you

  2. You should also have a group after action thoughts with different halo creators every few episodes.

  3. If chief shows his face in the show does that mean that will be his face in the games?

  4. If Americans have to wait months for Peaky Blinders after it’s been out in the UK. You can wait a couple months for Halo lmao

  5. So I’m just concerned that they’re going to change pivotal traits of factions and characters. For instance, I’m concerned that the covenant aren’t going to have the same vitriol against humanity they did in canon.

  6. I am very hyped for this show. Not only because we're getting a high budget halo tv show but the fact that I can introduce it to some friends and family without explaining lore to them and getting them uninterested in the show.

  7. Youtubes copyright system is a joke and everyone knows it but they still have not changed it.

  8. I would have really liked a Kilo-Five based show. Their group has great TV chemistry. And I agree with you, if they take too many liberties with the story(like changing the Arbiter) it won't go over well with most people.

  9. My thoughts:

    1. Cortana/Halsey: They used two different actresses, both with different voices and accents. Here's the thing, Cortana and Halsey are effectively the same person in canon, Cortana being an AI based on Halsey's brain itself. It would make sense that they use the same person on screen, but that didn't happen. They even have Jen Taylor herself, so that makes this worse. Cortana also seems a bit too bubbly.

    2. The tag line: We already know the purpose of the Halos, it won't win the war whether it is found or not, it will destroy all life in range of it, whether UNSC or Covenant. That is not a win by any definition. The only way this could work is if finding the ring prevents the Covenant from firing it, much like what happens in CE.

    3. The canon issue: I agree, this is bad, it shows that the creators have no faith in existing stories or don't like it. This is part of why the Sequel trilogy of Star Wars was so bad as a trilogy. Abrams is on record saying he disliked the prequels and he used the first sequel trilogy film to try and ignore the prequels, then Johnson came in and tried to fix what Abrams broke in trying to ignore the prequels, and finally Abrams came back and tried to reverse what Johnson tried to fix. This seems like it could very easily be what the creators of this show are like, they may dislike the actual canon, which means they are unfit to handle Halo much like Abrams was unfit to handle Star Wars.

    4. Jacob Keyes: Don't take this the wrong way, but they majorly missed the mark on casting here, even more so than with Halsey. There is one thing I place above all else in casting existing characters, they have to match the existing character. This is why Elba would not make a good James Bond to me and it is why Sapani is not the right choice for Jacob Keyes in my opinion. Miranda Keyes, however, was cast pretty accurately. I could be wrong here, but the casting of Jacob in this case seems very much like a minority representation casting and not an actual skill based casting even with any audition process (meaning more weight being placed on the actor being a minority than their actual skill in the role). If I am correct in that, this is one of the single worst things a production can do for casting and it will drag the series down in a big way for me.

    5. John: They should have made Schreiber on screen only, which would work extremely well since we have very little information on what John looks like under the helmet, and had Downes voice him through dubbing. I get it, Downes may not have been available, so there is potentially valid reasoning there, but his voice is beyond iconic for John at this point.

  10. Im really not a fan of the human covenant thing

  11. Ik this is gonna be woke and have politics of today thrown into it (like every show now). But damn it. It’s Halo and I have to watch it now.

  12. From what I've seen from the trailer, it looks like it could be before the events of Reach cuz there was hints in the canon I remember that showed a Prototype of Cortana being developed before she was uploaded with Forerunner data

  13. I know I'm gonna love it. I'm gonna avoid online around that time cuz I know the shithead type of halo fans are gonna shit on it no matter what.

  14. cant believe Pornstache is going to be MasterChief😂

  15. I don’t understand why people say the cgi looks terrible, looks amazing. They’d have a heart attack seeing cgi in Mummy Returns!

  16. Find the halo, win the war!
    Sounds like…
    Find the cheerleader, save the world!

  17. My biggest gripe is that theyre forcing diversity on the characters. Completely ruins modern shows and movies

  18. Having seen their “Cortana” I am quite concerned.

  19. I’m hopefully optimistic but prepared to be disappointed. I gotta say, the first time through the trailer I was super hyped. There were a few things that after time I didn’t like but Cortana wasn’t one of them, it was the elites in the clip of the 2 of them fighting chief that stood out to me originally

  20. I said it once and I said it again, Harvest would have been the best arch to bring to a live-action series, that single arch has all what a serie needs, drama, plot twists, introductions and of course big battles.

  21. Got a horrendous feeling about this one

  22. Movie/show makers: “Oh no, we need to do something about people pirating our stuff!!”
    Also movie/show makers: “What if we release this show on a platform no one has and is only available in 2 countries?”

  23. Remember all the old classic live action halo trailers. That's what I want this to be like.

  24. The problem with this series is. The studio is grabbing casual audience and just dumping the hardcore fanbase out. So causal ppl might like it but hardcore fans may hate the series .

  25. FWIW, I took the tag line as them being in the earlier years of the war and not really knowing what the halo is.

  26. I like the systems of control framing around master chief but also want a good arbiter storyline.

  27. ngl i got a lil turned on when Chief picked up the BR

  28. Chief gets beat up by a girl bc girl power and woke. Stupid show already

  29. I won't lie, there is something awesome about it if they decided to actually follow the game story line. I think that would of been great. But, that's just me. Personally, I think Halo forward Unto Dawn was great. Except for the fact they chose literal kids for the main cast xD Either way. The amount of "whatever stream service +" era is absolute BS. I knew this was going to happen and it has. It's beyond idiotic.

  30. I think the non-canon approach is so that there is at least some mystery to where the plot goes. Like Marvel movies, there is obviously a source material being loosely followed but it’s not to the letter. I’m more interested in being faithful “in spirit” than in plot points.

  31. Maybe this is going to be like the Resident Evil live action adaptation movies, digestable to see at least. But hey! if it turns out be a woke pile of shit, at least i can enjoy watching people destroying this crap and the producers calling everyone racists.

  32. I'm incredibly pessimistic about this show. Also, related point. I'm still a Nylund canon holdout. So I've been having a bad time since Reach came out.

  33. When I see "Brutal thoughts", I automatically assume you'll watch the whole thing.

  34. Almost everything you brought up, the good and the bad, are red flags. Please don't like this show because you wanted one for so long. Too many franchises are ruined because fans go along with the BS these hacks throw out.

  35. I liked the vibe that Halo 3s live action trailer with the ODST squad had, It wasn't over the top looking but I did like the feel and look that it captured, Yeah the brute animations look pretty eh by today's standards but it was more Halo than the Paramount Halo trailer.

  36. I’m waiting for Chief to get his ass kicked by a women before I watch this show. Because it seems like he is

  37. I wish they could have just made a Halo TV series based off of the games storyline that would be one epic show I think everyone would tune in for that just to see a live action TV series based off of the games

  38. For the "Find the Halo, Win the War" tagline, I think it might be the case that this series takes place before Halo CE. Instead of them not knowing what they were heading to when they made that jump fleeing reach, it sounds like they will know something about Halo being a weapon or holding weapons or just some knowledge that Halo can somehow win them the war.

    I know the original CE lore was that they made a random jump, and I think this was changed to being a jump Cortana made using the coordinates from a Forerunner artifact that they found. They didn't know what was there either way. But basically, I don't think they know what Halo is yet. I think they simply believe it is the key to winning the war.

    This is just my guess, however, but I could imagine seeing a season 1 that is all of the events leading up to Halo CE from Master Chief's perspective with the closing scene of the season being the beginning sequence of Halo CE flying towards the ring. Season 2 could then be the events of Halo CE perhaps if that's a thing they choose to do. I don't think we really know what their plan is so far, but it would make sense since we know Captain Keyes is around in this universe.

  39. Man……. Halo is in a rough spot. Got a tv series that has long time fans disliking a great deal of the premise.

    And Infinite doing nothing and Adding nothing to the game.

    Why is it so hard for 343 to make a good game. Good lord.

  40. First off, thanks for keeping up the video content. You're doing good stuff here, man.

    On my thoughts regarding the show, I'm really not hopeful for it. It looks like there's a lot of writing choices that I just don't agree with and canon changes that I feel greatly diminish the overall lore of the franchise. The human being raised by covenant thing for example makes zero sense when the prophets specifically lied about humans to the covenant to start the war against them for their "great journey". Hopefully the action scenes are good, but story wise I'm really not hopeful.

  41. I’m sorry is at 3:44 in this video is that a fucking jackle with an energy wrist blade?!!!?

  42. Xperia is getting jacked, nice gains bro 💪

  43. if grey team is involved I will watch the series but highly unlikely. they were at the climax of the war and only appear after the war during a peace treaty negotiation.

  44. The reasons for it not being canon is that the writers are not true fans, they only know only the basics of the Halo universe, and so they can install their own woke narrative. Halo is a very diverse universe as is but not enough for the producers/writers. They've already come out with their woke buzz words such as patriarchy, white males, and "first gay spartan". They also announced the Master Chief is not the main character of the show, WTF?
    I have a feeling Halo is DOA? I hope not as I waited a lifetime for this.

  45. How are you feeling about the TV series? Optimistic? Pessimistic? A bit of both? Let me hear it!

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