NEW Halo TV Show Trailer LIVE Reaction! (Halo TV Series Trailer breakdown) -

NEW Halo TV Show Trailer LIVE Reaction! (Halo TV Series Trailer breakdown)

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In this video, we are reacting to the Halo TV series reveal trailer LIVE and breaking it down briefly in the video! This is a new halo TV show which shows us what we can expect in the new Halo TV show. NEW Halo TV Show Trailer LIVE Reaction! (Halo TV Series Trailer breakdown)
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  1. Trailer looks so badass… in the words of Deadpool: "I'm touching myself tonight" lmao

  2. Nah. Started out alright, but everything from Cortana onward is sketchy at best. Expect massive lore inconsistencies and way too many "creative decisions" that will likely veer from established canon. I sincerely hope I'm wrong about this.

  3. Maybe shouldn’t judge too early but this looks dog shit

  4. My god it’s this is like Star Wars before they replaced Darth Vaders voice. Don’t understand why they got Jen Taylor for Cortana but not Steve Downs to voice over for Master Chief 🤦‍♂️

  5. This looks incredibly cheap and corny. Why did they decide to do this

  6. i don’t like it at all, some of the dialogue is absurd

  7. Don’t like chiefs voice or cortanas look. Should of made her look like the halo 4 version. By far the best! Buuut the elite looks fucking sick! Also the Spartan girl with pink in her hair looks to baby faced

  8. I don’t know why people are being stupid and moaning about lore when this isn’t canon hence why they can do things differently as it’s called the silver timeline I’ve seen. This is great they have chosen to call it non canon because then atleast if it ends up sucking we can say atleast it’s non canon unlike the Star Wars sequel trilogy which painfully is canon weather we like it or not atleast we have the freedom to dismiss the show if it’s terrible I hope the shows amazing this trailer has me invested I’m just puzzled about who that weird chick was saying surrender to the covenant

  9. They just can't escape the woke garbage route…

  10. Not fussy on cortana or chiefs voice but been craving something like this so long ill take it ha

  11. Why did they have to make the elites bulky like brutes and double the size of master chief? How can anyone get such a simple thing about these iconic enemies so completely wrong? Have they even played any of the games or read the books?

  12. There are so many small details in this that reek of the normal casual disrespect that Hollywood has always shown for source material they didn't create. Add a weird subplot about some human captive/asset/Stockholm Syndrome victim? Fine, I can work with that. But why not simply animate Cortana? I can handle that they can't show Naked AI Girl on TV, but she's not blurple either. Halsey ISN'T BRITISH. It's just the same old "we know better than the people who made it popular in the first place or the fans we're actually trying to sell this to" mentality that disgusts me so often with Hollywood.

    I get that it's "not canon". But if they wanted to go that route, why not just do a straight adaptation of the games, instead of a new story that could be fitted into canon with some easy, minor teaks? It's just lazy Hollywood arrogance.

  13. Seems some parts are woke, seems it might fail cause it's in paramount

  14. Chief's voice is different but I can say it doesn't "feel wrong". It's not Steve Downes but I think I can justify the voice as sounding different because he's not in my head anymore. Just like your voice sounds different when you hear a recording of your own voice.

  15. They should have just let blur make a halo tv show

  16. I don't like how they gave Cortona clothes. It feels immersive breaking…

  17. so they can have cortanas voice but not master chiefs? that so fucking lame only thing is right is her voice :/ what about chiefs🤦🏿‍♂️

  18. Hate chief's voice, hate Cortana's appearance, they need to stop fucking with the fans

  19. Dr Halsey looks too young.
    Cortana need lots of work.
    Looks like fan film cosplay costume.
    There should be data flowing through her.

  20. I dont like their take on Cortana, she looks way to human looking, she should look a bit more AI like I think.

  21. The upgrade part was weird when explaining about the spartans. Like they're not video game avatars you cant just level up… you already did your genetic modifying and that is that, there is no upgrading unless we are talking armor.

  22. Should’ve use the chiefs voice and also , fix Cortana’s hair or even change the character itself … sounded more like “ the weapon “ from halo infinite

  23. So this series doesn't follow the original storyline.

  24. Not looking good at all…. random team of spartans, not blue team, one looks hard core lesbian lol… cortana not looking her usual self already a huge turn off, and no original voice for chief… Not looking good folks, got another Star Wars failure coming at us it seems.

  25. A good reason to go through the single player campaign again

  26. This is a young John he isn't going to sound like a 77 year old Steve

  27. Oh god please no its like Disney star wars all over again they take the skin of the things we like then wrap hollywood in it I'll be avoiding this like the plague or STD or Picard or any of the other beloved franchises that have been skinned over the last few years

  28. I knew they were gonna put clothes or Cortana. 😂

  29. Steve Downes is getting old now. They have to prepare us for a different voice at some point. So I'm cool with a new VA.

  30. wish they'd keep the original voice but it looked cool

  31. Part of Chief's core character is his lack of dialogue. His actions and body language usually convey everything the player needs to know, and a little one liner is thrown in for good measure. He seems like a real chatty Cathy so far.

    We rarely see him doubt himself or the mission. We rarely hear him voice his inner humanity, except when talking about Cortana. The scarcity makes any dialogue that much more potent.

    Please I beg. Do not make Chief a lil monologue having, self centered, prick. He isn't Iron Man. He is a Spartan. It's right there in the friggin name. Laconic. Let the audience do some leg work, I promise we're smart enough to figure some shit out without needing to be spoofed every detail.

  32. My expectations are VERY low after seeing this absolutely garbage fest. I hope I'm wrong

  33. Anybody know why they didn’t cast Steve Downes as Master Chief’s voice?

  34. 1.Chiefs voice 2. Proportions of elites to Spartan

  35. Yeah… I think this will suck don't get me wrong im. Hard core fanboy of halo but live action.. kinda meh… Maybe if they did it like LoL arcane maybr it would work coz in animation fight scens etc are limitless unlike live action there is some limits and sometimes makes it look akward well i hope im wrong lol

  36. Actually, I have little concerns about Cortana's look and the story itself overall. But since this is non-canon, I hope this still great and not to deviating to the point of alienating the franchise's OG fans

  37. Void | Gaming [Слава україні] says:

    I'm so pissed at the Cortana design… Worst ever.
    EDIT : Also, fuck Paramount+ for not being available in my country.

  38. I understand the whole cortans look as it's different due to what Halse looks like but I'm disappointed with chiefs voice.

  39. I feel like if we had no experience with Steve Downes that Schrieber’s voice would sound exceptional. He’s super imposing in any other context. I think he’ll be a good chief physically because he’s a big lad but I’ll feel bad if the fan base at large rejects him just for the voice.

  40. Cortana looks like some scene girls that went to my high school

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