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Sardonicast 117: Halo, 12 Monkeys

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  1. Buy physical media and if you can’t then pirate

  2. The joke of "literally me" is that they're idolizing bad people. Guess its meta irony, thats why you see sigma posts with patrick bateman intentionally giving terrible advice

  3. You never actually own the media that you bought. You buy a licence that can be revoked at any time. Even if you buy a Blu Ray disc.

    It's not new, it always been that way, even in the VHS days, it wasn't just as practical to revoke a licence back then.

    Same applies to software, videogames, etc.

  4. "We knew Master Chief was still in the fight. He gave us hope."

    The Believe ads were absolutely amazing.

  5. I wanna know what you guys think of the Boys season 3. I got harassed because I said I didn't like it so some so some validation would be nice

  6. 0:37 MEW! ;0; I think you hear them again a few more times. I had to scroll back because I thought my own cat had turned invisidull.

  7. The moral of the story, buy physical media kids or Disnoxoglerime Plus will make you rent forever and ever and ever……

  8. Was heavily involved with the halo community back in the day, even had a flash animation featured on the Bungie front page when I was 16 (Worlds Largest Sick Day, bungie forum members helped script it, was about the future launch of halo 2) and had some correspondence with Frankie. It's hard to explain how big of a cultural impact halo had across the world at the time, and part of that was in the community that sprung up around it, halo dot bungie dot org etc. When I heard Frankie, who was the ear to the community at the time, was gonna be helming halo lore going forward at 343, I thought yes, great pick for the job, I have great faith in them.

    What happened Frankie? What the hell happened?! Still breaks my heart how they let the ball drop. I have to rationalise it in my head that every decision is being made by microsoft and he was just a figurehead, cos there is none of halo or frankie in any of those games far as I can tell.

  9. It breaks my heart. Halo Infinite has the foundation for an amazing entry. I thought the campaign was the best part with a good story. The multiplayer was good but became stale fast. It's missing the heart of the original. The only part you can find that in is the campaign.

  10. I really can't think of a single franchise that has been handled worse than post-Bungie Halo. Star Trek might come close, but 343 has really shown there's not a single hint of talent in their entire company.

  11. Alex is right about Halo being huge and being irrelevant now. There are things that were popular in the right timeline.
    Think of Digimon or Matrix. The Internet meant something different during 1999/ early 200s

  12. The problem with video games is newer discs don't even have the whole game on it. So physical copies are pointless on some systems.

  13. You guys forgot to mention Bruce Willis's iconic role as the voice of john Travolta's son James in Look Who's Talking. (Still devastated we never got a sequel to Taken called "Look Who's Taken Now" )

  14. I'm sure it's not on Adam's list of time travel movies being done correct, but one I always think of is Prisoner of Azkaban

  15. I love halo. It was my obsession for at least 5 years as a kid to early teen. I read all the books. I tried to watch the show. I stopped at episode 5. There was no point watching it. The only relation this show had to the halo i loved was that it was going to prevent that halo from ever (or at least a while) getting a proper adaptation. Heartbreaking.

  16. You know about halfway through when you start talking about how they used the wrong audio clips for the Halo TV show, at first I was thinking that was kind of nitpicky but then you guys make a good point. If you're a fan of a series you recognize those little audio cues. It has been a very long time since I've watched anything Star Trek related, I'm a huge fan of the original series and Enterprise and voyager. Even though it's been a long time since I've seen a Star Trek show if I hear that little chirp chirp sound I know it's the communicator. I know the wishing sound when the doors open and close. I know that weird sound when somebody is teleported.

    Heck, one of you even points out that you know what people mean when they say the Halo music, the Gregorian monks moaning. So it's not really all that nitpicky to bring up something like that and it makes it even more perplexing that they went throughout they did with this TV show.

    Honestly, I think that it's more that the scripts were written for a completely different show, perhaps mass effect as was mentioned, and either they could not get the rights or there was insufficient budget to pull off what they had so they went through the catalog of well we have this much money to license a product what can we afford. And they settled on halo, because Halo star has fallen tremendously. I have but have not watched those last two movies that you mentioned, but they fell a long way from where they were at their peak. At the end of Halo 3 you had a great ending, you had a series of novels written by a famous science fiction author Greg bear that filled out the prequel information, and you had the Halo Legends anime collection. Red versus blue was so popular that they had a granted them to be considered part of canon. And then fast forward and they turned over the rights to somebody else and completely torpedoed the setting. I continue to read the books which aren't bad, but they really mangled the original concept.

    You have a religious holy war that ends with people kind of coming to a bit of a truce with tremendous death on all sides. That's why the Arbiter is able to show up at the ceremony for master Chiefs burial. Fast forward just a tiny bit, and if you go by the current books the Secret Service of the USNC are running around fomenting rebellion and hatred all across the aliens to keep them from ever Gathering again, nobody trusts anyone, the center cannot hold. Little disappointing considering where the plot went in the beginning. Then Halo 5 did not do well at all because it was largely a series of interactive cutscenes and master chief was not a focus, fans were really unhappy that Cortana was turned into a psycho bad guy, and at this point they probably figured what we can get the rights cheap

  17. Oh shit I actually watched 12 monkeys for the first time alittle while ago

  18. Haha, I enjoy the halo show as a dumb action show with fun spectacle and cool effects.

  19. Has anyone figured out the Michaelman's secret identity yet?

  20. I played the Bungie trilogy for the first time in 2019 and fell in love with it, sorry Ralph they're just good games

  21. Arrow video recently released a 4k of 12 monkeys

  22. I felt pretty similar to Adam about The Sopranos, but after obligating myself to watch the show, it might be one of my favorites. The character development really is earned by the end of the show with how well written it is, and its themes stay consistent.

  23. it's interesting, im not a big halo fan but from the sounds of things master chief would work well as a main character in the same way mad max does – only existing to help tell the stories of other, more dimensional characters.

  24. 343 should have just commissioned Blur Studios to write and animate a fully CG series, that would have been significantly better than whatever you would call the crap Paramount made

  25. I'm happy you guys are talking about twelve monkeys its one of my favorites that makes mentally ill people look cool (me)

  26. Do all the Toy Stories and rate and tell which one you guys like the most

  27. On the topic of the child star/celebrity culture discussion:

    I'm friends with a guy whose brother plays a teen character on a network sitcom (not gonna say which one, but you'd know it if I told you). The brother came into town and we all went out to a bar, and he wouldn't drink. Even though he's of legal age, if one person took a picture of him with a beer in his hand, all the tabloids the next day would be all "Actor From Network Sitcom Is A Giant Alcoholic". It really sounds like it's not worth the trouble half the time.

  28. Oh, Amélie's extremely iconic score features quite a bit of accordion. (@1:28:47) very iconic, memorable, and financially successful film score featuring a ton of accordion.

  29. "Master Chief is a virgin he's not supposed to fuck"

    It's no wonder why I relate to him

  30. On episode 117 that is a very great touch to be talking about halo!

  31. Got really excited to watch 12 Monkeys after all the lavish priase I heard about it but although it did have some stuff to enjoy in its premise and its themes, the actual nuts and bolts of the story and how it's told got on my nerves. Perhaps I got my hopes up too high or was hoping for something this film wasn't interested in providing, but this movie was just so much dumber than I expected. Basically every character acts like a complete idiot so when it tried to get me to empathize and care for the character's emotional journey I just didn't have it in me because I just found everything they did to be so annoyingly dumb.

    Bruce Willis's character kept fluctuating between a somewhat normally intelligent guy and a complete caveman brain and his co-stars weren't much better. About halfway through I thought that this tone might've worked a lot better if this were a satire/comedy like Brazil but without any jokes or enough exaggeration in the world it didn't fit that either.

    I really was excited to watch this movie, and though I don't consider it bad per se, I am sadly quite disappointed after watching it.

    Also it felt so predictable and rote that I successfully guessed the exact way it was going to end in the first minute.

  32. Is it me or does Ralph sound depressed? Like if he doesn’t like to do the podcast anymore (including the Ralphthemoviemaker stuff).

  33. It's crazyy that celebrities are getting cancelled left and right for sometimes random and minor stuff, and yet Tom Cruise, a man at the helm of scientology, allegedly responsible for all different types of abuse within scientology, and who had women plucked from the group to be groomed and turned into his girlfriend, is still praised and worshipped as a god by the masses

  34. I never got the "literally me" thing…. until I saw John Wick 2 and was all like "omg I get it"

  35. Halo 4 was the true decline of the series. Halo 5 buried the series indefinitely. And just as it was being revived with Infinite, the show killed all hope once again.

    This show is one of the multiple reasons why game to show/film adaptations are risky decisions. Especially if those behind it didn’t have a lick of knowledge behind the stories due to them outright saying they’ve never played the games nor do they have any desire to. At best they’ve must’ve looked at the box art covers and built it all around those. Why appeal to a broader audience when the thousands, if not, millions of Halo fans waited in lines for hours on end to get the newest game invested so much time into them? Even if you’re bringing in newcomers the show is not strong enough to stand on it’s two feet. Penguinz0 said it best. No one will be appealed. New comers won’t get interested making the show seem weak in marketing, and long time fans will be disappointed in the sense of direction with the show being a test to stray away from being it’s own property at every opportunity. Who the hell wins here? Sonic, The Witcher, Arcane, and Castlevaina all did great because those behind it knew the important rule to adapting a game to a show: be a tree and stick to your roots.

  36. I think people don't give the first Terminator the credit it deserves. It's a great tight movie with time travel that makes sense.

    Then the second one came out and it doesn't make any sense… But it is a damn good action movie.

  37. Funny how so many Star Wars fans have come around on Hayden Christensen but I'd argue Jake Lloyd needs their support just as much, if not more. That poor kid's life was ruined by Phantom Menace AND he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

  38. Most video game adaptations are so baffling. Just adapt the game! That's what people want to see. Stop overcomplicating things.

  39. "Literally me" I say more… ironically? Like I say it to degrade my own personal character than to actually make myself look cool, though I have to have something (pathetically) in common with them. "Affliction" is a good example, so is "Everything Everything All At Once" (though that one's not as good because the launderer becomes a badass and I am not a badass though I do do laundry.) I think humor is more implied than missing how unsympathetic characters are meant to be taken from satire.

  40. I'm a year younger than Ralph and me and my friends all played Halo 3 and Reach a lot, especially custom games, so I'm surprised to hear him say it was past his time

  41. Welp guess i'm listening to Death Grips the rest of this podcast.

  42. Bruce's best work (in my opinion) beyond Twelve Monkeys are absolutely his performances in M. Night's freshman & sophomore films – The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. In both films he has such a powerfully raw, thin restraint on his emotions. He keeps his "tough guy" face on as best as he can, but it doesn't take much for it all to come apart in such a genuine manner. It actually breaks my heart to watch him perform in those movies, meaning he did his job fantastically. I've recently been very surprised at how excellent Bruce was an actor apart from "cool action guy" (not that he wasn't not good at that either for a while there).

  43. Not to be the "just watch 500 episodes and then you'll love it guy", but even though I think seasons 1 and 2 of Sopranos are excellent, Season 3 takes a far darker, more grounded turn, and the writing goes from excellent to masterful.
    Also, I can confirm, the Sopranos game is ridiculous, BUT I think I'm the only person who actually beat the game and got the "good" ending. The game is pretty much inherently designed for you to fail and die, not a joke, but I ended up surviving by the end and got a good ending that I saw NO MENTION OF ONLINE LMAO.
    I became such a Sopranos goblin over the past year that I had to seak out the game and play it in its canonical context within the series, despite it being kind of (very) dumb and not canon at all lol. I will add though, that it is hilarious how amazing Gandolfini is in the game. He genuinely gives his all to the performance of Tony in the game, just as if it were another day on set. You'll hear Gandolfini passionately screaming his ass off with some fantastically delivered speech, only for his in-game character model to just do a little shrug in 140p. Fucking hilarious

  44. Spartan 117 and Sardonicast 117
    It's too perfect

  45. I was driving with the phone on the lil holder on my dashboard, listening to the podcast, then Death Grips started playing and I was confused and annoyed. Adum is a master dick.

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