My opinion on the new Cortana in the halo tv series #halo #cortana #halotvshow #halocommunity -

My opinion on the new Cortana in the halo tv series #halo #cortana #halotvshow #halocommunity

Diana Mejia
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  1. If I make a choice I'm surely choosing Tne Art Cortana than bullshit cortana on TV cortana on Hilo 4 is realy cute and Beautiful

  2. Have you ever even played halo

  3. You probably don’t even know who cortana is you’re just following the bus lmao

  4. If you read the books 📚 I don’t think you will continue with that opinion. :b

  5. The show wasn't meant to make established fans of the game clap like monkeys. It's a new story designed to capture a new audience. If you're offended that Cortana doesn't look exactly the same as she did in the games you are completely out of touch with reality and have no idea what the goals of this show are to begin with. Complete ignorance at it's finest.

  6. Wow, this girl wasnt ofended by Halo 4 Cortana. Who knew that women aren't all rediculesly insecure and aren't bothered by attractive fictional girls. -343 when they finish running Halo into the ground with their "pandering"

  7. I'm so glad I'm not the only one on this! Like omg!! It's sonic all over again

  8. Would look stupid asl if a live action show added MORE cgi to what they already have in that department

  9. Actually the bs looks wayyy better than your work of art if i’m 100% honest here

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