NEW Xbox Series X Performance Update | Sony can’t match it -

NEW Xbox Series X Performance Update | Sony can’t match it

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Xbox Update: Don’t lose your Xbox account. Xbox Series X is getting a big speed upgrade to fight PS5. Xbox Series X is getting a big speed upgrade to fight PS5. With a Samsung TV and Game Pass Ultimate, I don’t need to buy an Xbox. Halo Infinite campaign co-op won’t have online matchmaking.

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From NME

“BT customers lose control of Xbox accounts after Game Pass trial period. Customers who received a free six month subscription to Xbox Game Pass as part of a welcome offer with BT have lost control of their accounts following the trial period expiring. BT Broadband is offering a free six or 12 months of Xbox Game Pass in a deal, but customer Wes Williams has said on Twitter: “There’s a critical bug in the software for this deal, which means that when the six/12 months expires, BT do not relinquish control of your Xbox account, which prevents you from resubscribing.”

From Tomsguide

“Xbox Series X is getting a big speed upgrade to fight PS5. The Xbox Series X is already a pretty quick console, thanks to its speedy SSD, but it still lags behind the PS5. In fact, the SSD inside Sony’s console is almost twice as fast as Microsoft’s, giving it a major speed advantage. There is a little good news for Xbox owners, though, since the console is getting a speed upgrade. Previously the Series X’s boot animation took nine seconds to complete. The latest Insider build more than halved that and brought the figure down to four seconds. The shorter boot animation won’t affect people who keep their consoles on standby mode. That mode is fantastic for loading up the console quickly, and jumping back into whatever game you were playing.”

From Engadget

“With a Samsung TV and Game Pass Ultimate, I don’t need to buy an Xbox. It took a bit of time, but you can now stream Xbox games from your TV without a Microsoft console in sight. As long as you have a Samsung TV. TheXbox app is now available on Samsung’s latest smart TVs and monitors, alongside apps for rival gaming services like Stadia and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. It’s bigger news, however, when a console maker — and its huge catalog of games on Game Pass Ultimate – offers game streaming straight from your TV. I had an extended play session during a launch showcase at Samsung’s London event space, and it made me, a PlayStation gamer, an offer I can’t refuse: Play Xbox games from the cloud with no additional hardware, aside from a Bluetooth-connected controller. I can even use my DualSense controller because I’m that kind of person.”

From For The W!N

“Halo Infinite campaign co-op won’t have online matchmaking. Campaign co-op will be publicly available in Halo Infinite soon, but there will not be any online matchmaking options. Many fans participating in the current beta were curious about the feature’s omission since inviting people solely via a friend list can be tiresome. Unfortunately, everyone will have to make do.
“Online matchmaking will not be available with final co-op,” an Xbox spokesperson said via Gamesradar. “We encourage you to continue to use the Halo [Looking For Group (LFG)] and the new Discord voice call feature on Xbox to find players to party up with as you continue playing the beta.”

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  1. My series x already boots up faster than my monitor turns on so I don't ever even see the Xbox loading up

  2. Co-op campaign and forge will save Halo Infinite! legendary 4 player co-op campaign with friends. Then community made classic forge maps. Will bring lots of fans back to the game. BTB has been a blast lately.

  3. So what xbox got shit games ps5 will still win this generation like it did the last

  4. i got my series x from EE (i think they are linked to bt) and got two years free xbox gamepass ultimate… ive rang them to say what you stated and they assured me that wouldnt happen so i dont know whats going on …

  5. Anyone having trouble with console streaming certain games so bright they are unplayable only next gen games though, but again not all of them assassins creed plays fine forza horizon 5 and fifa 22 so bright they are unplayable.

  6. LMAO 🤣 🤣 All Cap with no playable nex gen games 🤣 at least it holds my ps5 games for me lol 😆 😂 🤣

  7. Xbox junk needs some games now and it will be half descent..

  8. Xbox still has absolutely Nothing compared to ps5.
    I gave Xbox to kids

  9. I had my ps5 since they first dropped , just bought the series x , and now my ps5 is literally collecting dust

  10. So, wait, I would have to do what to get this upgrade? Buy a stupid xbone? Bahahahahano

  11. Can you elaborate how one can spend money to get better internet at home? I get one can get the best tier package available, but most in the US have the traditional duopoly options. The only obvious way to improve gaming with the existing cable and DSL options is to wire cat6 to stay off wifi, and get the fastest tier option available to your home. I suppose a wealthy person could pay for an FTTH expansion to their home, but this would be prohibitively expensive for most citizens.

  12. Fast Startup is really a thing that Microsoft loves to hammer down people's throats, and now they're doing it (or have done it) for the Xbox Series X. Fast Startup is actually NOT a good thing for PCs, so I don't know the long-term benefit for consoles…

  13. I loved him in Summer School with Mark Harmon. Never realized he also voiced Alpha 5 in MMPR

  14. I get the appeal of cloud gaming, but its flawed for one reason. You don't have a high speed or reliable internet, you don't get to play the games to their fullest. Generally the global infrastructure for overall stable highspeed internet access is not there yet, nor is it affordable.

  15. Why even throw a dig like “Sony can’t match it” legit who cares, buy the platform you like and that’s it

  16. After 6 months of Xbox cloud gaming through an iPhone 6 plugged into my 65in LG using the HDMI to lightning adapter with a PS4 controller BT to the iPhone. I have had an over all good experience but the frequent fuzzy image and painful start up process, made me by and Xbox S, And after a week of gaming on the xbox it kinda makes me question if i could of stayed cloud gaming and saved my money.

  17. Cloud gaming is great for everything that doesn’t need split second reactions. The more the game need quick thinking and quick reactions, the worse the experience gets.

    The delay is just bad enough that I can’t touch fps games, and can really only play more chill games.

  18. Or just have multiple accounts ready Lmao

  19. If I lose my xbox account I am done I will sell my xbox and never go back to one I will stick with my PS5

  20. Now get some damn games that's worth playing.

  21. If it's not a game consoles and a digital purchase or computers and using them to get answers for homework. The internet is depended on too much for the current situation and there prices. If an xbox one user finally got his hands on a series s or x there trouble headed his way regardless. To get those game back he needs a internet connection if he can't get to to a location where one is he doesn't have his games. Not to mention dlc/expansion if he couldn't get those back wouldn't he only be able to play the main game. I doubt the library would let him use a tv for this. This was not to focus on game consoles, it was just used as an example. The internet needs to either introduce a free version that can be installed in homes or become 100% free. The library isn't free either you have to pay to get and home. You players what's your opinions and be bias? I know we want to save money but this isn't dial-up. Be fare.

  22. cool…now if only i could find a new xbox in store thatd be great..

  23. We need more compatibility with 4k tvs. I got a series x for my but my 4k TV doesn't support 120 fps and 4k at the same time.

  24. Hey bud love the content but ur talking Microsoft and ur rocking a Flapple laptop, if i had a channel devoted everything Microsoft i wouldn't be rocking a Flapple while talking to those people. Im just saying get a pc or hide the sign.

  25. Thanks for that info nothing for FREE ! now thay have your DATA .

  26. Ok okay cool Xbox series x gets updates what about series s are they even going to try update series s

  27. Get better internet broke ass people stop living in the past I can't stand broke ass people stop with the online gaming if you are that cheap lol

  28. Well i rhink the solution is add the account in your xbox with a mew email and add your xbox as your home console and use your regular account for gaming

  29. sorry its me but all i see and hear is ray ramano talking tech…. its weird

  30. You can force email to be transfered to different gamer tag removeing the entire problem

  31. My xbox one is on standy since it launched here in Brazil, still waiting for it to die.

  32. You do realize AMD processors power both PS5 and Xbox right? So anything Xbox gets power wise so will Sony. Only real difference is the storage.

  33. I’d be pissed if my alter ego was taken

  34. at the enf of the update my scrfeen has gone black and wont move i can see the power options when i press the xbox button on the controller but they are all greyed out

  35. at the end of the update my screen has gone black and wont move i can see the power options when i press the xbox button on the controller but they are all greyed out

  36. I switched to PC and I hate that I didn't do it sooner.

  37. or take the deal with a smurf account 🤷🤷🤷

  38. When are we expected to get this update performance. ?

  39. Quick resume is a god tier feature. PC my main platform, but damn the quick resume on my series S is something else. Brilliant for getting in quick games before work when you've not got much time!

  40. Has any halo ever had matchmaking for coop? They always had the ability to invite

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