Noble 6: Ghost of Reach TEASER TRAILER -

Noble 6: Ghost of Reach TEASER TRAILER

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In heroic sacrifice – Noble 6 stays behind on Reach. Far beyond his duties – he begins a campaign against a Covenant ship-building operation – with help from an unworldly being.
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What is this a teaser for?
This is a short animated film (10-14 minutes) – we explore “What if?” Noble 6 survived Halo Reach’s ending. Watch my breakdown on this film:

Tell me more!
Picking up directly after the events of Halo Reach’s Lone Wolf Mission – and directly ties into the fan “Noble Timeline” (Master Chief VS Noble 6) – we follow a personal, cinematic and character-rich story of B312 going AWOL on Reach.

Is ReclaimerGaming helping?
Yes. This is not his version (I’m writing myself) – however, he has a minor role in helping and feedback! Brendan Wreay is also helping (The Lost Wolves fan series)

What is the story about?
In heroic sacrifice – Noble 6 stays behind on Reach. Lost in his rage, and reflection – the dying Spartan is approached by an unworldly being – and begins his assault on a Covenant fleet-building operation.

Final credits will come in the final animation. But…
Henry for ONI Lord
BrandersonVA for Noble 6 voicing
DashieJinxx for thumbnail art (Commission)
ReclaimerGaming for cleaning up dialogue
“Suite Fall” Halo CEA soundtrack, “ONI Swordbase” Reach Soundtrack

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  1. I wish this was a game they made to show us what it would be like if he lived


  3. Love the trailer, only gripe is that his helmet is in tact, other than that I am really excited!

  4. You know this was made by someone who cares because Noble 6 didn't immediately take off his helmet at the start and not wear it again the rest of the teaser

  5. Honestly, even tho reach was sad. I’d rather see this, Noble 6 surviving not as a “money want” campaign that 343 sometimes has, but as a symbolic meaning. He leaves his last behind, with his helmet, but still leading towards it as he is alone on reach.

  6. Content like this upsets me. Not because it's bad (because it's BADASS lol), but because I'm upset that 343 Studios will never take these kinds of risks with their franchise, when it's literally one of thee BEST things they can do with it. Could you imagine Noble 6, Master Chief, and Jerome being in the same Halo game, even if they're NPCs or give an assist in campaign missions… my goodness man, I'd LOVE that!

  7. My wife and I love going through what ifs. We just finished another coop run of reach today and we're talking about how Noble 6 should survive the events of Halo: Reach. He should lead insurrectionist forces (like those in Nightfall) against a covenant occupation force. I think it would be interesting to see him and the UNSC forces that refused to abandon reach branded as traitors by an over-zealous commander, someone similar to Capt. Del Rio. Maybe pit them against UNSC forces for a while. Bring back that Vs. 2 faction, Covenant-flood like, dynamic. Make it chaotic, full of lose-lose choices, damned if you do damned if you don't type feel. Personally, I would EAT this shit up. Also, maybe pit him against the banished, on a different front than Chief, as a redemption arc. Just ideas 😆

  8. Even though thus us fanmade I'm henna vonsider it cannon. Why cause we do not see noble 6 die. For all we know he could of dodged that energy sword we assumed went into him

  9. I rarely like comment or subscribe but this…. This sir, you're getting all three, plus bell icon. I want everyone to see and support this. When I can ill throw some bucks your way to make this project so you can keep carrying that golden gauntlet and do it yourself (unlike some studios) and make something really really great.

    – slow Shia Labeouf clap –

    Edit: correcting typos caused by over excitement.

  10. a 'Ghost of Tsushima' style adventure would be sick af.

  11. Wait…. this.. THIS IS FAN MADE?! You fucking wot mate?! Holy hell is this good!

  12. Oh so this a fanfic? I kind of like it now! At first I thought that 343 was destroying the ending of my favorite Halo to do this, but as a "what if" I think I'd enjoy this a lot.

  13. You’ll have my subscription towards your channel! Make it happen cause 343 sure can’t!

  14. I want this to be a game…. No wait… I NEED THIS TO BE A GAME

  15. Everybody knows noble 6 is canon to not have died right? Don't tell me people still believe ONI didn't fake his death

  16. Holy fuck this has so much potential. Halo Reach was a great game, just imagine how popular a sequel would be.

  17. I genuinely thought this was a real Halo trailer😳

  18. Repent to Jesus Christ “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”
    ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭3:20-21‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  19. If they ever do a HALO : LEGENDS 2 there needs to be an episode showcasing Noble 6 surviving Reach.

  20. When I first saw this I was really hoping it was gonna be an actual movie or game but WOW this is absolutely stunning

  21. Stop giving us hope, I thought this shit was legit!!!

  22. The only think I’ll ask is this. Please don’t let paramount take over this project. From what I’ve heard the live tv show was a disaster and that’s why I haven’t given it a chance yet

  23. Wasn't Reach completely glassed? How would Noble 6 be alive, but also the planet still looks unglassed?

  24. The view count just shows how the community craves a halo show with ties to the deep lore of the halo universe. Not something that is pandering to every audience except the one that matters.

  25. This is more entertaining than that garbage Paramount gave us.

  26. God I wish this was real so bad!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. For a second I thought 343 was doing this. I'm like, another beautiful part of halo they are about to destroy.

  28. I love the devotion and effort, and I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, but this makes absolutely zero sense. There’s no way in hell anyone – spartan or not – could have survived that onslaught. And even if said spartan managed to “shoot their way out of it”, are we forgetting that Reach was glassed, too? Not to mention the broken helmet of Noble 6 complete with the shattered visor… but somehow he’s standing before ONI board members with unscathed armor? 🤔

  29. Always good to see new halo reach content being made! It's always been one of my favourite games!

  30. Funnily enough after the end of the reach game, It was said that six barely survived those elites In the end cutscene and he preceded to survive on Reach for a few weeks only to get killed by either a band of scavengers that found him bleeding out from a previous attack, or by the planet getting glassed. Also heard that he made It off Reach and Is now living In the shadows.

    The theories about Six go on for awhile

  31. Wey voy a llorar vrg me gusta un chingo noble 6

  32. Very much appreciate the animation and all of the clearly hard work going into this. But doesn't Noble 6 surviving sort of undercut the very melancholic tone from the end of Reach?

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