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“Silver Timeline” Halo Tv Series In Different Universe?

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Latest news reveals that the upcoming Halo Tv Series is set in a different Universe from the main one.


  1. If they implement Silver Timeline into the games Halo is 1000% 💀 ⚰️

  2. Personally, I would've liked to see the Halo series start at Contact Harvest and after that, we could just follow Sgt Johnson around during the Human-Covenant War.

  3. I personally am happy it is in a separate universe, as it already has shown to have a bit of inconsistency in it. Jacob and Miranda Keyes being different races than they are in the games, the Covenant raising a human, and Chief wearing Mark VI while Keyes is still alive. I grew up with Halo, and seeing that they are making sure they don't mess up continuity by making this new timeline is personally a good call for me.

  4. sigh i never liked franchises that feature different timelines or realities or interpretations… thats why i never got hold on DC Movies. And now even Halo? Why…? Couldnt have been so hard to make a series that takes place in the existing timeline and give us exactly the characters we know and love. why alter it? to have an excuse for a more diverse cast?….

  5. I’d like to see the Kilo trilogy as a film. Those books were ace and told such a human story

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