Silver Debrief: New Details on the Halo TV Show & What I’m Looking Forward To -

Silver Debrief: New Details on the Halo TV Show & What I’m Looking Forward To

Halo Canon
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A new blog post has dropped on Halo Waypoint, diving into a lot of details on the upcoming Halo TV series and helping to appropriately set expectations. Give the full article a read on Waypoint:

0:00 Intro
0:56 What Is the “Silver Timeline”?
3:10 “Silver” Canon
7:20 What I’m Excited to See
10:16 Wrap-Up
10:54 Patreon

Ending music: “John-117” by Teknoaxe

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  1. yea im a little disappointed about it being none canon but i am looking forward to it and im very happy the halsey actress invested everything to halsey and im very excited to see her and everything else coming hopefully it does do well so that maybe we can get a canon tv series or making this one canon

  2. No matter how good the show is, I really can’t get behind the non-canon aspect. It’s going to be frustrating for big canon fans. You hear or see something that you know from the canon, but it is completely different from what you know. You’re going to be sitting there saying this doesn’t make any sense, no it should be like this.
    If you don’t believe me. Look at other TV shows or movies that came out that done the exact same thing. Take the Resident Evil movies for example. The movies were okay, but fans continue to say why not create it after one of the games. So really never hit the popularity that it could’ve.

  3. I like the cast. They will surely perform well in the Halo universe. When it comes to the lore it would be sweet if games, books, comics and movies would fit like a puzzle. Sadly we gotta accept what we get.

  4. Well for me I'm interested of watching a Halo TV show.

    What I'm hoping in this Silver Canon is that we get redesigns of Covenant ships like crs class light cruiser and rcs class armored cruiser instead lookin like smaller and larger versions of the ccs class battlecruiser

    As well getting a redesign of the cso class supercarrier so it won't look like an over large cas class assault carrier.

  5. I am extreemly excited and couldn't care less about it being in it's own time line. I honestly think it is for the better and no amount of warning would have been good enough for some people. The haters are going to hate, and bitch, and moan, and there is nothing that will stop that. Seriously, I wish people could just enjoy things for what they are.

  6. I want a show about the chief leading up to Sigma Octanus.

  7. Nothing to expect from this… I still think a "Contact Harvest" series/movie is the BEST option for halo into mainstream audience.

  8. Ya know, I love Halo but i'm probably not gonna watch it. I might, but knowing it's not canon kinda kills it for me, which is a shame since it looks so good, but idk. when I watch or read the external media for halo, I do it to learn about how expanded the world is and for new or interesting things to the lore, so knowing for the most part any "new" stories or lore added is essentially non-canon is a major bummer to me, but I in no way want to discourage anyone else from watching it you do you, and who knows I might decide to watch it

  9. As a fan of most of what Lucasfilm has been doing with both animated and live action series, I am adamant that a canon series is possible, and should still happen down the line, at least animated. But alas, I'm still hopeful of this show.

  10. Imo I think it’s great that it’s not full canon. If it’s bad we can universally ignore it. If it’s good we can push for a lore friendly show after.

  11. I just hope – despite it having no baring on the original Halo media – that it's not just a generic action show set in the Halo universe.

    I hope it has some Halo moments, like some subtle and perfectly timed comedic tones or some amazing cinematography for long shot action sequences in space.

    And I'm hoping the pacing isn't too slow either, like most TV shows.

  12. I think by being its own continuity, the show has a lot more freedom in usage of its props. I think back on Halo 4's opening with the spartans wearing Mk. VI MOD and how (albeit minor) irksome that was.

    Now in the show, if there are minor visual inconsistencies I feel like it wouldn't bother as much.

  13. For me if it isn’t cannon It doesn’t matter. The impact is lost.
    Ill still give it a try though as a fan

  14. After watching "Arcane" on Netflix I'm more positive about a separate Canon timeline. A way to explore the universe without breaking it.

  15. I thought Jen Taylor was playing Cortana and Halesy

  16. I’m confident the “silver timeline” is PR double speak to lesson the blow of the series being typical Hollywood garbage.

  17. Not holding my breath. Just refer to the previous halo movie and show.

  18. Pretty exciting weekend (for me at least) my hometown team is in the AFC Championship for the first time in over 30 years, and the tv show for my favorite franchise of all time I’ve been waiting almost a decade for drops a trailer during that game. Good stuff.

  19. They should bring back the actor from nightfall who played Randal

  20. I have no interest to watch the show.

  21. Season 2 has been given to Alex kertsman and bad robot. They are the guy who has made star trek discovery and picard and are deemed responsible for the destruction of the franchise. Halo will be a woke agenda driven show, story second.

  22. Can’t wait to watch this show. I really hope it turns out to be amazing

  23. it's a hard pass for me. not going to pay to watch this

  24. I litterally don't care what they do with tue show. I'm just happy we're getting a show. Tell me a story 343. I'm all ears (and eyes)

  25. My interest in the show has diminished considerably upon learning it'll have next to nothing to do with the core canon. The show's stories and characters are functionally irrelevant. All because some TV creatives didn't want to write within established continuity, a lazy cop out given the work Halo authors put in to make sure everything lines up.

    In reading that "Silver Debrief", I couldn't help but feel everyone Kiki and Frankie were saying, as to why they went separate continuity, were post-hoc rationalisations. That the decision was made for entirely different reasons, and the reasons in the Debrief are just what they hope the fan base will accept.

    I'll watch it, because I'm an easy mark, but I won't, I can't be all that invested in it. It just doesn't matter, nothing it does will ever matter. It's entirely a creatively pointless endeavour, that exists solely to capitalise on Halo's financial popularity.

  26. Okay, I'm happy with this. They can't mess up canon lore but are free to go wild and use their imagination. And we might even have some of the good aspects/plots make their way into the canon story.

  27. The team's armor is reminiscent to the feel of the predators in the first AVP movie . . .

  28. Shit tbh , the show doesn’t even need to have John 117 in it , like hell couple references here and there , and some flash backs. Would do it perfectly for me.

    Show can easily follow headhunter , oni black ops missions , or just a team like black , but this silver team can be cool too

    I’d want ODST tv show, in biased HEAVILY hehe odst>spartan

  29. I would prefer no tv show over "we couldn't be fucked reading the lore but we also couldn't be fucked establishing our own Sci-fi franchise" (which is the writing between the lines). it doesn't bode well for the quality of writing in the show (something that has become prolific with adaptations, incompetent writers poorly adapting a book/game to a tv show/movie (looking at the Witcher, and the wheel of time)). it also has to large a chance to create a continuity shitshow. new fans coming in from a show is good, but when some inevitably reject the game franchise because it's not "their Halo" due to the 2 timelines, 343 are going to make concessions for the tv fans in the games and it will probably make shit worse. the community is already split into two, and here 343 are adding another point of contention in the community, this is ultimately what killed star wars, a divided community unable to reconcile. It would be nice if they can pull it off, but I have ample reason to doubt and none to hope

  30. This show is gonna be woke garbage full of identity politics, and honestly who gives a shit about the show bc its not even canon, if its not canon theres really no point in even watching it bc nothing can be related back to the canon universe.

  31. I'm not gonna lie, I'm super disappointed that the tv show isn't going to be in-line with Halo canon.
    It makes me disinclined to watch it, because after all, none of what happens in it matters (because it's not canon); and if that weren't enough, because this show isn't in continuity, all of the time I spent learning about Halo lore has been virtually wasted, as everything I know is subject to change when it comes to this tv show.
    This whole situation looks like it's going to play out badly; just like how Disney ignored all of Marvel Comics canon content while establishing the MCU, which in turn, allowed them to utterly destroy what the Marvel Movies could have been… faithful cinematic depictions of written stories that would not only appeal to fans both new and old, but also honor the material that came before it, as well as its writers.
    With my conservative fanboy tirade out of the way, it should be noted that I will, at the very least, give this show a try; though my hopes and expectations for it are literally nonexistent.

  32. Frank O'Connor is the dude I would never trust about anything Halo related. This dude along with Brain Reed botched Halo 5 story. They make the meeting st random decisions with regards to the franchise and the worst part is they never apologize or back down. It wouldn't surprise me if the show vastly differs from the core Canon to the point it isn't even recognizable.

  33. I'm excited and looking forward to this show, having the freedom to be outside of the main cannon could be a positive as seen in other adaptions like the Witcher. I just hope they get it right.

  34. Knowing it's it's on cannon, I'm looking forward too it. Also kinda disappointed it is, but I'm hopeful it'll be good.

  35. 12 : 07

    I like to think that was planet algolos where the Prototype was made and a newer model like a Gen 2 super SPI armour was made from the data collected from the Prototype model such as having a high output power motor instead of crystal liquid (for cheaper Mjolnir like armour)

  36. If they’re making this non canon they shouldn’t have even tried to put Chief in it…or give us all of blue team

  37. honestly the show being a different timeline is a good thing we can almost get a halo "what if", what if Keyes survived the battle of 04?, what if Miranda strapped a bomb to chiefs back? what if the arbiter listened to the heretic leader? theres some fun stuff we could see that could not happen in cannon as it stands now

  38. Can't lie i really ain't looking forward to the show anymore since the post they dropped. I bet it'll still have good moments but like you said Ian there's so much they could've done with the human covenant war in canon.

  39. At least 343 had the gall to inform the fans about the separation of timelines in advance, unlike The Witcher

  40. Sometimes canon doesn't translate well when switching mediums. I think that's why most video game and anime live action adaptations fail. Movies and series just have a different avenue of storytelling. So I'm actually 100% excited for this show to have it's own timeline because it can be cohesive and well written for the type of medium it's presented with.

  41. Video definitely helps me have a better understanding on who lets going to happen.

    This is like the equivalent of Marvel comic fans stepping into the Cinematic Universe of Marvel and seeing everything change from the canon that you love.

    For me I never had that feeling this is the equivalent of that for me when it comes to Halo that's why I am hesitant on this TV show.

  42. It would be nice to see prophets and their great journey bullshit

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