Round Two -

Round Two

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This has to be a joke… Surely Paramount understand that Halo is already an existing franchise 😂
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  1. not like Halo already is a franchise or anything, who knows we might even get a video game or something how cool would that be!!

  2. Also, i haven't checked myself yet but I've seen a lot of people talk on how they haven't mentioned kwan ha at all in anything related to the season 2 of the show. She and her random story might have been banished to the shadow realm

  3. Do a reboot or I don't care I am not watching if it's not a reboot and I would rather watch she-hulk

  4. The show would have to make a complete 180 and focus more on the war with the covenant. Idc if they ripoff war show tropes, that would be an improvement.

  5. The terrible writing of the first season infuriates me so much. So many oversights such as memory erasing, and the Covenant taking in a human

  6. If we doing live action again we can’t continue with this god awful series it’s a disgrace to HALO waste of money and time focus on the games story for what it is have Joseph take lead on it for Christ sake and fuck anybody who defends it it’s dogshit a shitshow

  7. How do you fuq up something with perfect source material right in front of you.

  8. They already messed up so terribly, what’s even the point of continuing? It’s not even canon so who cares too?

  9. Just keep the helmet on.

    I didn't care when they said chief will remove his helmet, cool, whatever you know

    but jesus christ it turned into the "Pablo wears some armor and bangs the enemy" show too damn quickly.

    just wear the fucking helmet

  10. I didn't even bother pirating the show when it first came out, so I really couldn't care less about a season 2 lol

  11. i’m really hoping this season will completely redo the dumpster fire of the first one so we can start fresh

  12. There might be hope. If it turns out to be all a bad dream, and the reel Master Chief whacks up.

  13. This show is just another Desaster for the halo franchise. I see black numbers for the future of halo. Microsoft ain’t gonna let down of Xbox’s face, but i bet the inquiry’s will be a lot less

  14. Very franchisable, they should make it into a game and call it Halo

  15. Can't wait to see Johntana 117 and the one chick everyone simps for

  16. What CE mod are you playing at the end that has the flamethrower in campaign?

  17. Covenant takes in a human, Master Chief fucks that human, Cortana watches while he does that. Usually shitty shows like Witcher are made by the people who don't care about a franchise. But I am convinced that whoever made Halo show wholeheartedly hates Halo.

  18. I wish they just took the story from Halo 2 / 3 and made the show out of that. Could've been so amazing

  19. People want master chief not master cheeks

  20. I was still expecting the covenant to glass reach as a season finale

  21. the Halo show is heresy of the highest form, lets be real

  22. this show will make non halo fans think halo is just a joke

  23. The return of master cheeks in Halo: Bad fan fic, played by blue soccer mom.

  24. I cannot wait for the next exciting saga from John Halo, maybe this time he'll save Reach City and finally clap some more covenant cheeks.

  25. Doesn't matter how good the second season is the first will always drag it down, pretty much how halo 5s story dragged down infinites.

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