Paramount's Halo is Starting to Break Me -

Paramount’s Halo is Starting to Break Me

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Paramount’s Halo show is unbelievably bad. But you already knew that. Episode 7 and 8 were horrible. Man, these descriptions are getting repetitive.


0:00 Intro
1:35 Episode 7
14:54 Episode 8
27:06 Conclusion


  1. Watching master chief fuck was as awkward and wrong as the time I walked into my parents fucking in the living room.

    Please, just kill season 2. Just make it stop.

  2. This is not halo this is a freak show with diversity for sjws. they killed mastercheacks and put a woman to Control him.this is just a porn parody of halo.and IGN rate this 7/10???? …..this is embarrassing.. A gaming Chanel rate this 7/10????? …. Wtf…. I think the evolution of humans is reversed and soon we will be apes again..

  3. Umm…wouldn't physics suggest that it would be impossible for a unarmored Spartan in just normal clothes be impossible to hoist a warthog with people on it directly up? because it wouldn't be a matter of strength at that point but weight too.

    Also, the guy who got stuck with the grenade by Kwan? just throw your jacket off!

  4. Such terrible not Halo episodes
    Who the fuck is she everyone knows MC one and only love is Cortana a awesome female

  5. Why do the spartan outfits look like the N7 armor from Mass Effect. I'm pretty sure this script was for mass effect but then everyone knew it was garbage and doesn't have a big enough base so they said screw it, call it "Halo"… What a dumpster fire…

  6. This shit was worse than doom annihilation. I’m going to go play halo 2 also so I can forget

  7. i love it so much, cant wait for the next episode 😋

  8. I seriously can't believe how awful this whole thing is

  9. What an absolute sht show, NONE of these "factions" are important in Halo, are we even watching Halo? Some diversity cringe fest to cram in more mediocre actors because those lazy people rather not learn a trade and work a real job but rather be extras in an useless TV show and later on be some social activists because they are unemployed. Fuking scums.

  10. I was trying to be open minded about the show. I was even over the whole taking his helmet off thing. But that sex scene with MC literally pissed me off! The finale ending pissed me off too.

  11. And news outlets have the Gaul to claim THIS is the gold standard and undesputed peak of video game adaptations! Bleh

  12. Yeah the big problem with a lot of this is the show isn't meant to be "halo but on TV" as much as it is "an excuse for the writers to make a starwars clone", they don't want to write a science fiction story about a game series built around killing aliens and saving the universe, they want to write a space fantasy show about magic girl #96 working with a vaguely familiar version of the actual series protagonist to do "something".
    It's on par with fanfiction not just because it's BAD but because the people writing it aren't creative enough to come up with their own setting.

  13. The worst part of Halo, is I'm pretty sure it is conformed there will be at least a second season, if not more. Bruh

  14. It's not an adaptation it's a separate HALO story. Not a video game purists, fantasy get over it. OMG if they would have Master Cheif Black when he pulled the helmet off suicides would have followed. 😆 🤣 😂

  15. God now I can't wait until he sees the final episode XD

  16. the whole desert witch plot line is a Dune, Bene Gesserit ripoff

  17. After episode 4 I couldn't take it anymore. It hurts to watch this show, the reviews bashing it is much more entertaining.

  18. Crazy Mad props to the real star of Halo 🥁 The Type-1 Antipersonnel grenade, more commonly known as the Plasma grenade, also known as the Sticky grenade! 🤡

  19. The reason why Master Chief's gun is there was because he threw it away when it was …. wait for it …. OUT OF AMMO! But somehow it is now loaded. Great continuity show people.

  20. Are you ever going to review Kingdom Come Deliverance? Personally, I feel the game gets a near-masterpiece rating.

  21. The books usually tie into the games anyway…not butcher them.

  22. This season better be the last. This show is so bad that I’d rather watch Big Bang theory.

  23. Inclusivity and representa SHON is not relatability or desirability is a key issue that plagues Halo Tv series. Not to mention the litany of other shortcomings as it pertains to the lore and history. F— the cringy virtue signaling “silver time line” and turning MC into a CUCK. Oh and F—- this show since they don’t even show HALO. I was done after episode one and I should’ve stopped then! F—- Par+ and f@k super fans wannabes!

  24. "The Covenant are committing genocide against the entire human race!"
    Kwan: "Yall hear something?"


  26. that awful mullet haircut just takes me out of the story every time its so stupid i cant take anything seriously

  27. How does it feel to see your favorite childhood franchises go up in flames? It feels great…

  28. I loved Halo until Reach. But after 343i took over it just ain’t the same no more. I have played all Halo games (even Spartan Assault and Strike). But after Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 I knew it’s not going get much better. I’m not supporting 343i, Microsoft or Paramount anymore. Haven’t played Infinite nor am I gonna watch the TV show.
    In my world the Halo franchise ended with Reach.

  29. House of the Dead was better than the Halo series

  30. Does anyone want to predict how they will mess up the Flood under this comment?

  31. I didnt mind Quan Ha being in the show, until they dedicated a whole fucking episode to her. Hate her guts.

  32. Let be honest here… you probably played a lot of halo multiplayer and didn’t care much about the story. The developers of the show can’t make a show about a bunch of dudes saying the n-word at each other. Why don’t you make a halo story and show them how it’s done.

  33. It's nice to see other people feel the same way. They had so much to work with and completely flopped here.

  34. Demoralization is the whole point. These companies don't need to make quality products to make profits because their revenue now comes from investors like blackrock and vanguard pushing for desired outcomes such as demoralization over profits. You will see this happen to every culturally relevant western franchise in your lifetime, and there is nothing you can do about it.

  35. "Could you imagine the masterchief having sex!?"
    imagines it for a moment…. imagines how many peices the poor woman's pelvis would be shattered into and her spine being launched out the top of her head, and then thinks maybe this wasn't such a good idea…..

  36. I never thought there would be a show where the humans are more mystical towards the forerunner technology than the covenant

  37. It's a damn shame, because I really like Pablo Schreiber, but they did him dirty with the story and script, and now people who haven't seen him in anything else, they're going to think of his 'Master Chief' instead of his talent. The show gets very few things right, so few that they're hardly worth mentioning.

  38. It's so jarring to see Kwan driving through the sandstorm without eye protection.

  39. Considering that this show broke Paramount+ viewership records just provides more evidence that gamers really don't know shit.

  40. Well at least theres Halo Forward until dawn, though i'm not really sure if that movie was even considered good.

  41. At this point the show is just such a joke that I don't think there is any way to save it, they disrespected the entire fan base so blatantly. A true tragedy

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