NOT our Master Chief! Halo TV series DESTROYED by audiences for being complete dog S**T! -

NOT our Master Chief! Halo TV series DESTROYED by audiences for being complete dog S**T!

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The new Halo TV series is out and the reviews are awful! Audiences over on Rotten Tomatoes are destroying the Halo Paramount series calling it hot garbage! You have to wonder how Microsoft’s Xbox division is taking this!?

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  1. What really brakes my heart is that after 20 years of service, Steve downes was not even asked to voice Master chief for the tv series. Why? Oh because they wanted to show his face! Ah yes what a great idea! I hope they step on lego for this!

  2. “BuT itS Set Inn DiFfrInt UneeVurse”
    Yea that’s why we don’t care about it. We love halo for the set universe and the story. Not the shittier version that they cooked up.
    Edit: There’s a human in the Covenant…. There’s a human in the covenant….

  3. Pablo Schreiber he's arrogant asf thinks he's all that f him

  4. Master chief is the dude who was in always sunny for 3 mins .not even a big actor

  5. normally I would agree that movies dont fully adapt the game or manga but this one is different. I feel like if its bad thats another problem, but so far 2 episode has better quality than the witcher tv series though. Overall the movie quality quite good, design, music, tone, feeling, camera movement, cinematography,…
    I feel like its much fresher to watch a different approach than the game. I porbably wouldnt watch it if it was the same like the game, eventhough I really enjoy it. Its a different format.
    Overall I can understand all the fans, but you need to see it in different view. This Halo is different, but so far the quality of the show is good, not bad.

  6. Christopher Judge should've done the master chief voice adio. That's the bottom line.

  7. I’ve only seen the 1st episode. It wasn’t the best thing ever but it wasn’t bad. I really think all the hate I’ve seen is related to how awful Paramount did with Picard and Disney with Star Wars and Marvel. I thought the fighting was great, it bothered me the civilians guns didn’t work for them but did for the Spartans. A pilot is usually a little janky so I can forgive a lot but really the first episode was good and there is not a lot of legit things to complain about. They are telling a story and it will either work out or flop like Mando and Boba Fett. I think as soon as this show was announced people auto hated. We’ll see

  8. It's a crime
    I wish those who write script go to jail because that person look and took opportunity and doing some bullshit
    For that he or she go free

    Seriously this kind of thing needs a law
    Since show,game,comics,etc ended up always become victims of greed

  9. I'm luckily old enough to not have a fucking clue what the video game backstory is. From my viewpoint it was a pretty cool sci-fi show. All these manchildren crying like little pussys. " They got it wrong! Wwaaaaaaaa."

  10. damn i was joking when i said this 117 would pull of its helmet and it would be a trans humanoid with rainbow hair but they really did make the TV show like that

  11. Dang They ruined the video game now the TV series

  12. Imagine if they instead did the story from the trailers of halo 5 all this potential wasted ALL HAIL THE CONQUERING HERO LET US REMEMBER HIM FOR THE GAMES AND NOT THIS SHOW

  13. Even if he did have to remove the helmet he should be really pale. At least that's how he's described in the novels.

  14. The show is pretty good idk why so much hate just fucking enjoy the show and be happy they made a halo show you Karen’s

  15. I thought there is a intergalactic human-covenant war raging on all over the galaxy but in the TV show it doesn't feel like that and whats up with the China gurl

  16. I wonder why critics do what they do, but download the new episode immediately ts released……even ryt now they cant wait to watch episode 4😂😂😂😂😂 STOP WATCHING CRITICS GO PLAY UR GAMES……IVE PLAYED ALL THE GAMES INCLUDING INFINITE N I LOVE THE SERIES

  17. i cant watch halo,i was huge halo game fan ,but this series seems like im watching captain powers and soldiers of the future from the 80s in 2022

  18. "Most people agree that it's not very good." 66% is above average. Most people either really like a show or they really dislike it. Most reviews are either 1 star or 5 star. If the average is 3.5 which is what the audience has given it, more people agree that it's good.

  19. who gave the ok to remove his Helmet!?! Worse thing ever! I can not feel for him. Like I did with the never seeing his face. I love R2-D2 and the Lost in Space Robot. Taken off the helmet is the same mistake they did by Boba Fett! Which even that actor said he should not be taken off his helmet

  20. 3 episodes in and it's getting worse. They've ruined everything.

  21. They only did one mistake, they could have put in in the halo universe, but just made it some different spartan…
    If it was Spartan 099 Frank or somebody, no fan would care if he reveals his face, that there is a sidecharacter thatll probably get more story and screentime, that the story has nothing to do with the videogames. It would just be a story about a different spartan in the halo universe… But instead they just sayd "its not canon" and think that solves the problem of spitting in every halo fans face…
    So theyve chosen the lazy attempt and the show will flop like most of the other crap shows that 2020- now delivered.

  22. Y’all mfs complain about everything either master chief was the best or not, it’s like a system build to hate every adaptation 🙄.., I can say yes his helmet should’ve stayed on to build up the character

  23. For the love of God yellow bash plz like something I don't need another SJW posing as a critic

  24. Idk the halo show is fire. Way better than the mandalorian

  25. honestly after i saw chief remove his helmet i was like yep this show is dog water they made chief so sensitive and made a lot of the spartan remove there helmet too, they made the covenent a little to big to my liking and tbh its like watching star wars but with halo characters in it.

  26. In the books he takes his helmet off, but every one is surprised how young he is… remember, hes basically a kid

  27. I was praying for a fallout tv show if they are gonna put sjw politics i hope it never sees the light of day

  28. "I watched it for the first 5 or 10 minutes then shut it off"

    So why the fuck would anyone even listen to you?

  29. The Elites are all: "This is the Demon we were all afraid of? Wort, wort, wort"

  30. The show is a bad version of the mandalorian…….. show his face later in the series…… build up the characters, also build up the covenant as a villains. Leave the rings mysterious as hell. Give the show this feel like something more sinister is out there

  31. Show them your truly mad by leaving bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

  32. Here’s my take I love the action sequences love the way that a lot of the environments technology etc. looks but obviously the biggest thing sticking out like a sore thumb are some of the casting and obviously master chief taking off his helmet consistently and showing his face

  33. I don’t recognize TV Chiefs face as being the actual face of chief to me, chief will always be that anonymous badass super soldier. Not that abomination in the “show.”

  34. At this point I am a believer of the conspiracy the old heads of Hollywood are intentionally destroying adaptations of games/cartoon shows because they don’t think they’re a real medium of entertainment.

  35. Hell no I refuse to count that as a face reveal

  36. Wow, it's almost like this happens every single time. Fallout show coming soon? Can't wait to see what genderfluid multi-queer, LGBTLMNOP, POC, non binary, etc, etc, etc, they choose to play the main character. Xir can patrol the wasteland in a wheelchair, telling the settlers of a post apocalyptic hellscape how much white privilege they have as they're dying of radiation poisoning. Probably make the Brotherhood of Steel full blown Nazis who our plucky protagonist will defeat single-handed with the power of diversity. You know, the type of shit that nobody, not even the very people they're pandering to, wants to watch. Although they don't care. They're doing this on purpose. They're doing it to rub it in your face and tell you "HEY! assholes! We own this shit, we l know you love this shit. Whether it's childhood nostalgia from certain games or franchises, we're shitting all over the things you like, just because we can. We don't care if we make any money off this shit at all. The marvel movies alone make enough money to keep this whole industry afloat and you idiots keep paying to watch those. We're gonns keep shitting on everything you give a shit about, fuck you. Love, Hollywood.. PS.. Fuck you again (Especially white people)"

  37. Ok so we all agree that this is a fake master chief an has no place in the real halo universe.

  38. When I first heard about this show I knew it was going to be different from the series, while it was a lot more different than I thought I still think people are being way too harsh just because it non-canon.

  39. I switched off the tv for the rest of the day when he took off his helmet, went out and just pondered in the thoughts from my memory of playing halo .I felt so fucking bad i can't explain it in words. They had no rights to play with the feelings of people like me.

  40. They fucked up my childhood and runied it master chef is a legend a hero that I’m grew up with but when he took off the helmet so early I’m like wtf have they done with halo this is. Not like In the games he never took off his helmet also in the end he took off his helmet at the end of the game but they didn’t show his face this is a total disrespect of the halo franchise to the fans and to us gamers this show is nothing but compete garbage and the master chef has sex with an enemy spy master chef would never do that one of the worst and horrible show I’m ever watch

  41. Halo fans: They're destroying what we love.
    Star Trek fans: First time?

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