Sgt Johnson in the New Halo TV Series is Really Missing -

Sgt Johnson in the New Halo TV Series is Really Missing

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Sgt johnson needs to be in the new halo tv show or otherwise it is a huge mistake

He is such an iconic halo character and the halo tv series could need someone like sgt johnson


  1. Hes going to be such a let down in the show. They might even forgo even showing him due to his "toxic masculinity". They will probably gender, race and sexuality swap him. Flaming trans gay person. .what a shit show this show is.

  2. I really liked the touch of Johnson and Chiefs relationship, without Johnson it straight up doesnt feel like halo

  3. We get all these black actors in this show but no Johnson.

  4. They really took the coolest Human Soldier on the Ground level conflict next to Master Chief throughout the Halo games and they don't even include this brotha in the adaptation,and instead shoehorn in a couple female clones to steal his rightfully earned spot.
    wasn't this dude 1v1 with a Covenant Elite at the end of Halo CE?

  5. He's way too masculine for the show. He would have to either turn into a sensitive male, or change gender.

  6. Probably would have ended up female in this joint

  7. Jamie Foxx would be perfect for the role, but he'd be too expensive.

  8. I don't think they can find an actor that can capture the very essence of Sgt Johnson.

  9. I cannot imagine a version of Johnson that simultaneously feels authentic and also works well in a tv show format.

  10. He knows that the Ladies don't like the show, so he avoids appearing in it.

  11. I would definitely love to see his character show up in the new Halo TV show! Looking forward to seeing that happen!

  12. That oorah with the pilots is the most alpha thing ever I love it every time.

  13. I could watch the Halo 2 cutscenes before ever sitting thru an episode of this garbage that was made for a "broader audience."

  14. What sucks is that Keyes’ actor already looks like a great player for Johnson’s character.

  15. It is better to blackwash wht characters!

  16. It’s like you can change keys up but you can’t add in one of the most bad ass characters the game has. Wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up later and they make him white lol

  17. They shouldn’t add him bc if they do they’re gonna cast him as a white girl or something stupid.

  18. How do you fuck up a halo series so bad

  19. I mean they race swapped 2 white character to black people. so it says a lot to whoever is doing the show.

  20. Argh! A perfect example of black representation that everyone in the fandom loves.
    Show runners: naw let’s just turn Keyes and Miranda black instead.

  21. I get the feeling they felt like Sgt Johnson wasn't needed now that they have other characters of colour in the tv series. In the games he was like, the only real representation right?

  22. He's too masculine for them. Maybe they thought he represented too much "toxic" masculinity.

  23. Carl Weathers would've been too perfect for the role

  24. it extremely unlikely the only reason they would add him is to belittle him and demean the character into the ground

    Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson is a deeply Christian and slightly Stereotype Sargent he is everything they hate.

  25. Honestly I’m glad he’s not in it because they would have neutered and bastardized his entire character to oblivion just like chief.

  26. Well with the way they're doing it. Sergeant Johnson will probably be Hispanic

  27. Im imagining paramount fucking it up even more and making SGT johnson a woman and i would lose my fucking mind.

  28. omg i was wondering where he is and i went to youtube to check whos talking about this we need him

  29. I really thought the actor playing Keyes was going to be Sgt. Johnson but once the show came out it was a let down we didnt get a real Sgt. Johnson. However i feel like the show is focusing more on the spartans and commisioned officers rather than giving us badass Marines

  30. Sgt. Johnson is one of the best characters in the halo universe and the fact they are him from the show is a crime against humanity, you think a studio obsessed with inclusion would have included a blk man who was already established, but the writer of this series are hacks probably would of just fucked him up anyways.

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