That Aged Well... -

That Aged Well…

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Bonnie Ross, head of 343, said something years ago that makes me question everything wrong with Halo Infinite today…
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  1. What happened is that Halo's dead and as a fan of almost 10 years I no longer care. By the time forge comes out it's already to late

  2. Why is the driving in 3 and Reach better then infinite?! Infinite's vehicles handle like cod. C'mon guys

  3. I will sound so mean but i hope they found her cold in the morning

  4. They never added the buffalo stampedes from the original trailer to the game 🥺

  5. Remember making a game in 2022 is harder than a game in 2004 lol 343

  6. Management at 343 needs to be cleaned out.. I mean it’s been 12 years now.. and Bonnie Ross is still in charge. Spencer get on it, been 3 games now and it’s still garbage

  7. Shwardo the Hierarchs have betrayed us

  8. Halo infinite as a base game is great, Best halo imo. the issue is the lack of content man like, how hard is it to make seasons tri-monthly instead of 2 a year, 343 just needs to work. AND SELL ME CAMPAIGN DLC NOT OVERPRICED COSMETICS. Thanks for the videos shwardo as always

  9. I actually saw that interview pre-release. Surprised about its relevance.

  10. I mean they did in fact develop a great outline but they arnt doing much to take it from there

  11. Half baked piece of garbage filled to the brim with hackers

  12. Bonnie ross is a nut who does not deserve her job at all

  13. It's crazy because she doesn't talk like she even wants to own or associate with the Halo franchise, I hate belittling people especially someone with such good intent but truly she does not have any idea where Halo truly needs to go and it's depressing to see that, even the weakest link can break a by-overall strong chain, and all I see from the behind the scenes footage is that there are way too many working for or at 343 I.

  14. I think 343 are called 343 because it'll be 343 years before Halo Infinite is complete.

  15. OOOHHH, that's why everything is fucked up, 343 us being guided by a woman, now i understand

  16. I'll give Bonnie Ross this she is a good talking head

  17. So they are at least aware of what they shouldn't do. Now they have to figure out how not to do it.

  18. what happened was cooperate greed they couldn't wait any longer so send the game out early

  19. Really just waiting for campaign expansion DLCs, I dont really play multiplayer and the open world map has alot of potential for us campaign only players

  20. I saw Sean W's video about this too. So stupid…

  21. Tbf the foundation is there we just lack content

  22. I think if Joe Staten had not been hired the franchise would be dead by now, buried under horrible reviews. But he did, and now Infinite's on life support with a glimmer of hope for a solid future.

  23. If only they had the courage to uproot the entire incompetent management, I guess they'll just watch them burn their (formerly) top IP to the ground.

  24. Popular opinion: Halo Infinite is what happens when a developer with Democrat views tries to make a Halo game

  25. this game gets a lot of flack, but even as a half-baked game, it's better than almost every other shooter out there.

  26. Will we have firefight in dlc 2 or season 3?

  27. I remember the “it’s still in beta” people who just wanted to cope. By the end of season one, and the game was still in the same state as the so called “beta” was one I really lost all hope for 343i.

  28. She is just a terrible manager and needs to be replaced

  29. So it’s all Phil’s fault halo infinite is terrible 🤔🤔

  30. The people who say 343 don't understand Halo, don't realize they do understand Halo, the people who don't understand Halo are the people who are hired by Microsoft as art directors, story board writers, etc, because we all have to remember this, Microsoft is in charge of 343. Throw the hate at the publishers guys, they're the ones making all the corporate decisions behind the scenes.

  31. Infinite is the first Halo game to fully adopt the Games as a Service model. Releasing content over time, season after season, is the formula.

  32. Bungie: had cookouts, tug-of-war, enjoyed making Halo games and were very passionate. 343: cold, dark, bleak, gloomy…corporate.

  33. they only built the foundation and literally nothing else. what can you expect?

  34. Absolute garbage company. I can't believe people still defend this company.

  35. That woman must have some deal with devil to not have been fired yet. She's the reason for everything wrong with the franchise, SHE NEEDS TO GO #FIREBONNIEROSS


  37. Man, even craig has become the saddest being on this planet

  38. This is so disappointing that Craig is even sad

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