New Halo Infinite Maps Leaked - Cataract and Solitude + Exciting News for Halo Infinite Season 3! -

New Halo Infinite Maps Leaked – Cataract and Solitude + Exciting News for Halo Infinite Season 3!

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These look awesome!

Massive thanks to Surasia for sharing the videos of these maps and for providing me with extra info:

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  1. big yay. Id actually like developer made maps in forge cause then we can fully edit them!

  2. These looks really good. Can't wait for season 3! (Hopefully it won't be a letdown)

  3. I really like Solitude the most here. Small, secluded, and darker in lighting. Can’t wait for them to drop 🙂 thanks for the vid Ghost!

  4. Love the news! Cataract will probably be my favorite. It reminds me of a few custom made maps from Halo 5, and ones that I enjoyed at that

  5. Things are looking good for infinite. Hope this trend continues.

  6. My only gripe is they look too camper friendly which is a very big problem with Catalyst is they made it too enclosed and not open enough which allows people to simply camp. Hopefully when the final product is released these maps aren’t camper friendly

  7. I like that 343 is adding us a couple templates to play around with.

  8. These are awsome looking so cool and will there be a gamenight tomorrow?

  9. I'm glad with forge we can play something besides 3 lane maps

  10. The lighting looks great, but the netcode is Still awful, and that's Top freeking priority

  11. I truly hope Season 3 will be the time where things will turn around. On top of forge, if we get things like a progression system, then S3 will be the boost this game desperately needs.

  12. The fact we're getting so few maps is brutal, and one of the reasons the game is on death's door. People could overlook a lot of the BS is we had a larger map selection with more gamemodes.

  13. one looks forerunner. . .so where my forerunner binary rifle?

  14. your upload schedule is why i don't sleep at night

  15. i have zero faith; desync remains untouched

  16. I really hope this isn't the beginning of 343 abandoning the devkit to forge their multiplayer maps from here on…

  17. Yeah I do like the short videos thank you very much. Your content's amazing and I can listen to you go on about your opinions and halo for hours but these videos really help me to just get the gist of what's going on when I'm busy and out and about 👍🏽

  18. The near future is bright, cause we’re gonna get forge, probably a halloween event with infected, s3 which will have 100 tier bp, 4 maps, probably a couple bits of equipment to use a few game modes, a few events, a new vehicle and hopefully more then 1 weapon

  19. 343 has dropped the ball. I am not impressed. The maps are boring and all basically the same…

  20. Bro I’m so excited for these maps. If it’s true about the 2 arena maps and 2 btb it will make me so happy

  21. I heard about a rumor from Halo follower that 344 may leave some of the map making to the community to crate with forge. I’m to keep it short I’m okay with the idea as long as we get more weapons and equipment

  22. I'm torn, on the one hand Infinite desperately needs more open spaces, on the other these have a strong Quake/Unreal Tournament vibe and that's 100% my jam.

  23. The second map is giving me Blackout vibes, the first one kinda reminds me of the pit but it just looks more like a good forge canvas.

  24. Appreciate the way you always just upload quick, to the point, videos. No bullshit just information, cheers man

  25. Those maps actually look pretty good. Mix of close and mid range combat and look at little bigger. Hopefully the gameplay on those maps will feel more traditional

  26. What exactly IS a Footed Ghost? (Serious answers only)

  27. Am I the only one really tired of these constant leaks. Everytime this happens I see the "halo cycle" repeat itself into pure chaos. pretty much every time theres a leak like this its like "oh boy so cool!" then "oh wait, the maps not finished but i think its terrible now because I know everything about game development" and then by the time it finally arrives you guys are already bored of talking about it and beg for something new not even a week later. Im mad at the modders leaking literally everything in site not even giving us a week without a leak, but im more mad at 343 where it gets to the point where we have this many leaks without any real news being made

  28. There is nothing "exciting" about this! These all look plain, and sterile…

  29. Was that a snow dev map when the video starts? 👀

  30. New maps are cool but still get 3v4 about 50% of ranked games. Can we fix the matchmaking or any of the game bugs? Why am I getting ninjad by people I'm shooting in front in
    of me?

  31. I really hope these are released along with 343 made maps (not forge). I very much disliked the forge maps in Halo 5 and how 343 relied on them, mostly for BTB… but if they release 4 dev designed maps along with some forge maps then that would be the best of both worlds. Where are the classic maps Staten hinted at?

  32. IMPORTANT: a former 343 dev said the map is supposed to have a Forerunner aesthetic when complete, and Surasia said the something similar.

  33. I wanna see Boarding Action come back to Infinite with grapple shots, repulsors, drop walls… that would be off the chain. Make it happen Forge Community!

  34. Look halo infinite is already down to like the fourth row on xbox stores most played. Halo 5 did better than this. Halo 5 stayed up in the top 3 rows well into a year after launch.

  35. If they have the option to make them Forerunner or Covenant themed, then why the fuck do they ALWAYS choose UNSC? FFs.

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