Re-Writing the Halo TV Show -

Re-Writing the Halo TV Show

The Act Man
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The Halo TV series has been universally hated by Halo fans. It’s like the showrunners specifically wanted to avoid staying true to the source material. Like they didn’t want to make the show for Halo fans. But what if the show was made for Halo fans? What if we re-wrote the Halo TV series to be actually good? Well, only one way to find out…

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The Sales Pitch – 0:00
How To Rewrite the show? – 1:11
Episode 1 – Pillar of Autumn – 5:06
Episode 2 – Halo – 9:11
Episode 3 – Truth & Reconciliation – 11:35
Episode 4 – The Silent Cartographer – 13:46
Episode 5 – Assault on the Control Room – 14:35
Episode 6 – 343 Guilty Spark – 15:22
Episode 7 – The Library – 18:51
Episode 8 – Two Betrayals – 20:11
Episode 9 – Keyes – 22:27
Episode 10 – The Maw – 24:44
Conclusion – 28:27

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  1. Wunmi Mosaku as Foehammer. Once you get done googling her name, come back here to tell me how right I am. EDIT: Also, starting with Noble Six would have been the most fanservice, beautiful, cold open that has ever happened. Can you imagine seeing it in theatres? Literally, black screen, silence, then BOOM as Noble snipes one of the Cruisers with the MAC Cannon as the Pillar takes off, we could dramatize the take off, have the ship narrowly avoid the falling Covenant Cruiser. We could even see Noble Six beginning his Last Stand, he starts kicking AZZ but the camera isn't following him, it's drifting back while he runs forward, then we pan up and follow the Pillar of Autumn into space…

  2. HOT TAKE: Halo 4 is a good game, a great story, and may very well be the best characterization of Chief that exists. Yup, I said it. Come at me internet.

  3. It's sad a how royally the people behind the creation, development, etc. screwed Halo as a franchise over

  4. Dude! write a season 2! Write a season 2!! This was wonderful, even if it's not real!

  5. Sigh…as much as I loved listening to this, it's sad that it'll forever remain just a 30 minute video being read by The Act Man. 🙁

  6. Its beyond me why they took somthing with a massive amount of resource material and chose to ignore it all… and thought we would appreciate it

  7. An idea I've had was to break off from the Halo games and books where I could be creatively free. Set in a point of time between Halo wars 2 and Halo infinite where the banished are the antagonist. A UNSC contingent force are sent to some random arse planet or ring to secure it for ONI scientists who are interested in a fore runner artefact located there. To plan and coordinate the operation the UNSC put a respected and decorated commander from the Human-Covenant war. From mission start everything goes to shit when a large Banished fleet arrives as the UNSC troops begin their assault on the planet resulting in many casualties for the UNSC and the commander having to make increasingly difficult decisions. Being forced to try and pick the lesser of two evils takes a toll on the commander as he tries to prevent the carnage he had previously witnessed in the Human-Covenant war all while the ONI scientists who ordered the mission engage in some tom foolery behind the scenes that the commander does not take kindly to, leading to internal conflict between the UNSC and ONI. With casualties mounting the commander becomes increasingly erratic and removes ONI from the operation and orders a retreat to try to save as many soldiers as he can. The results of the operation are undetermined as although ONI mostly achieved what they set out to do it was almost negligible and not worth what was loss, something the commander has to come to terms with as he feels personally responsible for the outcome of the operation and everything that was lost and is put on trial for it. working title Halo: Fall From Grace

  8. 343 industries and Microsoft/XBOX, Hire this man for the direction for the show to go in. Hire the writers of the Last of Us HBO Show. And have Blur studios animate all of this and you got a winner.

  9. The most upsetting thing that made me simply not watch the show was Reth… I LOVED the idea of a Kig-Yar hermit basically shunned by the covenant and raising his own army… but then we got Afroman as a 'kig-yar'… after reading The COle Protocol and actually … kind of… liking it… I had high expectations when I heard Reth was in the show… and honestly I went in with 0 expectations and somehow I am still VERY disappointed in this decision… like the rest of the story is meh… wasn't even super into the novel… but the novel was fine… Some notable issues but artistic liberties… then the show came and took TOO many liberties.

  10. Act Man doin this for us is like when Riley had Ellie close her eyes playing the arcade game in Left Behind.

  11. It's crazy how simple it would be to actually make this an amazing show. SO simply, like he said, just basically trace the levels lol and keep the dope ass level names. Honestly I think these creative types just enjoy egotistically trampling on great works of art and bastardizing them.

  12. I got goosebumps when he talked about the last alliance of grunts, jackals and marines lol.

  13. Soooo….. I saw the thumbnail and decided to click into the video just to comment because I saw the actual title and got dissapointed. Halo's writing has always been sub par in my opinion. That is subjective and not objective, I tried though, tried so hard to understand why so many of my friends loved this series. I will admit I enjoyed the first game the most, then the downsliding began. Im not going to watch the video because I dont have any context to rate your adjustments to the marterial. anywho I'll prolly try to watch something else you did that I might have an interest in. Friggan clickbait titles lol

  14. Meanwhile I'm sitting here waiting for a movie of the first book

  15. This concept video is more enjoyable to watch than the series was.

  16. Idk about you guys, but an ODST show would've been great. The promos for game were so good live action.

  17. Having all that woke s*it everywhere, I'd love to pay to watch a movie of the development of anything acted by The Act Man.

  18. You should make a 2hr directors cut of this video. Would watch your variant

  19. This video is more watchable than the series. Not even trying to be a meme lord. This is the show we all deserve.

  20. I'm still close to tears thinking about how they mutiliated my HALO series with their adaptation 😭

  21. For the Library:
    Don't forget Guilty Sparks' most controversial and least heard line about it stating that Master Chief's armor is a Mark 4 and he need to be in at least a Mark 9 to effectively combat the Flood. This blow my mind when I heard it. I replayed the mission several time to hear it more clearly because, at the time, Chief's Mark 4 armor was the latest version and Mark 9 is like at least a couple decades in the future if Humanity survives these wars.

    I think they should sneak in that line just like in the game with Guilty Spark just rambling on during an intense battle with waves of Flood.

  22. Just hearing this script for the show made my eyes tear up man. If only we got this instead of cheeks the Halo series and show would be just as respected as The last of us one. I feel like Halo is going to be treated like Resident Evil where nothing matches the series they are based on aside from characters and a minor similarities.

  23. Helmet off only near the end of the last episode at an emotional moment that closes with him putting it back on just shy of the credits. He is called to a new fight by an officer, puts his helmet back on, looks at the camera, "Yes, sir. I need a weapon." Credits end season 1.

  24. This video is now the official show lol. You really nailed the feeling of the Marines being on the run and the horrors of Sci-fi war. The first Halo is one of the best paced video game stories ever.

  25. I got more enjoyment just listening to you describe this version of the halo show, then actually watching the one that was made.

  26. How is it a dude online can create an idea pitch better than a professional writing team hired on the dime?

  27. The only 'critique' I have of this is, I don't think Johnson should appear so emotional during 343 Guilty Spark. Johnson's one tough sonuva bitch, arguably tougher than even Chief is, at least on an emotional level. While i think you could show him be startled of the flood, i really can't see Johnson falling to his knees and sobbing at Chief disappearing, he's a veteran that's been fighting the covies since Harvest not to mention he was a part of the ORION project, aka the Spartan 1 program, so a battle hardened fighter. Hell, he's literally the first human to kill a member of the covenant.

    It would also lessen the impact of a potential scene of Chief telling him of Foehammer like you said since if he was already shown to be emotional before, it would make him being emotional over Foehammer be less meaningful.

  28. Somebody get this man hired for the show!

  29. Hear me out, before Chief is driving the warthog before he floors it. We see a shot where there's six petals as a red versus blue reference

  30. i feel like the first season of a TV series should be based on the Novels of Contact Harvest mixed with the Cole Protocol and with Reach (condensed into 12 episodes). I feel like a series explaining the Spartan programme and giving a chance to develop the characters in Halo 1 means there'll be more emotional pay-off, particularly for people not familiar with the games. Will also give a series for people to understand the sheer scale of the covenant threat so when the flood gets introduced in the CE series and the Covenant are running scared, the threat becomes even more evident.

    Starting at Reach would also make more sense to the characters of Parangosky/ Halsey if they managed to hang on to cover the events of Halo 1-4. If we got as far as 4, i would mix up the narrative to have it that the Didact re-awakens the Guardians and approach it that way, maybe over 2 seasons. Conclude the entire thing with the sacrifice of Cortana and call it a day.

  31. Dude you rock at Fan Fiction / Storytelling stuff. You should do more!

  32. I want to see this so bad. Why do screenwriters hate us

  33. Now see this is what I would pay to watch

  34. if only this dude could just be hired to be the lead writer. Would have been so much better

  35. wouldn't the XO for a batallion be a Major or something? how would a first lieutenant get that job. at least give a battlefield promotion

  36. While I think this would have made for a better TV series than what we got, I disagree that the show should have followed Combat Evolved chapter by chapter. We've already experienced that story. Putting it in a TV show is safe and boring. I think trying to show more of the expanded universe was the right direction to go however Master Chief was treated was handled very poorly.

  37. Master Chief and Locke should have had gay sex!

  38. My structure:

    Season 1: Fall of Reach
    Season 2: Combat Evolved
    Season 3: Halo 2
    Season 4: ODST
    Season 5: Halo 3

    And give it the original Halo 2 ending. But that's just me.

  39. Could have been one of the best shows of all time

  40. Magnificent! I would watch this and buy the bluray!

  41. So where's the star wars Jedi survivor review?

  42. You f-ing know your STUFF, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is FIRE 🔥🔥🔥

    I'm totally on board, and I could even dare to say; LET'S FILM THIS 4 TIMES

    Easy Version: G or PG-13 levels of violence, gore and chaos. Let's make Master Chief as badass as possible and focus on the action and epicness of the fight

    Normal Version: Still PG-13 levels of action, but including more marine screen time. This will make the series longer, but it's still accessible to people who aren't as familiarized with the franchise. This is where The Covenant have some crucial screen time, but not as hard as the next version:

    Heroic Version: R rated. This is the definitive version of Master Chief and the perfect combination of Book Lore and Gameplay. Let's keep Master Chief as the main badass and give him some Halo 4 treatment, but add actual horror elements to the flood (I'm thinking '82 "The Thing" levels of practical effects), some character development for the Marines, and some juicy lore for the Die Hard fans.

    Legendary Version: This is the actual HARDCORE version of the story. Full throttle to the Gore and Horror. This is the perfect opportunity to let Master Chief from the Books shine. We can add some ridiculousness to the violence and gore, and make it as long as we want to.

    To help us with the camera shots, we could gather as much gameplay as we could; I'm thinkin Xbox era gameplay, blind playthroughs, speedrunners, machinima, and maybe some fanfictions.

    There is a really good roster of characters that play significant roles along the way and their stories should be further developed in the series, like:

    Alpha Base Command Center

    Fireteam Raven

    The 23rd Naval Air Squadron

    Captain Keyes' Command Shuttle

    Fireteam Charlie (Johnson and Parker's Squad)

    Staff Sergeant Marvin Mobuto and his Odyssey

    and Fireteam Zulu (Assault on The Control Room)

    All of them dying at the end, Reach Style, and setting up a post credit scene referencing Dustin Echoes' heroic rescue of Johnson, Stacker & Co. and the subsequent commandeering of Ascendant Justice. And the eventual deployment of the Mona Lisa.

    And also from the Covenant side:

    The Fleet of Particular Justice and its internal crisis

    The Special Operations and Stealth Agents' missions

    The Shipmasters and the Zealots

    Zuka 'Zamamee and Yayap's Vendetta against Master Chief

    The Flood Outbreak on the Infinite Succor

    The Jiralhanae deployment

    Sesa 'Refumee's expedition on Threshold

    and the fate of the Truth And Reconciliation

    I'm open to suggestions.

    Fun Fact: did you know the Battle of Installation 04 only lasted 4 days?

    Please @TheActMan, if you read this, let's set up a Discord to Brainstorm ☺

    Also, Alex Garland's freakin Script of the actual movie recently leaked. THIS SHOW IS ALREADY HALFWAY DONE, DAMNIT!!!! Oorah!

  43. Get your air up here: use code ACTMAN15 for 15% off all orders! #airup #airuppartner

    The Halo TV series has been universally hated by Halo fans. It's like the showrunners specifically wanted to avoid staying true to the source material. Like they didn't want to make the show for Halo fans. But what if the show was made for Halo fans? What if we re-wrote the Halo TV series to be actually good? Well, only one way to find out…

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