The 10 WORST Things About The Halo TV Series -

The 10 WORST Things About The Halo TV Series

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For a show that’s been in production for nearly a decade and with a budget rivaling some blockbuster films and one of the deepest wells of lore to pull from in gaming, it’s remarkable the production missed the mark this badly. In this video, we’re breaking down the 10 Worst Things About the Halo TV Series. Our list includes Side Characters, The Artifact, Everything To Do With Madrigal, Master Chief and more! Did you watch the Halo TV Series? Let us know down in the comments.

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  1. It exist. That is the worst thing about it. Fuck that series and everyone who was part of it and their family tree.

  2. There's a reason Bungie kept shutting down movie and tv offers. They knew this would happen and refused to move away from the lore that they created.

  3. Are we sure Paul W. S. Anderson didn’t hijack this series?

  4. 6:12 That guy’s not acting! He’s having an actual mental breakdown from seeing Master Chief remove his helmet!

  5. They spent far too long on a side character doing something completely different, even a whole episode for just her, yet it just stopped. (She wasn't even an interesting character to start with)
    I kept wondering if it would ultimately be part of the finale, providing something of substance to warrant the time spent, but we didn't even get a conclusion, it was just left dangling.
    How anyone thought that was a good idea is beyond me…

  6. Never have I agreed with a WatchMojo list so hardily. It's as if the showrunners decided to create this series without having ever played the games, read any of the companion novels or consulted with anyone who actually knows the lore.

  7. All 10 – Kwan's side crap. Seriously. I enjoyed most the series but the Kwan crap really was not needed.

  8. I think they should have kept master chiefs face hidden until the very last episode like what the did in the Mandalorian the only things that this show and the games have in common is some of the characters

  9. If you are not a blind fanboy, or never played the game, defintly I'll recommend this series. One of the great SCFI series out there. Its not perfect, but defnitly not the worst like pathethic fan boys like to argue. They made a unique and based story … why is so hard to understand? Even when they said to you, based on Halo Universe …. This show is very well done. Funny when fanboys critique the CGI … just watch 1 episode, to see that you should never believe what a fanboy says

  10. One more gaming franchise raped by movieshitmakers. But it's nearly raped as bad as the witcher.

  11. Yep it not by scifi and kai really was a good char , but this is not real halo show

  12. You can literally skip all of Kwan's scenes and the rest of the story is completely unchanged. I'd easily put that storyline as #1. It really improves the pacing, too.

  13. Makes me scared about Fallout. Although it is based on a video game and we know how 95% of those go.

  14. Personally as much as I did enjoy this show and can get passed some of the messier aspects, it definitely wasn’t perfect by any means and could’ve been a lot better. It’s hard to love but at the same time I can’t say I hate for it trying to be as ambitious as it was. I say I liked it for the most part anyway.

  15. Rule one: Don’t change the logic from the Game Franchise.
    Rule Two: Don’t change the character.
    Rule Three: Do the Right thing.
    Rule Four: Choose wisely on the budget.
    Rule Five: Don’t piss the Players off
    Paramount screw everything up.

  16. I wish I could wipe my memory so I never have to remember having watched this garbage show.

  17. I enjoy the 'worst' list more than the 'best' lists.

    Theres comfort in collective complaining.

  18. Do the top 10 worst things about the uncharted movie

  19. The fact they greenlighted to people who avoided the games and books is just funny and sad.

  20. Never played halo but I actually liked the series.

  21. I feel bad on behalf of the fans of Halo, they don't deserve this… now I'm worried about the upcoming the last of us tv series

  22. The lore and such doesn’t line up to the lore from the games we know and love

  23. That wasn't Master Chief, that was Master Cheeks

  24. Dame it’s painful to see this… I’ve played Halo since the beginning and to see it fall this bad hurts. You can’t even unlock any armer without paying for the pass..

  25. The most annoying thing to me is the missing characters Sargent Johnson should be in the show and instead of creating silver team they should of just stayed with johns team blue team

  26. The only moments where this show even felt remotely like Halo, was whenever there was a full out fire fight between Spartans, Marines, and The Covenant, which only like happened three times throughout the whole season. And when it comes to the casting and characters, I feel like the only good casting they got right was Natascha McElhone as Halsey.

  27. Calling the character in the show "Master Chief" when he clearly isn't is a true disgrace to the actual Master Chief we know and love. I address the imposter as Masterbater Chief!

  28. This show was so bad and a complete trainwreck

  29. Writing is like a bad RPG game
    Soren only job was to tell John about the emotion chip.

  30. Ok now do top 10 best things about the halo tv series. I mean it’s no completely bad it’s far from that it literally has a 71% Rotten Tomatoe score and 7/10 on IGN and 61% on Metacritic, not bad for a game adaptation in my opinion. Come on mojo give it a go‼️ Please.

  31. I mostly enjoyed the show and I'm a fan of the games…only things I really didn't like were everything about Kwon & Madrigal, Miranda's character changes, Halsey being an outright villain, the lack of many characters from the games & other established lore ( Kelly & Sgt Johnson in particular…. ) and that obnoxious bitch running the UNSC. The established lore of the games, novels, short films & comics are still better, but the show isn't THAT terrible IMO….

  32. What game was Wolfkill playing in the show promotions?
    Animal Crossing,..

  33. So looks like I'm not going to watch this. Don't want to ruin Halo in my mind

  34. The plot is good and they decided to have it be unique. What do you do with a character that rarely feels emotion? Making them eventually boring?
    Did you just watch this with absolute pessimism? Your points are valid, but too critical and too negative.

  35. Every point in this video is exactly what Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who fans have been saying for several years. Now Halo fans know EXACTLY how it feels.

  36. I forced myself to watch 2 episodes of this crap and every second of it was painful. This is by far one of the worst if not THE WORST video game adaptations ever.

  37. I originally WANTED to watch this show BUT until I heard of everything that was in this video, I decided HELL NO!!! I’ll stick to the games, comics, novels, Legends anime, Fall of Reach animated series, Forward Unto Dawn and Nightfall over this heresy

  38. Problems 1-5 are Kwan, she’s the worst TV character I’ve seen in a long time

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