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Our Baby Is Back

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We finally are able to get a look at the Bandit Rifle, Quantum Translocator and new maps coming to Halo Infinite!


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  1. Ayo, the DMR, a new equipment item, Forge, Co-Op, and six new maps… all confirmed for S3?! I’m just praying some Season 1 bundles come back.

  2. It’s now my mission to kill a dmr user with a commando

  3. I think you put the grass png on the wrong layer…

  4. This is gonna be sick, by the way I've heard of rumors about seasons only going to be 3 months rather then 6 after season 3 comes out? Is there any type of leak to back that up?

  5. Lmao this is literally the automatic not dmr from that shit Halo TV show.

  6. Glad it’s back, wish we got 2 weapons instead of 1 but it’s cool. At least we getting weapons

  7. I’m so glad they might release 6 maps instead of 4

  8. Adding the bandit rifle feels like a tone-deaf sandbox decision. We've been complaining about the commando since launch and now it is just going to be replaced. AGAIN (I feel like the sidekick does the commando's job better.) This is also mixed with other sandbox issues. Why don't they fix the guns we already have before adding alternatives to some of them? Adding the classic shotgun wouldn't mess with the sandbox too bad. But I feel like this will just make problems worse.

  9. They STILL NEED to un-fuck the aiming system in this game first, before new guns, esp new precision weapons, will even matter.
    Otherwise, they’ll feel just as shit to use as the rest of the sandbox.

  10. I think it should be illegal to call the DMR a Bandit considering the Bandits were once the names of the CE Covenant Dropships.

    But that’s just me.

  11. The Bandit is the version of the Commando we all needed.

  12. Can we finally get real SWAT lobbies back now? Like BR/Pistol and DMR/Pistol instead of the crap we have now

  13. I've been saying it for months but I think it's starting. The no mans sky of fps is underway

  14. The quantum translocator animation is cool ngl

  15. Will the dmr be mulitplayer only or will it be in the campaign

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