She Hulk : Modern Culture is Destroying Comedy -

She Hulk : Modern Culture is Destroying Comedy

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She Hulk isn’t very good. But it could have been.

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  1. Damn didnt espect to have my garbage anime tastes to be called out

  2. The reason they didn’t have Bruce save her and need to give her his blood was because they didn’t think Bruce would willingly give someone the hulk after all the problem it’s caused him. Which makes sense.

    The problem is they immediately undermine this by having Jenn say in the same episode how she has to deal with so many more problems because she’s a woman.

  3. Alien 3 looks like the epitome of feminism compared to this trash

  4. It's not even a culture. Its just randomness. Even meme culture, who was supposed to be random, has a kind of object that become the center of it.

    Modern "culture" is basically just out of touch people trying to be "hip and cool"

  5. Wait .. she hulk is supposed to be a comedy??? How??? Where is the humor??? The only discernible joke is the reoccurring one where she genuinely thinks she is better 😂

  6. I also have a very hard time believing this ugo gets cat called because 🤢🤮

  7. I agree with most of this but overlord is a top tier show

  8. Somehow you remind me of another YouTuber, oxhorn. Awesome video man!

  9. I truly can't wait until indie companies are good enough to eclipse complete fuck ups like this rendition. Kind of like how Astartes 1-5 is one of the greatest animations of the W40k universe which was created by ONE PERSON. Give the world another Century or so and singular people will write short films that far exceed the level of ones made today.

  10. Kicking Overlord in the gut. That's good, it deserves worse.

  11. Today genrearions logic is if anyone tries to change you or your beliefs it’s because they hate it when all reality if you can defend what you claim to be supportive of in a respectful manner then call yourself a warrior. Even warriors had class

  12. What? Are you expecting us to devolve or something?

  13. Blows my fucking mind that grown men are watching superhero movies, much less thinly-veiled gender studies lectures with a coat of superhero paint spilled over it. It’s no wonder the western world hasn’t won a war for the last 70 years.

  14. If only the fans had the control over its loved characters

  15. I can't with this video it's giving 2016 antisjw vibes ://, i didn't like the show either (like any other marvel show tbf) but at least I didn't get mad over it, the way the guy in the video critique it is like he doesn't like women issues to be portrait in a superhero show or any kind of form, you're a man you will never now women's issues like they do, and it's not like any man in the show will be portrait like the badguy like the way you explained the first episode i didn't saw it that way, i thought only that shehulk was in the wrong and the show will be at her developing the true hardship and joyment of being a hero and maybe learning that Bruce was kinda right…?

  16. 11:54

    Actually yes, it DOES mean this. The real world exists within Marvel lore, and it is completely separate from 616 or any others you see in the comics. Those worlds exist within ours as media, obviously.

  17. I just imagined this show being a season 2 of this show where the first season is 3.5 episodes of jen character development and story build up and I’m a little disappointed

    (like i bet they could work in emile’s trial without her being a hulk and it would have worked greatly because the only thing connecting her to emile is being a superhuman lawyer or could be related to bruce and since bruce thinks he’s changed perhaps he found some way to put in the good word for him and jen, which they most likely could have worked around, then on the 4th episode aka conveniently the donny blaze case happens wong tells jen then she and bruce go to enjoy and investigate the magic show when all hell breaks loose and both bruce and jen get injured, the blood mixing happens, bruce hulks out to save everyone and then she hulk appears either as a cliffhanger or to add to the rest of the episode probably with her going on a confused rampage and forcing wong and hulk to work around it while saving everyone, then the next episode(s) is getting accustomed to her powers in depth and the results of becoming a superhuman etc.(episode 5-6), then episode 7 where she first publicly transforms (not counting the magic show) and saves the court from titania)

  18. While I agree with most of your points. Deadpool breaks the 4th wall all the time and no one cares. The argument of, "well they haven't done it before" is super weak. Him being crazy shouldn't matter, either. You gave other examples of 4th wall breaking and those people weren't insane, you seemed to be okay with that?

  19. The fourth wall works with dead pool because he’s insane for all we know he could just be talking to himself

  20. This feminist woke community bullshit is now aiming for the MCU wow so I guess this delusional lady getting cat called is worse than a man who literally almost killed himself smh wow

  21. ICK

    Wow, Japanese is one of the easiest fucking languages to pronounce and you fuck it up, then throw up a popular series ignoring why it's popular and a perfect example of why an overpowered character works, take a socially awkward nerd and put him in the position of an evil overlord and has to play the part of being evil when he's really not that bad of a guy? Is it a 10/10 show, probably not, but you're ignoring why OP characters aren't power fantasies, and considering the context She-Hulk could have easily been one of those stories, OP protagonist that can't punch away all of her problems.

    How to shred your credibility in the first minute of your video, joking or not you literally used a show that disproves your opening statements, whether you like the show or not it proves why OP characters don't break stories, and why She-Hulk being OP from the start is not the issue. But sure, expect me to give a shit about everything else you have to say, If you're joking you're just a baiter that goes out and tries to offend as many people as possible because it's all engagement, but in reality what you're doing is making She-Hulk look like a better show than it actually is.

  22. 10/10 review because the Morb clip 👍👍👍👍👍

  23. This gets a like solely for the Futurama bit at the start😂 Lrrr the goat🔥💀

  24. For me the scene where she hulk is twerking are bad very bad for me i don't like that what do you all think

  25. But honestly it feels like a woke woman made she hulk

  26. I know plenty of women who actually hate this character and the show. You guys should interact with more women…

  27. I mean…. A lot of the points you make against the show (although this just seems like more of a commentary on your opinions on “woke culture” than the show) can be easily explained by learning about the character of She-Hulk. She never had the rage, she’s a Hulk Lawyer. It’s not that serious.

  28. If Jen has a problem with being cat called I know a guy who can help her. My friend Eobard can age her into such a old lady no guy would want to be with her

  29. Consumerism always leads to the company telling you what you "need in your life".
    I'd encourage all people not to ever watch Marvel sht again, but I know consumerism outlasts all will to better oneself.

  30. If people ever complains about She-hulk, they just call you either incel or fragile masculinity

  31. I like how they use CGI to make her pretty

  32. all those trash shows are what motivate me, someone who didn't touch a book in years, to read & write something godly

  33. The way he said "Isekai" made me cringe on the spot.

  34. Every Hero introduced in Phases 1-3 had an issue that they solved by the end of their Story Arc. Iron Man was money hungry, Cap blindly followed orders, Hulk had anger issues, Dr Strange was also money hungry, Black Widow feared her past, Hawkeye doubted himself and his purpose, Wanda always had her judgement clouded by loss, Thor relied on Mjolnir, Spiderman escalated small scale crime so he could 'save the day', Captain Marvel had been fighting for evil, Black Panther was driven by revenge, the list goes on and on.

    However She-Hulk tries to portray Jennifer Walters as a perfect woman who happens to gain Hulk powers. She has no underlying mental issues that cause for a good storyline and character arc. She falsely portrays women to be perfect and men to be the enemy; which makes it not only extremely unrelatable but extremely boring. No man wants to watch their issues get ignored while all men get judged for things done by the minority. Most women dont want to watch their small scale issues get seen as major while their actual issues get side-lined because the the main female character has to be 'perfect'.

  35. "I'm great at controling anger when man explains area of my expertise"
    Yea that's much worse than whole government trying to kill you

  36. I'm convinced not even real women wrote this show about female empowerment. Just females pretending to write how all females are and how they share all triggers and hate men all the same. Smh not a single girl friend of mine like this show and were disappointed. Idk maybe it'll get better. It's a shame tho I always liked she hulk but I definitely don't like how she's written.

  37. Wow, This show is so bad, PSA sitch comes back to make a video.

  38. Overlord? An overpowered loser?
    Is there some kind of joke that I'm not seeing? You could've as well picked Neo from Matrix as op loser.

  39. This man just thrown so mud of overlord lol

  40. I don't know two women related by blood who are as nice to each other as the ladies bathroom squad. That writer's shpiel reeks of copium.

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