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New halo tv series episode 4 – Halo Bollywood

Halo tv show master Chief in India

Take it as a joke guys 🙂 I will upload the real trailer for episode 4 within the next days


  1. Wouldn't be surprised if this is the shit they end up doing

  2. Why the fuck does this look higher quality than the actual fucking show.

  3. This is the actual Halo Tv "Silver Timeline Story" written by Steven Spielberg.

  4. I didn't know indian people has halo fanbase

  5. This is better than the entirety of the show so far

  6. imagine if master chief in the series travels to an alternate universe and meets indian master chief

  7. I haven't watched the show, but the troll and même quality surely doesn't disappoint!

  8. “ finish the fight “ chant had me singing along too. 10/10

  9. This is it. This is my favorite Halo installment.

  10. Hmm… I don't think this is the finale. Where's the shows non-binary empowered female sticking it to the man?

  11. This is the first time I've ever relied on spoilers to watch the show I need to know before going in so I can brute force my way through this series because I already want to just call it quits

  12. These 43 seconds are better than both 1 hour episodes I've seen so far.

  13. Honestly give this man the franchise video games and all 😂😂

  14. This is mental abuse and should be removed immediately

  15. No no, we gotta find the halo, win the war!…kill me…

  16. Kind of like this better than the actual tv series

  17. lol i would watch it if this really happens in the tv show

  18. Better story, better graphics, more lore accurate. I love it.

  19. 43 seconds of Bollywood Master chief helped heal me from 2 episodes of Parafailures dumpster fire of a series.

  20. I would unironically watch a full length movie/show that was a hilarious Bollywood knockoff of halo. They may be cheesy, but Bollywood stuff is great and usually has a lot of heart in them

  21. Honestly I would prefer this over the current halo series

  22. The alternate version of HALO where India was the super power nation instead of USA, and they head the Spartan Project.

    Honestly, I'd watch that alternate timeline.

    It's like Superman: Red Son, but Indian instead of Russian.

  23. This will never, EVER get old. Truly the greatest April Fools' joke ever told.

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