Spartans Halo TV Series vs Spartans Halo Forward unto Dawn -

Spartans Halo TV Series vs Spartans Halo Forward unto Dawn

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Spartan Faces Halo forward unto dawn vs Spartan Faces Halo TV Show Who Done it Better ?


  1. HALO Legends : The baby sitter .. best portrayal of a spartan to date.

  2. Halo Forward unto Dawn is more true to the lore than whatever Paramount pictures is pumping out from a fanfic

  3. Halo Live Action Trailers > FUD > Halo TV show

  4. Old Spartan: serious face with determination to finish the mission
    TV Spartan: OMG I bruised my toe on a lego so painful ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  5. This is what happens with people with no military experience and/or aren’t the offspring of military families make military stories. This show is utter garbage

  6. The new halo series is a joke. Good as a show on its own but not a a Halo brand show. If it was about any team other than blue team then yes would be a good show giving perspectives other than Chiefs

  7. It is kinda funny to see all the love this show has brought FUD considering it wasn't exactly well liked when it came out.

  8. When the Master Chief turned up in Unto Dawn the world went Holy Cow!
    The new TV series same as Cruises Jack Reacher…..he's a bit small?

  9. it shows that you can convey emotions with a helmet…and appropriate music

  10. A good adaptation is rare indeed. and this halo series.meeeeh. spartans here looks like ordinary soldiers with fancy armor. the short series in youtube are more of a quality than this piece of crap.

  11. Halo paramount is a fucking disaster, CANNONFUCKERS!

  12. Now show the spartan-IIs from Halo Reach and Halo Wars that look nothing like the Spartans in Forward Unto Dawn

    This selective cherry picking is insane

  13. Paramount plus and Spielberg took a giant Brute sized shit on us with this TV series

  14. I just re watched forward unto dawn, and I wondered how much better could be the tv series if they make the Chief's behavior like they did in 2012

  15. I've been a huge Halo fan ever since the first game was released and I played it at my cousins house.
    Ever since then I have played every Halo game, read every halo lore book and even watched: Landfall, Forward Unto Dawn, Nightfall, All the shorts, Halo Legends and The Fall of Reach.
    Once I heard about the TV series and the people in-charge of making it, my heart sank. So I never bothered watching it, and from what I have heard about it that seems to have been a wise decision.

  16. I thought the ones who took their helmets off were SIII's. Don't know the backstory but they look different from Chief with his Mjolnir.

  17. Yeah but those ones in fud like in their teens whereas the Paramount ones are older

  18. Fans de halo be like
    Ya dejen ir el pasado

  19. Also isnt chief like over 7 feet tall? In series hes like 6’

  20. The new series is trash! There’s no redeeming it at this point. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll try again in 10 years.

  21. Honestly, hot take but the Spartan 2s in the Paramount series weren't too bad up until the "dumbass questions" scene. They were fairly decent, but they could be better. We haven't seen too much of them sadly.

  22. Forward Unto Dawn it had a few stuff that was annoying but other than the annoying stuff it was a good little series / movie when it was complete I think it's better than the HALO Series we have right now cuz because Paramount + screwed the pooch Halo Forward Unto Dawn I'm happy it's Cannon cuz it was a perfect representation of how Spartans were supposed to be Chief was such a badass in that movie and they kept his mysterious air about him instead of having him be like oh I don't need a helmet cuz if you go back and watch Forward Unto Dawn you can tell it takes place before Combat Evolved and after Humanity made first contact with the Covenant it showed the Covenant was very hush-hush right now that the UNSC wanted to keep the fact that aliens were real a secret and the fact that Spartans were even a thing and it also showed a small amount of a Time gap cuz we know exactly when Forward Unto Dawn happens but it's not officially confirmed we know it takes place after the events of Halo the fall of Reach cuz it takes place shortly after Halo the fall of Reach it is immediately after that book but it doesn't directly say oh I take place right after this amazing book it hints at it instead of shoving it down your throat and plus the movie had some good action showing us how trainees were reacting to their first time ever seeing the Covenant and then showing off how badass Spartan lls were even before they were more combat experience it was just a good movie all together and I know someone's going to try to disagree with me and say it was a garbage movie go back and watch the movie and it will give you Goosebumps every time you hear the cadets scream when you re-watch it and hear the cadets scream you get goosebumps and then when you first see the hunter you're struck with a foreboding feeling
    a little edit cuz I just remembered the bad stuff about the movie Yes it was a bit of a drama but remember this they are cadets in there teenager years so they're going to be little drama Freaks and little assholes cuz that's just how teenagers are supposed to be I give the cast of FUD mad props to the actors and actresses in that they were way older than they actually looked but they still somehow managed to look way younger than they were they portrayed that Moody ass teenager that didn't want to be there and all that bullshit that teenagers go through it made that movie believable that they were actually Cadets I wish there was more action and chief was more on the screen and stuff but then again you have to think about it it's laskey's story it's how he became what he was and how he was inspired to rise through the ranks to be a captain I edited this just cuz I remembered a few little details I'm also going to put this little bit because I feel like someone's going to say chief wasn't acting like himself in that actually he was in that movie blue team had just lost Sam a few weeks prior or maybe months I can't remember the actual time Between the Fall Of Reach and FOD but you can see in FOD he's trying his hardest to make sure the last Squad of cadets on that planet survive even if he has to sacrifice himself that is the master chief I grew up with from the Halo books and the games cuz if you want a good way to watch that movie read the Fall Of Reach while you're watching it let it play in the background and you'll be in tears by the time you're at the very end of the book and there's a reason for that cuz while you reading the book you're going to read about Sam sacrificing himself and then when you're hear Chief being like go on ahead all district them you can hear The Dread because of the music and it makes you think he just barely lost Sam and he sees this as his way to get back to his brother

  23. This new Halo is boring af. It had a good 1st episode to reel us in..
    Master Chiefs helmet is off WAAAY too much and its no action at all. They should have took a page from the Mandelorian. The got a semi famous actor when they didnt need too. So of course he wants his screen time 🤦🏾‍♂️

  24. If they were raised together since age of 6, shouldn't they have same accent?

  25. MC in the TV show is so weak. How he always has his helmet off really stinks.

  26. Halo Until Dawn Is a royal Prophet, While Parasite Plus Halo was made purely for the sake of profit.

  27. Chief should have Shiney blue eyes like Spartan Carter. These celebs didn't wanna wear contacts I guess I the new 5/10 show.

  28. The studio really thought that after building up a fan base for 20 years that we would like a non canon series where the chief is a dick and shows his face more than his helmet?

  29. Movie makers consistently make changes to characters for live action recreations and then have the audacity to claim that fans will complain no matter what they do. Nobody complained about FUD except to complain that there wasn’t a full length dedicated master chief movie. This also happens with Star Wars, DC universe, and very few marvel stories.

  30. Silver team is not Master Chief's real squad. Blue team is Master Chief's real squad. We're comparing a fake squad of Spartans to a actual squad of Spartans that work more efficiently than the whole UNSC. My opinion is the Halo TV show is a misrepresentation of Halo and the characters that it represents. It 100% has 0 regards towards the actual people in Halo that makes the series what it is. So honestly the Halo TV show is a disappointment and they need to just drop it and start from the ground up again. But next time get accurate to the video game and the novels

  31. this show legit sucks more than infinites release. honestly if I had the choice between a show that was 1.5 times as good and co-op being added to infinite I would choose a better show

  32. Francisco Javier Hernández Gutiérrez says:

    Halo Foward Unto Dawn es una película bien llevada al cine muestra claramente a nuestro 117.

    En la serie de Paramount+ se ve claramente que no es nuestro 117 por lo tanto, él equipo plata d la serie nada tiene que ver con él Azul que todos conocemos ni de los demás qué todos de sobra ya sabemos quién son desde hace casi 22 años

  33. Spartan IV probably have personalities like that but chief is way off in this show he was raised to be a soldier from the age of 6 and he would look different too…

  34. At this point Spartan IVs from Spartan Ops act more like Spartans.

  35. Fireteam Osiris are better than TV show Chief.

  36. Paramount is a disrespectful pile of trash in the Halo franchise.

  37. Se ven más Makina los del Until que los del Series.

  38. FUD chief was able too make the requirements for the TV show for example

    They needed chief to show how human he is (even though he's way far from it books and games) and forward unto dawn is a great adaptation without taking off his helmet WOW WHO COULD BELIEVE IT he still cares for his fellow soldiers while he looks like a badass

  39. Imma say it…halo 4 and forward unto dawn are quality halo content and deserve to be praised.

  40. forward until dawn, it's a good movie, I like it a lot

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