THANK GOD IT'S OVER - My Brutally Honest Thoughts on the Halo TV Series 1 FINALE -

THANK GOD IT’S OVER – My Brutally Honest Thoughts on the Halo TV Series 1 FINALE

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At least Chief didn’t show his cheeks in this one.

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  1. I haven’t even bothered watching the series, that’s how low I know it is. It isn’t worth my time

  2. I wish I'd never had the misfortune of watching the last episode. Idk why I believed the quick saying of "We finally get Chief" going around twitter, only to see whatever this ending battle was. Disgusting, I'm reluctantly done with 343's Halo for now.

  3. Most of Youterbers are afraid to say 343 is trash and they have killed Halo franshise , its time to rise and stop 343

  4. I did not wait 21 years tjj on see the Cheif’s booty

  5. Lmao, all of yall are chronic complainers. They literally made the story better. Now we get to see a Chief that actually has a reason other than „orders“ to fight the covenant.

  6. Cortana played a better Master Chief than John did and if they make a season 2 I hope they do better or something

  7. in the show logic hence he or should i said she never take of the helmet or armor or speak in a way they turn him in to a woman. master chief is a woman now thank 343 and paramount

  8. This is why nobody wants to make a live action halo because people like yeah cause you are so critical If they make it like the game yeah still not gonna like it

  9. As a writer, this sort of thing absolutely infuriates me.
    All these people who want to forcibly change the lore and tell a different story can do so with different characters. Any writer that is actually worth their salt can come up with new names and faces and tie them into the same universe in some way. Different Spartans; maybe ODSTs. Or heck, even write a completely new universe and tell your own story from scratch.
    I actually despise adaptations that do not respect the source material. Such a shame and an opportunity lost. Sadly, the fact that Paramount is trying to control the narrative and shut down negative reviewers really does say it all about productions these days.

  10. I'm just glad our boy Thel 'Vadam was spared from this. For now.

  11. The reason why the Woke deconstruct the hero is because they don't believe in hero's.

  12. I tried to at least like this last episode, and I couldn't, everything about this show was a complete disaster. Characters felt completely clueless; and in the case of Jimmy Rings, completely retarded. There is no story, no direction to the plot, and no military standards compared to the Halo we all know and that is completely based on that. There is no value to any scene in my opinion.

    For people who feel dissapointed as well, lets not even try to watch anything from the second season. Remember this creators, this heretics, will continue spitting in your face.

  13. Gotta love when halo content creators are the main reason why the series is rapidly declining by constantly complaining about it nonstop. Just give it a rest for once. I’m pretty sure all the negativity isn’t good for your mental health anyways

  14. lookin a lil jacked in that white tee there X

  15. YES FACTS 3:10 HALO 4 Humanizing master chief was done so well but this tv show just sucks so much at it i agree

  16. Honestly, when I heard that the writer didn’t know anything about halo’s story, along with it actually looking kinda like halo, I knew it was going to turn out poorly.

  17. this show is trash man. I don;t understand who gave this the "green light"

  18. thank god makee is dead and also i agree the writing just sucks for this show

  19. The Arsenal gear AI voice is so damn creepy

  20. They used all the money for the Hunters scene and the glassed planet scene.

  21. If there's one thing you don't do wrong in HALO for HiddenXperia is the elites 🤣🤣

  22. I’ve never played the Game, but I’m a total Sci Fi addict. So from that perspective, this has been one of the most enjoyable series for years. Let’s ignore the production hell, the ridiculous overspend and inevitable deviations from the original storyline, because it’s way more entertaining than the recent trend for worn out tropes and lame relationship centric storytelling, that passes for, “Sci Fi” these days. I hope season 2 is as good.

  23. I mean what the hell are modern day weapons doing in the show. Like AK’s or the fucking ford vehicle that was in the first episode. They just took the lore and shredded it. I mean it’s like us using fucking muskets nowadays. It doesn’t make sense. I can only think of one piece of halo lore where they used a modern day weapon and that was in shadows of reach where a guy holds a magnum to chief or Fred’s head. This show was just a dumpster fire on top of a train wreck

  24. Well at least now we know what happened to Adrian taxes face a little bit when we were always possibly I don't know if everyone was wondering it but I know I was on why is face look the way it did in Halo Wars 2 and then Halo infinite now we know that it was master chief who shot him in the face and maybe that's why atriox and Master Chief has always had a rival ability against each other not to mention that route actually does a quite a bit look like atriox he even has a brute Hammer that actually kind of resembles of what his Halo Wars 2 and infinite look like it's at the moment right now it's a longer hammer so yeah

  25. Or maybe message Chief decided and also silver team also decided not to kill the prophets because they wanted to prove to the profits that they were better than them where they won't just slaughter them like the Covenant slaughter them the humans so pretty much they were just proving to them that we are nothing like you we won't Slaughter you because of the factor that's all we ever do

  26. first of all the show was great. Those fans who think that master chief is a supersoldier with no emotions cant watch the show bc in order to create a show you need to add emotions and if you remember in halo 4-5 chief had emotions about cortana. Please when s2 comes out dont watch it, im tired of all you haters and do me a favour and create your own show im sure it is going to be harder to watch

  27. I don't get the hate, they made a really good comedy. I laughed a lot when the prophets just kinda noped out just for them to just be hovering above. Then Makii activated the artifact and they just kinda chilled there while elites were getting yeeted off of the cliff. Missed opportunity to not have them use the halo 1 falling ragdoll flailing arms animations.

  28. clicked hear the song at the start was hooked

  29. I've suffered long enough through this show. I told myself no matter how bad it was I would watch it. I am done. this is genuinely the worst thing I have ever seen. I am not watching season 2

  30. The funniest line was when Kai shot a Grunt and said, "No one will remember you".
    I was like, what? Who says that? Definitely not a trained soldier, even with her emotions off the charts.

  31. Yo the halo man himself, the hopeful Xperia genuinely doesn't like the show, says a lot

  32. Why does everyone relate it to the game? That wasn’t point of the show. It’s a show. Not a video game! It’s for entertainment. They literally talked about how they wanted the show to have its own voice. It literally has it’s own timeline. What does everyone expect!! “It’s not chief, it’s not like chief.” That’s not the point. They want a show. With its own thing! Literally watch the insider episodes!! You all take it so wrong!! It’s also the first season. It’s Trying to have its own character. And you all end up just relating it to the game witch wasn’t the intention at all.

  33. 🤔 I love it too. I really played only the first Halo on pc and that s all but I wish to play more. Also, I wished Makee would have stayed on the human side, but I guess it was not ment to be…

    Same for when touching the artifact before being killed by Kay. Maybe Kay could have only throw a rock at Master Chief to wake him up, not having to shoot Makee :)) However, as you said, there is no home for her, neither with humans, neither with covenant…Maybe on Madrigal? 🙂 with the magic ones? To activate the portal? Who knows?

    Beside that, it was really dope to see Cortana taking over and shooting without even looking. I wished she would have killed or shot Mercy as well (or those sacred guys, who just stayed and watched the fight… )

    Beside that, I'm confused with Halsey clone. I was not aware that they can communicate. I was thinking they have to die the next morning when waking up or something.

    Same confusion for Riz and Vaneek, who I'm not sure if they remove their palets or not? If they are still resistent to hormonal activity and have no emotions, did you observe them becoming more jovial in the ship towards Covenant planet? I was thinking that sarcasm could have been human trait as well 🙂

    I hope they find Halsey sooner and kill her or something . She was so close to being captured by Kay if the assistant guy didn't hit Kay with that metal thingy and got distracted… Damn Halsey is smart. Too manipulative too.

    I wish her daughter will lead UNSC better than anybody and that together with Kuan Ha and other good forces, they will find Halo or end this war.

    LOOKING for season 2. Can't wait.

  34. This isn't the true Halo we all loved. It's some bastardized alternate universe tripe from the Liberal PC Hiveminds in Hollywood that have only taken a slight glance at the source material before interjecting their rhetorical BS in it without ever really deeply exploring and appreciating the history and lore that made Halo so popular in the first place. If our producers, writers and directors in the entertainment industry can't stay faithful to the source material then they have absolutely no business messing with it PERIOD!

  35. did they say that Halsey cloned all the Spartans so they could steal them from their families, and the families wouldn’t realize?

  36. As for the Prophets, We know they are the leadership, but then again the UNSC in this timeline doesnt. That and or poor writing as usual

  37. I haven't seen a single person in my internet sphere say anything good about the show. Even now that it's done I'll probably never watch it.

    I still can't believe that Forward Unto Dawn is of a such higher quality than whatever this show is.

  38. idc that action scene with the music go crazy

  39. I will never forgive the writers of the show for creating master cheeks.

  40. My prediction: Covenant follows Silver team back to Reach, Chief somehow survives and finds the route to Halo, Covenant attack and destroy Reach, Chief & Keyes escape and head straight to Halo to find the weapon to stop the Covenant. Halsey uses the Portal in Madrigal to either find her way to the Ark or a Shield world.

  41. Why is nobody talking about the fully automatic DMR? The show doesnt even know how the ingame guns work.

  42. Chief becoming Cortona's puppet literally undoes all the character development this show wasted on humanizing Chief so much just to dehumanize him in end… 😩😡

  43. Could have just finished off the covenant in less than a min….but….
    I can't this show

  44. The prophets moved so slowly that they were invisible, like drax.

  45. Completely forgot to mention the bit where Cortana completely took over Chief's armour, body, mind and soul and turned him into an AI controlled zombie, but who cares lmao I can't believe I even just typed that sentence out tbh. What a waste of time and resources this show has been

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