Paramount+ Drops The Halo TV Series Trailer And It Doesn't Really Feel Like Halo At All -

Paramount+ Drops The Halo TV Series Trailer And It Doesn’t Really Feel Like Halo At All

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Guardian of Innocence Chapter 1:

This should have been an easy home run. Adapt the original game for the first season and earn the support of millions of Halo fans. Well…we got this…


  1. As soon as I saw that bowl cut little girl I got Picard vibes. She is going to be the most important girl in the Universe. Then they start ripping off the Mass Effect plot, throw in the diversity hires and yah, going to suck.

  2. Considering how Paramount gave us the Star trek series that shall not be named. And this is exactly why i think Hollywood in the next few years is heading for collapse. The black-pillers think it'll never happen, but never underestimate the ireesponsible behavior of the wokies.

  3. cheers Adam love the channel & integrity how old are ye? i´m 47 greetings from Germany

  4. The second they showed the chick working with the Covenant, I knew this was a no go for me. That flies in the face of all Halo lore.

    The Covenant hierarchy decreed a jihad against humanity to cover up the fact that humans are the descendants of the forerunners, the beings that the Covenant worship as gods. Humanity was to be exterminated without exception.

    And it's redicoulous to make a story saying that the Spartans are just mindless weapons to be controlled. John (Spartan 113) already knew since he was taken from his family at a young age along with the other Spartans that they were needed because they were all special and would be the saviors of humanity. Granted, they were initially intended to be used as a spearpoint to crush the ever increasing rebellions in the human empire, but the arrival of the Covenant made that claim a reality. John understood his role in the war, and what he means to the desperate forces of humanity fighting for their very survival.

    I don't know what this crap is, but it isn't Halo.

  5. I will find it on high seas, but ill make sure they make no more money off of me on halo

  6. Im so tired of the woke agenda. I wont take part in their insane propaganda and anything coming from Hollywood. I would rather watch an honest review like this.

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