She-Hulk Episode 3 (SHE-HULK TWERKS!) - Angry Review -

She-Hulk Episode 3 (SHE-HULK TWERKS!) – Angry Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review Episode 3 of Marvel’s She Hulk Attorney at Law on Disney Plus, IT’S TWERKING TIME! It’s the Episode where She-Hulk Twerks! MEGAN THEE STALLION WHO?! OH MY GOD!

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  1. This show has gone from bad to worse. Almost unwatchable.

  2. He actually gave halo a worse score than this? Angry Joe is afraid to being canceled

  3. Prediction: The Wrecking Crew was hired by The Leader. He has always wanted the Hulk's body.

    Overall it's an average show. Once you realize all the manbashing stuff is just fan service for women it's much less infuriating.

  4. Josh Segarra who plays Pugliese also played Prometheus in Arrow, and he was a great villain, he’s a good actor, he don’t deserve to be in She-Hulk…

  5. More like angry Alex. Joe is so high on male feminist cope he doesn't have any anger left.

  6. Even Wong was bad I’m this episode. How is that possible?

  7. I rewatched The Incredible Hulk from 2008, ans then She Hulk Ep3……..well…that was something…

  8. It's ok guys it's not woke Joe said it so it must be true 🤣

  9. OJ + Alex: This episode and this show is kinda bad and pointless
    Joe: This show is good. im excited to see what happens
    2 episodes later
    [literal Ms. Marvel dialog, let's see what happens this time]

  10. Cmon AJ you had to at least know who Megan was shes out here repping your state 😂😂

  11. They got the “over-the-top” sexism to a T! Like good message, WAYYY overdone.. and as a woman, NO we don’t find that obnoxious in-your-face Dennis persona entertaining..

  12. Thanos was right too much population will lead to destruction.

  13. Everybody saying they like Alex's arguments and shit but just remember that the episode of She-hulk twerking has the same score as the 3rd (and best so far) episode of House of the Dragons.

  14. Megan is just another female rapper that raps about how good she looks and how good her cooch is with no redeemable qualities.

  15. You can't go and blame the low scores and reviews on the triggered "small pocket" of youtubers and then give it low scores yourselves over the real issues with the episode.

  16. Other Joe's blank expressionless face says it all haha. As Angry Joe rambles on about how the show isn't so bad.

  17. So I’ve been watching a show on Netflix called “You Better Call Saul” WOW!!

    10 times better than she hulk

  18. Joe you worried? Cmon bro.. watch the interview with the writer. It explains the direction of this show bro.

  19. Oddly strange how She-Hulk can just hang out doing whatever she wants while transformed, yet it took Banner literally YEARS to learn how to maintain his hulk form without literally losing his mind. Hmmm.. Also im kind of sad for all those scientists who were trying to figure out how to make more hulks. I guess all he really needed to do was bleed on you. Who knew?

  20. These guys are burnt out they don’t even know what to say. “Uhm well it was bad but not that bad” bro shut the hell up y’all are not good reviewers.
    Bro they had her fucking twerk. It’s straight garbage. Y’all didn’t give game of thrones a pass but this oh it gets a pas because well it’s a fun episode. How please elaborate how it was fun. Literally Alex has nothing to say he just agrees with joe. Oh how the mighty have fallen. “Just consume product get excited for new product” that is what joes channel is.

  21. This fool really said “well it wasn’t at the level of better call Saul but duh duh duh” dude that’s how ya know you don’t know jack shit. How can you even remotely try to say that marvel would be able to pull of what better call Saul did. Let marvel die. They will never deliver again. Y’all grasping at straws.

  22. Lol ? Rioting? Who the fuck is rioting ? Sounds like a bunch of bs comments to me.
    Funny how they say we are rioting because she twerked but then make videos saying “shut the fuck up already !!!!!!” “Reeeeeeeeee” (angry joe)

  23. For Joe "not caring" about others opinions, he spent a lot of time shutting down any nay sayers. I really enjoyed OJ and Alex's take, I miss when Joe was more on the same wave length and not pandering so hard these days.
    Especially for a show that's undeniably bad. "Cringe" is something to write home about Joe, it's like your in the eye of the storm of cringe so you don't notice it at all lol. Somebody save this man before it's too late.

  24. Meh.. I’ll say it. She-Hulk ain’t that bad. Obviously it’s meant to be a light hearted comedic show. It’s not really that funny but it’s not completely bad either. It’s alright

  25. This is a DISGRACE to she hulk. Horrible cgi and twerking? Are you serious?? And why tf did they bring this ratchet/ghetto ass bit** into the show? Get Megan tf out smh

  26. Joe saying we would have loved deadpool twerking but hate she hulk doing because she is a woman.

    He forgot that our friend doing stupid shit is funny because we like/love that person.

    But a person we dislike doing stupid shit will never be funny, u know why joe??? Because the show never made she hulk likeable in the 1st place.

    I am surprised and interested to see to what lengths u will go to protect this show.

  27. You're almost through the barrel Joe, keep scraping!

  28. So… u telling me JOE that u ain't never heard WAP? 🤔

  29. Can't understand Joe's take on this nonsense, thank God Alex is able to carry the show..

  30. Ain't nothing like the old double down. This tv show review from Joe has destroyed his credibility of reviewing anything.

  31. She hulk stared doing it in the 70’s, Deadpool was late 80’s, early 90’s I believe

  32. so Megan The Stalion is not a made-up comics character?!… why that moronic name then..

  33. Joe, how much are you getting from Disney? Incredible shilling. The dumbest Marvel product ever. And apparently you have no idea what a court drama is. Have another dislike.

  34. i feel like joes default score is always a 6 or 7 for basically any movie or tv show

  35. Take all three episodes together and its pretty clear this show was just made for woke propaganda just like we all thought it would be. I respect the guys for their efforts to give this show the benefit of the doubt and be professional though. I think they can admit what this show is now.

  36. Women spent millenia begging to be taken serious…..get the stage and this is what we get

  37. I think people hating on the majority of the series would never be happy no matter what they did with the show. It would’ve been hated regardless. The twerking scene is a post credit scene and has nothing to do with the main episode so you can’t really say it ruined that. It was cringe yeah but it’s a post credit scene. I am still enjoying it. It’s campy and corny but that’s what She Hulk is. Look if the actual writing of the majority of She Hulk comics says it’s accurate, maybe it means it is accurate and people are overly hating on it for no reason. But who am I to say.

  38. Men would not have a problem with these jokes if we wouldent hear everyday how we are the worst things to ever happen to the planet.

  39. I would've rather been snapped than watch this.

  40. She-Hulk is trash. Nothing happens. Their attempts a humor fall flat. The law side is juvenile. The superhero action is terrible choreography and lame. This show is a misfire on all accounts. For being a Law/Comedy/Superhero show, it’s greatly lacking anything interesting in all 3 aspects.

  41. i love watching alex during these. guy makes the show so good. I think the guys are slowly realising that these shows are specifically made for a different generation of social media addicted consumers. this is what its like getting older, everything you once loved will be bastardised in the name of profit.

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